How many Monday mornings have you woken up with that sinking feeling?

The feeling that you’ll have to put yourself through another week at the job you hate. Another week spent living your life for somebody else.

When did it become okay to give up on your dreams? To simply live for the weekend or a couple weeks of vacation?

It’s time to break free from the rat race and regain control of your life.

If you’re anything like me, you’re not looking to become a billionaire…

You’re simply looking to call the shots in your own life. You’re looking for a life that makes you jump out of bed with enthusiasm, rather than counting the minutes til the weekend.

Well I have some good news for you…

The mainstream idea of success is wrong. College and 9-to-5 jobs are dead. You no longer need them to be successful in this new economy.

My Name is Will Mitchell

I’m a high school dropout who has never had a job.will-mitchell-about

Everybody told me I would never be successful, but I decided to prove them wrong and become a multi-millionaire anyways 🙂

But let me start at the beginning…

I was born in Chicago to an extremely poor set of teenage parents. By the time I was 7, they had put themselves through school and decided to start their first business.

Just 3 short years later, my parents sold that business for a huge payday. Our family went, quite literally, from rags-to-riches – and I was absolutely intoxicated by the potential of entrepreneurship.

I became deeply obsessed with business. My father told me the path to being successful was through getting good grades, and I tried that for a while – but I could not figure out how school was helping me as an entrepreneur…

By the time I was 12, I decided that school was actually bad for me. I was NOT going to college, and I was NOT going to work for somebody else. My only goal became figuring out this ‘business’ thing by the time I graduated high school.

Over the next 6-years, I tried every business model you can think of (and failed with most of them). But I knew that every failure made me a better entrepreneur for life, so I kept pushing forward.

After a few failures, I stumbled over the concept of importing products from China and selling them online. This was my very first success, and something I still do to this day.

By the time I was 18, I had made several hundreds of thousands of dollars selling products online. I had proven my teachers and parents wrong, and found success in business before I was even out of high school.

I proved them all wrong, and that meant even more than the money I was making…

Why Does This Matter For You?

I know how it is when you’re blazing your own path to success – a path that others don’t quite understand.

You’ll have everyone from strangers to family telling you how crazy you are. They’ll tell you that what you’re trying to do is impossible – or that your dream itself is flawed.

I’m here to help you prove them all wrong…

Start Your Journey Now

How StartupBros Will Help You

If there is one thing I’ve learned in business, it’s this…

If someone else is having success, then it will be even easier for you to obtain the same success. Just model & improve what’s worked for them.

And that’s where we come in…

Our mission is to create actionable how-to guides based on real-world success (and failure).  We break down what’s working for us, our mentors, and our clients – and make sure you’re able to easily model the success of others to change your own life.

But do we really need another blog about business?

No, we absolutely don’t.

In fact, we don’t need most of the ones that already exist…

But here’s what makes us different:

StartupBros is owned & operated by real entrepreneurs who have already built multi-million dollar businesses, and we only speak about things we know from experience.

In short – we only preach about what we’ve already had proven success with. We’re not here to sell you anything – we simply think the world needs more entrepreneurs…

As of 2016, the StartupBros team:

  • Has launched 6 successful multi-million dollar businesses (and LOTS more failed ones)
  • Sells over $10-million of physical products & over $3-million of digital products per year
  • Generated over $50-million of lifetime sales throughout our different businesses

And we’ve done this all as college dropouts with no advantages or head starts – which goes to show you…

You can do this stuff too!

In fact – it will be easier for you than it was for us.

We’re here to help you model what’s working for us and create success in your own life.

If you’ve made it this far, then you have what it takes…

We’d be honored to help you on your journey to entrepreneurial success & financial freedom.

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Who’s Behind StartupBros?

We’re a team of entrepreneurs infuriated with the traditional idea of success (go to school, get a job, yada yada yada). We’re here to help you break free…

Will Mitchell – Chief Bro

Will Mitchell

Will started skipping school to build businesses in the sixth grade. By 16 he had started a successful e-commerce business, and dropped out of school shortly after to become a full-time entrepreneur.

