Browsing around /r/Entrepreneur and other entrepreneur communities I see that one roadblock many new entrepreneurs run into is picking a great name for their business.

How to pick a good business name

how to choose a good business name

how to choose a good business name 3

Name selection is often an overwhelming, frustrating, and exhausting experience.

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I can remember how stressful the naming process was for me when launching my first couple of projects. It would start off fun and loose for the first couple of names, but I would quickly become trapped in a mind numbing list of gibberish.

Several hours into it, I could feel my standards dropping and eventually lost all confidence in my ability to even judge the names I was coming up with. That was usually the point where I would put up a desperation post on some forums like this (or the ones you see above) –

How to choose a good business name 2

And while I think it’s a good idea to ask somebody but yourself, this isn’t the best way to come up with a good name. Not by a long shot.

What I always ended up with were names that I settled for. Terrible names that doomed my projects before they had even started.

And that’s not what I want for you…

So here is the method I have developed over the years to avoid the naming labyrinth and picking the perfect name for your business.

Step 1 – Know What Makes a Good Name

Most people already know intuitively what makes a good business name, so in the spirit of brevity I won’t go in too much detail here.

If you are over-thinking things and want some direction, check out this article for an awesome breakdown of what makes a good name.

Then come back here, because this guide picks up where that one ends…

Step 2 – Brainstorm a List of Names

Once you are confident you’d know a good name if you saw one, you need to come up with a few keywords to get you started.

You probably already have a few in mind. If you don’t, you should probably go back to the last step.

If you’re still lost, look for successful competitors and rapid-growth companies and use them for inspiration.

Huge time saver – Bust-A-Name

Open up Bust-A-Name (the best tool there is for brainstorming domain names) and enter in your initial keyword ideas. I’ll be using StartupBros as the example in this post, since we did use this method to decide on that name (StartupBros was originally going to be IncomeLabs).

So your initial list should look something like this –

Initial Keyword List

As you can see, Bust-A-Name checks all possible combinations of the keywords you put in and gives you the available domains containing those.

Though we just started the naming process, there are already a few good names on the board that I would save. SmartIncomeLabs, StartupIncome, and IncomeBros are all decent names already on the board (and of course StartupBros would have been on this board if it were available).

Add onto initial keyword list

Once you have some initial keywords on the board, you’ll want to expand on those ideas to come up with synonyms/similar keywords.

Bust-A-Name has a feature that will help you with this a little bit –

Keyword Synonyms

Mmm – Synonyms…

I also use LeanDomainSearch at this point to expand on ideas and get some ideas going –

lean domain search

Those are really the only two sites I use to come up with keywords. I sometimes also use Thesaurus, but even that is rare.

At this point, you should have a pretty decent amount of name combinations to look through.

Step 3 – Narrow It Down to a Few Decent Names

Now the mind-numbing part of it all – combing through the list of names.

Try to avoid the temptation to get caught up in this stage. Every startup name will have pros and cons to varying degrees.

Bust-A-Name will save you a huge amount of time by only showing you name combinations with available domain names. All you have to do is scroll through and pick the ones you like.

I usually have over 500 names to go through. You’ll probably end up around there.

90% of the names Bust-A-Name generates will be duds, you’re planning for the gold in them…

There is no real process at this point to what names you should be picking – just save the ones that sound decent.

Try to find 25 out of them that you think are decent, then whittle those down to 15…

Then 10…

Then 5…

Then move onto the next step.

Step 4 – Find Out Which One Is Perfect

Now my favorite part – we test to see which name is the best!

This is where everybody screws up…

It seems everybody thinks they should get their naming advice from friends, family, and Facebook friends – I suspect out of desperation.

That is a stupid thing to do.

Ask the audience

I would much rather A/B test my possible business names to find out exactly how much more or less receptive my target audience would be with each name.

