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  2. Wannabe sellers who want to discover Amazon best sellers for their business

If you happen to fall into one of these two categories, this guide is a must-read.

Ready for the top selling products on Amazon?

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Our Process for Choosing Amazon Best Sellers

Let’s face it: selling products on Amazon isn’t as easy as it used to be.

Discovering profitable products can also be a challenge.

Simply put, something that worked for someone else may not work for you.

Moreover, services like Amazon Prime…

Amazon Prime Homepage

Image Source: Amazon

… Have changed the way people search for and consume products.

Last but not least, the way people search for Amazon best sellers or best selling products has changed too.

Although Amazon is one of the biggest search engines right now, there are still other—more dominant—search engines like Google.

Even though traditional product research methodologies may still work, discovering Amazon best sellers and top selling items for your eCommerce business is not easy.

In this context, you always need to test and experiment in order to discover the best products to sell online.

In one of my most popular posts to date, I present my entrepreneurial journey and discuss the importance of experimenting to discover top items that can help you boost sales.

Now, let me provide an overview of our process to discover the best products to sell on Amazon.

Let’s assume that you’ve done your product research and have come up with a big list of Amazon products that have potential.

One of them could be a yoga mat:

Yoga Mat Product Listings on Amazon

Image Source: Amazon

Another could be a wooden case for iPhone X:

Wooden Case Product Listing on Amazon

Image Source: Amazon

With our process, no matter how many product listings you’ve marked as “Hot,” you’ll end up with at least five product ideas that could become Amazon best sellers.

This way, you’ll avoid spending hundreds of dollars on an idea that could harm your eCommerce business.

Here is the list of criteria we’re using to spot Amazon products that could become best-selling items:

What Makes a Good Product?

The StartupBros Guidelines to Finding a Product to Sell on Amazon

In case you missed it, we believe that a product could become a top seller if it…

  • Has a low price between $21 – $200
  • Is small, light and easy to ship
  • Has more than 10 sales per day
  • Has a minimum of 50-60% profit margin and is sold at 2-3x the cost
  • Is eligible for Express Air Shipping
  • Has under 150 reviews

In following this process, you may notice that most of the product listings you currently have in your list don’t fit the above criteria.

Once again: this doesn’t mean that these Amazon products are not best sellers or that they couldn’t potentially become top selling products.

It simply means that they don’t fit your criteria and you should avoid investing in them.

Now, let’s see what makes a “bad product”—AKA a product you should avoid as an Amazon seller:

The StartupBros Guidlines for Bad Products to Avoid researching on Amazon

Products that cannot become best sellers—regardless of whether they’re new products or not—are usually those which are:

  • Mechanical and demand high-quality standards (i.e. echo dot)
  • Fragile or require a lot of preparing to ship
  • Sold in large volumes every day on Amazon
  • Trademarked (i.e. Disney)
  • Sold in large retail stores (i.e. Walmart)

Tech products such as…

  • Headphones
  • Kitchen hardware
  • Gadgets
  • Cameras & photos

… May be the best-selling products on Amazon, but that doesn’t make them a good opportunity for you as an Amazon seller.

It’s important to understand the distinction between Amazon products that are characterized as top sellers by Amazon, and products that could be profitable if you were to sell them online.

Why are these items “Top Selling Amazon Products”?

Why are the 20 Amazon products that I’m about to share with you considered to be top selling products?

It’s simple: these are some of the most searched products on Amazon.

They may not be best sellers like…

  • Alexa TV Remote
  • Alexa Echo Dot Smart Speaker
  • Fujifilm INSTAX Mini Film
  • Fujifilm Instax Camera
  • Instant Pot
  • $10 and $20 Playstation Store Gift Card
  • Donkey Kong Nintendo Switch Game

… But many people search for them on a daily basis, and they also fit the criteria we outlined above.

Author’s Note: These are actually some of the best sellers on Amazon in the categories of “electronics, “ “toys and games” and “camera and photo.”

To find the complete list of Amazon best sellers, you can visit the official best sellers page by Amazon:

Best Sellers Page

Image Source: Amazon

When doing product research, meaning you are searching for products that can be profitable, you need to look at other things than just popularity on Amazon.

For example, you may have to research the potential that one keyword has to become a sustainable Amazon FBA business.

Keep in mind that a single product can rank for 20, 30 or more keywords, since the way people search for products online has changed over time.

Achieving something like this can put you in the position to finally quit your job and live the life you’ve always wanted.

