Broluminati is our secret society for new entrepreneurs breaking free from 9-to-5 slavery. Members get insider access to everything going on behind-the-scenes in our businesses, along with...

  • Instant Access to ALL Paid StartupBros Courses
  • Weekly 'Office Hours' Q&A Coaching Calls
  • Private Mastermind FB Group + Discord Chat Rooms
  • Real-Time Investment & Trade Alerts

Empire Builders

Launch profitable startups from scratch & grow them into the companies we like to acquire.

E-Commerce Empire

Find profitable products to launch on Amazon & grow them into powerhouse physical product brands.

Audience Influencer

Cultivate an audience around your passions & monetize your expertise to build the ultimate lifestyle business.

Workshops & Bootcamps

Implement the same systems & strategies we use to grow ourselves & our companies.

Rat Race Rehab

Break free from modern financial slavery using the secret strategies & loopholes the ultra-wealthy use to keep & accumulate their money.

Productive Preneur

Become the most elite version of yourself & achieve more than ever before with the ultimate productivity bootcamp for busy entrepreneurs.

Sourcing That Scales

Scale up your physical product supply chain using our custom strategy & tools for sourcing in-person during trade shows like Canton Fair

Tactical Playbooks & Tools

Ultra-focused action plans & custom tools to help execute specific SOPs.

Auto-Hiring Funnel

Use our custom system to drive hundreds of high-quality job applicants & automate 95% of the interview process to hire all-stars every time.

Arbitrage & Flipping

Learn how anyone can start making money online by flipping physical products & exploiting 'buy-low-sell-high' arbitrage opportunities.

Physical Product Dev

Use our custom system to develop new physical products from scratch & copy our tools to successfully delegate to someone on your team.

Live Events & Masterminds

Fully immerse yourself in the next level during our live events & mastermind programs.

Source products at the Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China with 7 & 8-figure sellers. Spend over a week at the Ritz-Carlton living, eating, and working with some of Amazon's top sellers. Part mastermind, part sourcing trip - it's Sourcing Summit!

The world's most elite Amazon mastermind reserved for those selling at least $1.5mm/yr on Amazon. Beat blachatters & suspensions, learn exotic tips & tricks, and get the unfair advantage you need to win in Amazon's most competitive niches.