I use the same method highlighted in 3 Steps to Validate Your Business Idea For FREE…almost

  • Head over to Unbounce(I now use and would recommend LeadPages for this) and sign up for a Free Trial account.
  • Make an identical landing page for each possible name (you can just duplicate your first page in unbounce)
  • Make a quick logo for each possible name with LogoPony and put one on each landing page (don’t forget to publish your page after you’re done!) There are free logo makers you can use as well.
  • Run traffic to your landing page.

Your landing pages should look something like this –

landing page

Original StartupBros Landing Page

Landing Page
One of four variant landing pages

Make sure the traffic you are running to these pages is targeted. I’d recommend Facebook Ads for this – check out this article for a great breakdown on how to target the correct people.

Once you’re ready to create your final logo and want to use professional designers, we have an incredibly detailed post on using a contest to create the best logos.  You can check out the post here.

Step 5 – Domination

After a few days and $50-100, you’ll end up with something like this in Unbounce –

Business Name Test

StartupBros wins!

As you can see, the StartupBros name performed 13% better than our original name idea, IncomeLabs.

Thinking about what that 13% means completely baffles me, and I would love to hear your opinions on it.

Does that mean that everything we do at StartupBros will grow 13% faster and perform 13% better than if we were doing it under IncomeLabs?

I suppose there is no way to know for sure…

But what I do know for sure, is that our target market responded better to the StartupBros name more than any other name we could come up with – and that’s why we chose it.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

Once you decide on a name, here are some additional resources:

How to Register a Trademark
How to Start a Clothing Line
How to Start a Successful Blog


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Will Mitchell

Will Mitchell is a serial entrepreneur and Founder of StartupBros. You can learn more about him at the Startupbros about page. If you have any questions or comments for him, just send an email or leave a comment!

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I will give it a try! I also heard about – seems like a legit site where you can open a contest for brainstorming a name for your brand/business and even for coming up with taglines and stuff. I am thinking about launching a contest for naming my business on this site if I don’t find anything good in name generators. Real people brainstorm better than machines 🙂

  2. Brand name will make customer remember you. Brand name should be easy to remember. Brand name will surely help you with your business.

  3. Great article! I like branding and picking domain names. I agree, getting feedback is a very useful step. Overall, it is good to give it some time after you made a choice. Right domain name is important because you will need to live with it for long time.
    It is important to come up with a catchy name, it will give you an advantage. I also use fiverr and pickydomains tools to research, but they can only give you some options and ideas. The final decision is on you.

  4. Can you suggest the best suitable name for my business. My business is making Papad.

  5. I am a newbie and I am looking to sell different product categories on amazon. I was considering having a generic storefront name then having multiple brands to fit the category they are for. Is this a good idea? I was originally told to pick a generic sounding brand name (which I did) and label everything with that- I feel this is not the way to go after doing more research

    • That depends because you don’t want a generic name and sell everything from Cell Phone accessories to medicated butt wipes. But you can have a generic name inside a specific category. For example, “All Purpose Athletics” and you can sell absolutely everything relating to athletics and trust me, that’s a whole lot of stuff 🙂 Hope that makes sense!

  6. Hy, starting laundary and detergent company suggestions please for the company name and slogan. Thank you WILL

    • Hey Dorothy, thanks for checking out the article 🙂 Are you starting a public laundry mat where people go and wash their clothes?

  7. Hey Will, nice read! As for me to come up with new brand names, it’s just the way my brain works, I guess. Many ideas come up when I’m in the shower, but then I can’t write them down ugh. I try to keep them short and good sounding, that helps memorising too. Cheers!

    • Hey Jan, thanks for checking out the article! haha showering is a place where I come up with great ideas too. Great minds think alike.

  8. Hey will,
    Very impressed to read your blog.
    I have heard about name generators like worldlab, Namobot etc… are they helpful??

    • Hey Jenny, yea we love those. Believe it or not we’re working on a name generator 🙂 I like NameMesh the most if I had to pick.

  9. Hi, Can you suggest the best suitable name for my business. My business is online Real Estate website which is similar to Zillow.