At 19, Will helped launch Affluence – an exclusive social network for the ultra-wealthy. After the successful IPO of Affluence, he re-entered the world of e-commerce.

At 20, Will helped acquire & grow his beauty-centric e-commerce brand Simply Organic to an 8-figure company.

At 22, Will launched the personal blog that would eventually turn into StartupBros – a community of like-minded entrepreneurs on a quest to regain control of their lives and quit their 9-to-5 grinds.

StartupBros struck a chord with aspiring entrepreneurs, and has since helped launch over 6,000 Steven Stalma – Director of Operations

Andrew Steven Stelmach Bondar

Steve comes from a background in advertising & commercial art, but has always considered himself a philosopher at heart. A proud college dropout, he realized early on that potential clients were far more interested in his portfolio over any degrees he had.

While freelancing he kept his day job as a CNC machinist, which afforded him the opportunity to read and listen to audiobooks during longs shifts of mind-numbing button-pushing. It was during this time he was heavily influenced by Jim Rohn, Dan Kennedy, and Brian Tracy. From that point on, Steve became obsessed with the art of effective communication.

The factory floor was traded for an office building and in a complete 180 he began his career in sales. The promotions came and within 6 months he was opening sales offices for Fortune 500 clients across the country.

Living in the world of sales had disciplined him on how to more effectively communicate, but the corporate life proved to be a golden cage that would eat up 60-80 precious hours each week. One year later he was just about living at the office, wasn’t taking care of himself, his relationships were strained, and had lost focus of why he entered the sales profession in the first place.

So he quit.

Besides, when you learn how to ask people for their cooperation, the world becomes your oyster. Then through a series of seemingly random circumstances he met Will, and the rest is history.

When Steve’s not holding down the fort at StartupBros, he enjoys reading up on history, philosophy, and the fine art of persuasion.

Fun fact: he has a 3-legged cat named Ragnar.

Joe Pothen – Creative Director

Joe Pothen

Joseph Graduated from Columbia with a major in Graphic Arts and a minor in marketing. He began his career working with corporations, and realized his creativity was limited. He later found his passion working with Startups, being a part of the growth and seeing how his work impacted the conversions and ROI of the company, gave him fulfillment.

He later entered into the infomercial market, where he crafted his video and web design skills to make immediate growth to the sales and marketing of many houseware products.

Finally, arriving at StartupBros, Joseph was given the opportunity and freedom to let his skills thrive. Witnessing the real life transformation of the community and development of new entrepreneurs daily, he found true fulfillment in knowing his work was making a difference in people’s lives he is Honored to work for an organization that really makes a difference.

Joel Oquendo – Director of Marketing

Joel Oquendo

From an early age Joel was always looking to figure out how things worked.  Taking apart remote controlled cars, tv remotes, computers and anything else he could get his hands on.  

Joel is incredibly fascinated with Entrepreneurship.  The idea of creating value in the world led him on an adventure to read book after book and experience failure after failure in launching businesses throughout college. Shoveling snow for startup costs Joel never took a sick day. At one point being an Uber driver, security guard, food server, collegiate track athlete, engineering intern, taking 24 credits per semester and trying to run a social media consulting business kept him busy.

After college Joel spent 2 years working as an Engineer for a world-class manufacturer of high quality aluminum investment castings primarily in the aerospace and military/defense market but Joel felt he could be serving the world differently.  Working on the side as a track and field coach, personal trainer and launching his SEO/Digital Marketing Agency by doing freelance jobs creating websites and managing social media profiles, he saved up enough money to take some risks, pack up everything he owned into his Ford and move down to Florida, call it a 24 year old’s quarter life crisis.

Joel is responsible for making sure everyone knows about Startupbros. He’s focused on Inbound Marketing, SEO and giving readers every single tool they need to start their own businesses.

Startupbros reached 2.1 Million readers in 2018 and climbing…