Thus, you can apply the framework I shared with you earlier to choose a profitable private label idea—one that could set you apart from the competition and give you the freedom you’ve always wanted.

Now that you know how to discover real “Amazon best sellers” and distinguish them from top selling Amazon products, let me share with you 20 products you MUST know in 2019.

Our Top 20 Selling Amazon Products

1) Elastic Exercise Bands ($3,501,153/yr)

Top Selling Amazon Products ElasticExerciseBands
amazon products Elastic Exercise Bands

The top item has the Amazon Choice seal and almost 7,500 reviews. As you might expect, they weigh almost nothing, making it a great product to ship.

2) Pet Grooming Brush ($3,076,800/yr)

Top Selling Amazon Products PetGroomingBrush
amazon products Pet Grooming Brush

This pet grooming glove takes the throne here.

The product description is lacking, especially when comparing it to other items in this article, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and these ones really deliver.

This is a perfect example of what a proper angle can do to a pretty boring product (if I told I sold pet glove-brushes, you probably wouldn’t be too excited).

Even so, it’s impossible not to be at least willing to give the product a shot after these pictures.

They completely take advantage of all the Amazon image requirements by doing more than the bare minimum.

Truth be told, it’s photos that make the difference between sellers. Don’t take images for granted.

This is also why we recommend a price range between $20 and $75.

3. Grill Mat ($2,417,541/yr)

Top Selling Amazon Products GrillMat
amazon products Grill Mat

The Grillaholics’ BBQ Mat is our top example for grill mats.

The custom-made product description landing page is really good.

It features all the elements you’d expect from great copy, and is loaded with social proof.

They not only have almost 4,000 reviews, but also mention that it’s recommended by Chris Kimball from America’s Test Kitchen. (He was sued by ATK though, so you want to be careful with who exactly you mention in your product listing.)

This is a great example of a simple product that can be sourced from China with your own logo for a different twist.

4) Vegetable Spiralizer ($2,211,549/yr)

Top Selling Amazon Products VegetableSpiralizer
amazon products Vegetable Spiralizer

The Mueller Spiralizer by Mueller is one of the best selling items for vegetable spiralizers. It’s a cheap, plastic bundle with the company’s logo on it.

It’s pretty easy to manufacture, but isn’t a product that will have people raving about it and coming back to buy more products from that brand.

If you want to sell a spiralizer that still meets our criteria but don’t want to compete with the best-sellers, you can take another route and provide the same product for a different audience.

Although this spiralizer is plastic, they were originally metal.

There’s a whole segment of people who would prefer a more robust version of the same product.

5) Pet Nail Clippers ($1,768,523/yr)

Top Selling Amazon Products PetNailClippers
amazon products Pet Nail Clippers

This is another great product that can be easily sourced and feature your own brand.

The product listing has nothing special—in fact, if you scroll down to the Q&A section, you’ll find some interesting ideas you can use to explore different angles.

One of the customers asks if these clippers work for larger dogs; you can market a pet nail clipper specifically for larger animals.

Another asks if these are made in America; you could explore the possibility of higher-quality, American-made nail clippers.

Passion product (pet)? Check. Impulse buy ($12.99)? Check. Easy to ship (10 ounces)? Check.

6) Yoga Mat ($1,574,391/yr)

Top Selling Amazon Products YogaMat
amazon products yoga mat

Yoga mats are a perfect example of why you don’t need to check every single box of our recommended guidelines to find a successful product.

This is the first product on Amazon at the time of this writing that has over 8,000 reviews.

On the other hand, its longest dimensions is over our recommended minimum of 18 inches by 33%. They have a custom-made landing page addressing most people’s concerns and it looks great.

Even so, it only weighs 2 pounds, is a passion product, and is sold for $16.99, meaning that the seller is probably making a ton of money.

The brand name also makes it obvious that their thing is yoga mats.

In fact, Ryan Moran from made over $300,000 a month selling only yoga mats on Amazon!

7) Bento Boxes ($1,515,261/yr)

Top Selling Amazon Products BentoBoxes
amazon products Bento Boxes

These meal prep containers by Freshware rank highly for “bento box” and their listing is awesome.

The containers can be sold in bulk and weigh only a little over 2.5 pounds.

This is almost the same as that previous German tank item.

8) Stainless Steel Straw ($1,506,139/yr)

Top Selling Amazon Products StainlessSteelStraw
amazon products Stainless Steel Straws

This is another great example of proper market research, or at least market awareness.

