Mindset & Entrepreneurship

8 Things to Consider Before Dropping Out of College (+ Ideas)

Wondering if dropping out of college is the right thing to do? Well, you are NOT alone. With so many super successful entrepreneurs (think Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg) having dropped out of college before they get a degree, I can see why you are having these thoughts. The […]

How to Start a Business With NO Money

“I quit!” There, you said it. Or you said it in your mind. You dreamed it again. You dream about starting a company and walking into your boss’s office and quitting your job. What’s stopping you? Oh, about a million things including your mortgage and putting food on the table. […]

19 Growth Mindset Quotes About Life and Success

Everyone has the innate desire in them to succeed. As we grow up, we decide what we want to become, and soon realize our dreams come with obstacles. At times, our dreams seem hard to reach, and we procrastinate following them. It is important to take the necessary steps to […]

6-Step Guide to Create Information Products (2019 Update)

Are you wondering what makes a GREAT information product? Below, you’ll find a 6-step (updated) guide that will help you create info products that sell. Here’s what we’ll be learning in this guide: We have a lot to cover, so let’s get started. Step #1: Brainstorm Information Product Ideas Many […]

The 6 Types of Entrepreneurs: Which One Are You?

The type of entrepreneur you are should change throughout your entire lifetime. It’s not a personality type but rather a set of skills to master and grow your business. An entrepreneur is someone that works for themselves. But if you look around the forums and Facebook groups that argue what […]

Quit Your Job and Still Make Money (The 120 Day Plan)

A lot of the “How to quit your job” advice out there is focused on having gut-wrenching conversations and making sure you look good for your next employer: Usually the advice is pretty bland like, “Make sure you give at least 2 weeks notice.” Or “don’t sacrifice your reputation and […]

Honesty IS the Best Policy in Business (Usually)

Here’s What We’re Covering: It doesn’t always pay to be good. There are huge stretches of human history where the only way to win has been to lie, cheat, and steal. Luckily for those of us who suck at being bad, goodness is paying off. Particularly honesty. It doesn’t always […]