  10. Can you suggest the best suitable name for my business. My business is Online Real Estate website it is similar to Zillow.

  11. Hi, I’m starting an Amazon Business with a number of different items such as: disposable items, kitchen items, and possibly a pet item. Any suggestions as to what names to use?

    • Hey Sue sounds like everything might fall under “living”. Maybe a Catch all name like Better Living or Happy Living. Something that encompasses everything you might be selling.

  12. Hello, my name is Sandeep, I am going to start an IT consulting services business. Could you please suggest me a name

  13. Hi there!

    I’m on my way to opening an LLC (“restaurant”) geared to distributing monetary donations to the local ISD due to their entire lack of funding – 15% from the State, these kids don’t even have a cafeteria let alone proper books or any sort of extra curricular activity … from there I’d love to be able to gain in funding to help neighboring areas and their school districts, as well as to a neighboring university where I would LOVE to offer free meals and toiletries at least twice a month to all current students. And of course Farmers Markets and so on … I could go on forever! The idea is to form a “restaurant” that serves ramen – a hunger staple, but with a nutritious twist. Produce is grown in our own gardens and sold even for bonus revenue, bones and “stock” items are freshly donated by gracious grocery stores and restaurants wanting to make an impact. Meals will be priced cheaply to adhere to value, and donation receptacles will be available with clear missions.

    Haha … my whole business plan later – my question is about apostrophes and hyphens.

    Wise, clever, or a waste of time? After mulling over a few names, “Slurp n Tine” resonates the most and the google searches look pretty neat and connecting. But to apostrophe or not? “Slurp ‘n Tine” hmmm…

    Back story for the name – slurp ‘cause of noodles of course, and tine because of fork tines as well as a silent dedication to my passed daughter Ferrahtine who makes me want to make sure all babies are fed, all students can focus and parents in need can rest a little easier knowing their childrens bellies are warm and full at least a couple of times a week.

    When searching the name and going through odd variants of spelling and not spacing the google searches are pretty easy none conflicting stuff like how to use a video game power up juice, or “serpentine” a group of green minerals named after Althea idea of a snake which leads to a further definition of “Serpentine- something snake like, coiled” which does work out for noodles in some way lol as well as a couple of supporting revenue projects that deal with plants and gardening but are all geared to the same goal.

  14. My name is Rosa Lee Ranson I have came up with the name Rolee Collection. So how does that sound for a business name sir.

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  16. Hey! I’ve been brainstorming names for a few days now and have had so many good names come to mind but sadly they’re always taken. I tried every permutation and combination I could conjure up but eventually I just felt exhausted.

    Thankfully I came across this article and discovered Bust-A-Name. After a few minutes I now have a new list of potential names that have inspired me!

    Thanks Will! Keep it up buddy!

    • I’ve only found out about all these cool methods through many years of beating my head against the wall 😉

      Happy I could help!

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    Wish you all the best!

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  33. Naming my business was one of the most difficult things. I eventually settled on a name that says what the business does!

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  38. Hi Will,

    Nice article. I used some resources like naminum and namemesh for coming up with a name. But I also brainstormed a lot to come up with a name for my startup which is an app to help people make dinner plans and discover restaurants.

    I named it ‘Orgaknife’, it rhymes with Organize and had the references of a chef’s knife, or organic food, etc.

    But a few friends told me that it sounds risky to use the word knife in it or it sounds like an Organic product store.

    After I named my startup, I came up with a naming philosophy twhile answering to myself. I believe it is very important to first write down your vision and mission statements for the startup or your company. Once you have that, you should find a name that matches with your company’s vision by applying your methods. It also narrows down your search. What are your thoughts?