As people become more concerned with climate change, waste and their own health, some old habits are bound to change.

If you’re able to spot these kinds of trends, you’ll be in a good spot to position yourself in the market straight to potential buyer’s pockets.

That’s what SIPWELL did with their Extra Long Stainless Steel Drinking Straws, a set of straws that are elegant, reusable, BPA-free and have 2,300+ 4.5 star reviews.

9) Stainless Steel Tumblers ($1,258,344/yr)

Top Selling Amazon Products StainlessSteelTrumblers
amazon products stainless steel tumbler

I don’t own a Yeti’s double insulated tumbler, but I want one. It looks incredible.

That’s next level branding—the pictures and product description are great. With almost 1,300 reviews to back it up, it’s hard to think otherwise.

The steel tumbler industry is getting so big that even pro NFL players are getting into the mix!

That’s New England Patriot player Rob Gronkowski (on the left) with his older brother.  They took the typical steel tumbler and converted it to a protein shaker.

Rob Gronkowski Steel Tumblers

Image Source:

10) Muscle Roller (1,246,975/yr)

Top Selling Amazon Products MuscleRoller
amazon products Muscle Roller

Here’s another great example of market research, and one that hits close to home for me.

When writing about the previous item, I started thinking about what products I only ever bought because I had a very specific problem related to one of my hobbies, and this is one of them.

This muscle roller stick for athletes by Idson does exactly what you might think: tissue massage for tight muscle knots. It’s the best-selling product in its category, with over 2,000 reviews.

That isn’t to say you have to be your own ideal customer—Victoria’s Secret founder is actually a man—but it’s a shortcut you can take if you already know what your customers are looking for.

11) Compression Socks ($1,109,454/yr)

Top Selling Amazon Products CompressionSocks
amazon products compression socks

Compression socks are light and easy to ship.

They’re also cheap to run quality tests on by sending the products to your own home.  With this product listing, we want to show you the difference between target customers.

By targeting the compression socks to women, the average yearly revenue nearly doubles.

Compression socks are also a product people can’t have enough of because socks always wear out.

12) Compression Knee Sleeves ($793,123/yr)

Top Selling Amazon Products CompressionKneeSleeves
amazon products Compression Knee Sleeves

I picked up the second item for this one because the first has the “Amazon’s Choice” seal.

While the Amazon seal doesn’t guarantee the product is going to be listed at the top of the organic search, it does boost it a little.

Our pick has four times the amount of reviews and actually has the better product description.

Again, we’re seeing a trend here.

Copper Fit was able to differentiate themselves enough to create their own store and use Hall of Fame NFL Quarterback Bret Favre as their spokesperson.

Notice how they didn’t stop at knee sleeves, but rather sell every kind of compression item.

Bret Favre Copper Fit Knee Compression Sleeve

Image Source: Copper Fit

You’re probably getting the gist by now: it matches all of our criteria for a good product. It’s light, easy to manufacture and in the right price range.

13) Silicone Wedding Rings ($672,271/yr)

Top Selling Amazon Products SiliconeWeddingRings
amazon products Silicone Wedding Rings

Who would’ve thought that silicone wedding rings had enough demand to generate over 5,000 reviews at $12.99?

Qalo Rings

This market has become so big that people are creating entire businesses around the concept.

They’re selling not only on Amazon but also their own stores.

That’s the power of well-done market research: items that would go unnoticed to most people but are big enough to make good money.

14) Garlic Press ($666,855/yr)

Top Selling Amazon Products GarlicPress
amazon products Garlic Press

This Stainless Steel Garlic Press didn’t even have a brand on the product, just the package.

There are probably many sellers selling this exact same item—the only thing differentiating it from everybody else’s is the picture, branding and product description.

15) Silicone BBQ Gloves ($507,313/yr)

Top Selling Amazon Products SiliconeBBQGloves
amazon products Silicone BBQ Gloves

The first product doesn’t have as many reviews as the last one, but the brand name (CrazyGlove) still makes it obvious that their business is all about gloves.

Weighing just over half a pound, it’s a very easy product to ship.

Silicone BBQ gloves have exploded onto the scene over the past 5 years.

They solved such a simple problem that demand skyrocketed.

The top sellers on the first page of Amazon have created the best converting Amazon listings because of just how competitive this niche has become.

16) Marshmallow Roasting Sticks ($458,034/yr)

Top Selling Amazon Products MarshmellowRoastingSticks
amazon products Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

If you have any hobbies, chances are you’ve wished “someone had done that before.” For example, if you’re an outdoorsy type of person and have a family, it might have crossed your mind that letting your kids roast marshmallows can be dangerous if you’re using small sticks and they have to be close to the fire.

That’s one of the problems that M Kitchen’s Word is trying to solve with their premium roasting sticks.

17) Apple Slicer ($215,430/yr)

Top Selling Amazon Products AppleSlicer
amazon products apple slicer

I mean, this plastic slicer is the top result and even Amazon’s choice, but I found this apple peeler also listed in the results to be much more interesting.

Not only is one of its colors is more than 3 times more expensive, but it also has double the amount of reviews. Think how specific that is.

It would only be remotely useful to you whenever you wanted perfectly peeled, round apples (or any other fruit, but cooking is not my forte so I won’t comment on that).

Not only that, it humiliates those cupcakes liners as it has been selling on Amazon since 2008!

That probably means that proportionally, their revenue numbers are lower than the plastic slicer (that one only came around by 2013), but just goes to show you how some products can sell for decades.

18) Silicone Baking Mat ($168,509/yr)

Top Selling Amazon Products SiliconeBakingMat
amazon products Silicone Baking Mat

The best selling baking mat competes head-to-head with Amazon’s brand, AmazonBasics.

Their angle is that their product is non-toxic and FDA-approved, plus they have it in three different sizes.

Even though they’re competing with a major department store on a “volume item,” they did a good job finding a different angle and creating a brand, which allows them to charge a premium: almost 50% more than the Amazon’s product.

19) Silicone Spatula ($118,128/yr)

Top Selling Amazon Products SiliconeSpatula
amazon products Silicone Spatula

The top spatula is one of many sold by OXO.

They specialize in making spatulas specifically.

This one was at the top with almost 1,700 reviews, but collectively they have over 6,500 reviews just for spatulas.

Some have as few as 50 reviews, but it’s certainly a niche they could establish themselves in.

20) Silicone Baking Cups ($59,363/yr)

Top Selling Amazon Products SiliconeBakingCups
amazon products Silicone Baking Cups

This pack of rainbow-colored cupcake liners was first listed in 2013, and are the current best-seller for “silicone baking cups.”

The product was probably created in response to the cupcake craze from a few years back, but is still the best-seller today, half a decade and 2,500 reviews later.

It proves that if you can create the proper systems to survive after the initial wave shoots your business up, you can still reap the benefits for many years to come.

Discover Top Selling Products Through Product Research: Tools & More

So far, I’ve described the process of identifying products to sell online—items to sell on Amazon to make an actual profit.

Forgive me for repeating myself but…

Selling products on Amazon is not an easy process.

This means the products I shared with you are only examples of those that could make for a good opportunity.

They’re not a list of the “best things to sell on Amazon” or anything like that.

Rather, they’re examples of what commercially successful products look like.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let me give you some tips on product research that will help you learn how to find and sell items on Amazon.

To begin with, Amazon is growing at an unprecedented level.

Interest for Amazon on Google Trends

Amazon is also one of the best marketplaces to sell and buy things online.

Since Amazon rolled out its Fulfillment by Amazon service back in 2006, many online entrepreneurs have become full-time Amazon FBA sellers.

In fact, so many people followed that path that today, over 5 million sellers are on the marketplace.

So, how do you make a difference as an Amazon seller?

Reading a blog post about the “best selling products online,” or checking at the “Amazon best seller list” is simply not enough.

You need to know what to sell on Amazon to make money.

Enter: product research.

How to Start Amazon Product Research?

There are many product research tactics you can use to discover product opportunities on Amazon.

In one of our earlier posts, we describe the 3-step process of finding profitable products on Amazon:

Amazon Product Research Tactics

If you’re serious about product research, I strongly recommend taking a look at this post:

3 Amazon Product Research Tactics You Need in 2019 ←

In short, to discover Amazon products that have the potential to become the next best selling products, you have to:

  1. Research for interests, passions, hobbies and problems
  2. Get product ideas from competitors
  3. Get product ideas from giveaways/review clubs

Bonus Tip: You can also check Amazon Related Products that are placed below product listings, which usually look like this:

Amazon Related Products

Image Source: Amazon

Or like this:

What other items do customers buy after viewing this item on Amazon

Image Source: Amazon

Amazon has many different methods of presenting related products to visitors, each of which could be an opportunity for your own product research.

In general, you need to remember that product research shouldn’t be based on best-selling items like the ones I shared with you in the first section of this post.