    I’d be happy to get your feedback on our name and should we change it to match our vision. You can see our messaging and vision here:


    • You are really correct bro. The name should have some word relevant to your business. This will help in you in promoting your business online. When people get to see any of your Ads they will notice the name and when they feel what it is all about then the user will click into your website if they are actually interested in your business.
      Also one important way of promoting your website is taking it online. If your start-up’s name and website domain name is relevant to your business even the Google will fetch your site easily when a query about your business is made online. This is a best practice on search engine optimization which will help you to promote your business easily.

      • You two have touched on some common sense knowledge that MOST people miss when naming their business…

        What ultimately determines a good business name – is does it MEAN SOMETHING? Does it make the impact you want it to make, to the people you’re trying to impact?

        I consider Business Names and Branding to be something that runs through every activity your business performs. Better branding = higher ROI on ads, better employees, EVERYTHING is better with a great name and brand…

        So yes – the name ultimately needs to MEAN SOMETHING and have the DESIRED IMPACT on the DESIRED CUSTOMER…

    • Orgaknife is a pretty great name. You’ve come up with a name better than 99% of people ever will (just scroll around these comments to see)…

      When I read Orgaknife, I did think of some sort of premium cooking knife or tool. I definitely did not think of an app to organize your friends to get some food.

      I do think your name is pretty good – so don’t get discouraged. It’s SO much more important to get some customers with a subpar name and just change the name later…

      That being said – I do think you should consider a re-brand in your future. Once you get to a point where the app is working perfect, customers are using it, and you want to scale – then consider a re-brand before your big campaign to scale.

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    • I don’t speak your native language or know anything about the nuances of your native culture. I am wildly unqualified to come up with Indian business names. But YOU do have that knowledge 😉

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  64. I also use LenDomains – it works really well and you can find some cool pieces there. Another interesting thing to use when you run out of ideas

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    • Hello Mrs. Vera! A ladies’ clothing and shoe store sounds wonderful. I personally think it sort of depends what sort of fashion you would like to do, so old school clothing should be something maybe simple, goth or pop clothing being wild or unique, etc. I hope this advice helped. Good luck with your store! *^^*

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    I was being shortsighted and named the LLC after my dog…she’s a basset hound…anyway, it’s Layla Moore Laboratories LLC and while we can file a DBA, everyone seems to kind of hate it, (I love it though). How would you go about making a domain name for this? I want to do this right I’m just worried I’ll get it wrong. :/

    • Don’t worry, Ms/Mrs Cally! I think Layla Moore Laboratories is a great name, it sounds formal, sensible, yet not boring. If I were you, I would go for something that was similar to the name after your lovely basset hound dog. By the way, I am so sorry but what is a LLC and a DBA? I am only nine and am helping my dad (or trying to) with his hard business, and I am too dumb to yet have learned that. Sorry! :/ Anyways, Ms/Mrs Cally you should be proud of your great businesses and go with a name that you think suits the business, is maybe unique, or somehow special. I hope this was helpful! *^^*

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    • Sometimes it might be easier to come up with a name if you choose to sell something a little more specific

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    • Normally whatever website builder you use, gives you an option to fix your website design for mobile. I wouldn’t worry specifically about the iphone 4 but mobile in general works fine.

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    Jobs for doctors, nurses etc – any thoughts will be appreciated


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  110. I would like to know if anybody can help me come up with a name trying start my own business janitorial and remodeling service and my name Angelo but I’m trying get a logo and all somebody point me to the right way

  111. can I have a name for a business which deals with construction works…

  112. hi
    iam going to start a advertisement company
    so i need perfect name for that kindly help me

  113. Any name suggestion for the Sports and Accessories (leather wallets and sports wears and boxing gloves and printed and Sublimated shirts and shorts)

  114. A perfect name for a company leads with photography, video, editing & all other event capturing equipments…..

  115. Any good name suggestion for a new IT Technologies startup? Focusing providing solutions and services.

  116. Hi! This is Greg from OneClickName. OneClickName is a new marketplace where entrepreneurs can buy and sell premium domain names. We’ve got a powerful semantic engine so it’s easy to fing great names. People looking for creative names should really give it a try. Thanks!