Use the criteria I shared with you to find what makes a good product.

To learn more about what to sell on Amazon and how to do product research the right way, you can read the following resources:

What to Sell on Amazon (12 Steps + Free Product Planner) ←

Turn Your Ideas Into Products (w/ Example + All-In-One Solution) ←

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Find a Profitable Product to Sell ←

What to Pay Attention to When Doing Amazon Product Research?

As mentioned earlier, selling on Amazon has changed drastically over the past few years.

It has changed in two main ways:

  • It’s more difficult to find high margin products to sell online
  • There are more seller tools and resources you can use to grow your business

At this point, I’d like to share with you some points that you should pay attention to when doing product research on Amazon.

Here they are:

1) Don’t look for Amazon best sellers

As I’ve mentioned repeatedly in this post, when looking for Amazon products for your eCommerce business, you shouldn’t be looking for top selling items.

Amazon Best Sellers

Image Source: Amazon

These products are great but probably aren’t good for your Amazon FBA business.

2) Don’t get excited over high-priced products

I know what you’re thinking: the higher the price, the higher the profit margin.

Forgive me, but I have to take a little reality hammer and smash your entrepreneurial delusion.

The fact that a product has a higher price doesn’t automatically make it a good product for your eCommerce business.

As I mentioned earlier, you should be looking for products with a price between $21 and $200, if not less.

Don’t become fascinated by high-priced products, and don’t assume that the profit margins are higher as the price increases.

3) Put your ego aside

You heard that right.

I know for a fact that most Amazon sellers are looking only for products that they themselves are excited about.

However, building and growing an eCommerce business requires you to put your ego aside and actually try to discover:

  • What products people need and want
  • How much they are willing to pay to get those products

For example, you may be passionate about women’s bracelets:

Bracelet for Women on Amazon

Image Source: Amazon

Is this a product people want? How many people want it? How much are they willing to pay for it?

Don’t get me wrong: I’m NOT saying you shouldn’t be passionate about the products you’re selling.

I’m only saying that in business, you should always look at the big picture.

4) Do the math before making a serious investment

Many people get excited with a product idea but forget to do their research on it.

It’s therefore only when they start selling that they discover their profit margins are lower than anticipated, and that competition in their niche is also much rougher.

Thus, they try to work out hacks that could help them kickstart their Amazon FBA business.

My advice here is this: do the math before starting your eCommerce business; and when you think you’ve finished, do it again.

What tools should you for your product research?

To find out what to sell on Amazon, you need tools.

Yes, you can use Amazon search or good ol’ Google, but that’s not enough.

You need to go deeper than that.

To discover the next Amazon best seller, you need a curation of high-quality, trustworthy tools that will give you accurate data on things like:

  • The sales of the products that interest you
  • The keywords these products are ranking for
  • The seasonality of the products
  • Their long-term potential

To find such tools, feel free to check out the following post I published a couple of months ago on our blog:

The 19 BEST Amazon Keyword Research Tools ←

You might also want to use Amazon seller blogs as a way to find useful information on product research and how to find the best products to sell on Amazon.

In that case, feel free to check out this post:

18 Amazon Seller Blogs to Master the FBA Game ←

Or, take a look at this complete list of Amazon seller tools:

Amazon Seller Tools: The Complete List ←

I’m sure that these tools and resources will help you discover the best items to sell on Amazon.

Now, if you want to dive even deeper into how to start your own FBA business, you might want to check my flagship training program for ambitious eCommerce entrepreneurs:

E-commerce Empire ←

Let’s wrap this post up with some final thoughts…

Wrapping This Up

By now, you must have learned two things:

  1. What the process is of finding top selling items on Amazon
  2. What the (real) 20 top sellers are on Amazon

In order for a new product to have commercial success, it has to fit the criteria of the framework I’ve shared with you.

Otherwise, you may find yourself investing in product ideas that won’t help you build a successful online business.

Before I leave you, I’d like to ask you one question:

What do the top selling Amazon products I shared with you have in common?

One word: simplicity

They are simple, affordable and easy to use.

This is why people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars daily to obtain them.

Most people think that finding the next best seller requires a huge investment or hours upon hours of product research.

Don’t get me wrong: product and keyword research are important.

However, you also have to think outside the box if you want to become a successful Amazon seller.

This is especially the case now that things on marketplaces like Amazon and search engines like Google have become more competitive.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Which one of these Amazon products do you think is the best opportunity for your Amazon business? Which one can become a top selling product?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Special Offer…

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