  117. I want to start a brand name which refers to us 55+ lads.Any ideas for such an appellation?

  118. I changed my small business name and logo several times before landing on Spacer Creative (though it was decently easy for me as I am a graphic designer). Now I’ve actually gotten quite a few compliments on the name! Though I wonder if having it tested first would have made me reconsider..

  119. I am testing 7 different potential business names using Unbounce (I chose them over Lead Pages because they have a 30 day free trail). I have published each of the pages and I am wondering if there is anything I should do to drive traffic to the sites or am I supposed to just leave them and wait to see which business name does the best.

  120. When setting up the page variants in unbounce, do you set the weight equally for all the pages you want to test (variants of different business names)? Or test one page at a time with 100% weight?


  121. Friends,

    I want to get a name for 3 star hotel that should a french tone………… Please suggest me one…………also u can combine with place……… Place name is CALICUT………..Try to start the name with HOTEL word……Waiting for ur kind reply, i will forward you some names, if u couldnt select one, please find one……..
    Hotel Duke’s Mansion
    Tranquil Bliss Regency
    Lord’s Oak Residency
    Hotel Light Ribbon
    Hotel Southern Sublime
    Hotel Zamorin’s Mansion
    Hotel Kalifo
    Hotel Qaliqut
    Calico Cloth Regency
    Hotel Calico Caliyan

  122. The first important thing is to pick a good name for business after starting up that it may affect the business strategy.

  123. starting and selecting best name for a bussiness is not a easy thing you have wait until that u understand all the thing you want i have some ideas for some starting busiines and tips that help people for selecting names

  124. Hi There! I’m following the steps in this post to A/B test a few names for my startup, it’s been super helpful so far! I’m now at step 4 but wondering if I need to actually buy each domain name in order to test them out? Because right now I’m looking at $171 for 5 (GoDaddy price), and you mention an estimate of $50-100 after the facebook ads and all. Am I missing something?

  125. Any one please suggest me a best name for my gloves company my favourite names are (Tillman,midas,hillbro,long view) but that also registered names please suggest me like that names’

  126. Hey i am starting a new bussines . Which is related with recruitment services. So can you guyes suggest me any name for my company

  127. Hello, I have searched for the last couple of days and can not find a name to my companyt. I came across your site and found it interesting read with great information.
    We are in the process of manufacturing electrical Control Panels.

    My question to u is Please give a short and smart name


  128. Hello, I have searched for the last couple of days and can not find an answer to my question. I came across your site and found it interesting read with great information.
    We are in the process of inventing a product. We have secured a domain name and email addresses for the product. In the near future we are looking to create an LLC.
    My question to you is should the name of the LLC match the product name or should we change the name of the LLC to something creative or more broad in case the future of the product changes or we add different products?


  129. Thanks you so much for this detailed article, StartupBros!
    After a month of driving myself crazy, I was able to finish my search for the right domain name. By keeping my eye on the important points highlighted in your article and using the helpful tools suggested, I am happy to say I bought my domain name today.

  130. hello..i want to create a compan for my business. my work is forex service,mobile recharge,DTH recharge, freelancer work and data entry. i provide all this kind of service online. plz suggest me a perfect domain name that shoud be company name also.

  131. Just go to For a fee, theyll broadcast your request to social media in a contest. You pick you business name, the winner who submitted it gets money – win/win

  132. Hi Will,
    I was hoping to pry your brain. Your article was helpful but I have a few questions. My partner and I are looking to open a finance and legal documents preparation company. We are preparing a business plan. Do you suggest using thus method just to find internet domain names or would this method also work for finding an overall business name for an actual location/office?

  133. Will,
    Adding a negative term in the startup name also leads to a negative impact on the audience. We should always avoid punctuation and Negative terms in a startup name. Do you think the same way?

  134. Those are all good in the hood but what about places that sell already registered names (like where they come with a logo? I see a lot of great names here with exorbitant prices. Although high in price I see the merit in most of them and looks like quite a few get sold. I’ve tried several of the options you supplied here but for some reason nothing I am generating is worthwhile. And how do you fall in love with a name that you can find available for registration? Wouldn’t it be registered if it was so good? I am conflicted but more frustrated with finding great domains.

    • I probably wouldn’g go the brandroot route, your business’s image probably could use a personal touch.

      There are an infinite amount of great business names out there – you just got to put work into making them. Tommy Coffee isn’t bad at all!

      A lot of time the name is only awesome after the branding and product. Feel free to email if you need more help!

      • Hi Kyle,

        Thank you for your reply. I actually just found a name there I am very happy with. A name I know would have been impossible to find available for registration. They r super helpful their too. I would recommend them as an additional resource to your list above. I got the domain on the same day I purchased. TBH the others produced little results for me but thank you for the article. It did ultimately lead me to this name I am excited to get developed!

  135. “I believe that shorter names are most of the times better than names that describe your industry”
    Says the one whose company name is called a lengthy and generic “Buy a company name”

  136. I am soon going to open a BPO centre.Please suggest me a good name for my company.Although I have the tag line ready,it is DELIVERING EXCELLENCE…how it sounds?
    Please do reply via mail.
    Thanks and Regards
    Amit Shende

  137. I believe that shorter names are most of the times better than names that describe your industry.With the right company name , you can build a strong brand like Ikea, Nike e.t.c.I have some examples on my website if someone is interesting to see.

  138. Damn, too bad I’ve already set my name in stone! I have it on my business cards, invoices, and website… Oh well, next time 🙂

  139. A friend just sent me this post, and I have to say it’s one of the more interesting branding methods I’ve seen to date. I’ve signed up to check out some of your eBooks and things of that nature, and it all looks top notch.


  140. Absolutely ingenious methods you have here on the site, Will! Do you think hiring a designer full-time is good later down the timeline?

  141. My wife won’t be happy I read this – fixing the garage door just became a secondary project for this weekend!

  142. I’m also in the process of rebranding. I really don’t like researching names. This article helps to take some of the pain out of the process.

  143. Did you do the testing before you launched your full site? We’re torn between 2 really great names for a web app. One is a descriptive straight forward of what we offer, 3 syllables & its a dot com. The other is a .co but the name is 1 syllable word that uniquely says what we do like the word “twitter” does for twitter. I own the domains for both. Do I launch the app first with 2 different urls/landing pages or do I do this with pre-launch landing pages? Don’t want to put out too much information on functionality before we launch.

  144. Hey we are planning for rebranding and came across your article…I think this is a perfect guide unless it helps me…because the process is too lengthy for me at this time as I have been in the process from last two months and have been scratching my head…!!

  145. One effective branding technique for startups is to review BrandStarters ( ) or similar brandable domain marketplaces to locate a name. This approach helps to know that the name will ultimately be available for purchase at a known cost rather than engaging in frustrating, unsolicited negotiations with indifferent owners. Even if you do not purchase a name, you may wind up generating some great ideas through the process of window shopping.

  146. On a more logistical note, make sure you can trademark the name and if so, that you are able to purchase a good domain for your startup.

  147. would i have any problems if i add ” .COM ” to my business name ? Would i need to give the ” .COM ” $ for adding it to the business name ?

    • If you mean ‘add it to your business name’ as in when you tell people about it, on your cards, as the title to your Facebook Page – In most cases no. There are some businesses this works with, but it will make most brands look cheap these days. You don’t see Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc calling themselves ‘Google dot com’…

      If you mean legally, it doesn’t make much of a difference. We’re legally StartupBros LLC, I don’t think you need to put the .com on there.

  148. Some good points here. A bad name can spell disaster for a company so it’s important to get it right straightaway.

  149. I’m agree with your opening words that finding a good name for startup is stressful and no doubt even the experienced and old players face it again and again.

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