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Amazon/E-Commerce Sellers: Here’s 3 Product Research & Selection Tactics (working right now)

Are you frustrated with product research & selection?

Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, making no progress towards building the business of your dreams?

You’re not alone. The #1 thing I see new Amazon sellers getting stuck on is product research & selection.

But when I speak with successful e-commerce entrepreneurs, finding new products to sell tends to be the least stressful part of their business.

Why is there such a HUGE disconnect?

How can new sellers be so overwhelmed with something experienced sellers barely think about?

It’s because new sellers are using outdated strategies.

E-commerce is currently the fastest growing business model in the world. In fact, it’s one of the fastest growing business model ever. 

With rapid growth, comes rapid change. And here’s where new sellers have a big disadvantage…

When I figure out a new strategy in my e-commerce business, here’s what I do (in order) –

  • Implement it across my main e-commerce company
  • Help my high-end clients implement it for themselves
  • Help my other clients implement it
  • Write about it on my blog / make some YouTube videos

New sellers typically learn how to launch & grow their businesses from blogs (like this one), YouTube (like our channel), etc.

That usually works out just fine – except when you’re talking about the fastest growing business model ever.

You see, Amazon & E-Commerce are growing mind-numbingly fast. Strategies that are working today will be stale by Christmas.

By the time I (or other like me) write about the strategies that are working for us, they’re already outdated.

And that’s why you’re so frustrated – you’re using strategies that used to work, but simply don’t any more.

How Can You Break Free?

If you want to break free, you need to use a magnet.

Experienced sellers don’t need to spend hours and hours on product research & selection – we use strategies that attract the best ideas to us.

What are those strategies, you ask? No worries – I’ve got you covered 🙂

Over the past 3-years, we’ve worked with over 5,000 clients to successfully launch new e-commerce brands from scratch. I’ve probably seen every product research & selection strategy known to mankind…

Some of those strategies are solid and timeless, like surveying your target customer for pain points. Most strategies, however, are purely a waste of time (such as scanning Amazon’s Best Seller Lists).

Up until now, the only way to know what works (and what’s a waste of time), has been searching through an endless sea of blog posts, podcasts, and more. And it simply takes way too much time.

Since our team has been prepping to open enrollment to a new round of clients (in about 2-weeks), we’ve been digging into the data and checking what’s working vs. not working for our clients.

What we found, was pretty surprising…

Out of all the hundreds of strategies out there, there’s just 3 main product research & selection tactics working right now. I wrote a detailed breakdown of each strategy, showing you exactly what it is, how it works, and how you can put it to good use.

Click here to download your copy now. (or click the picture below)

What's Working Now - Product Research & Selection for E-Commerce/Amazon Sellers

I’ll also be sitting down later tonight and recording videos to explain each strategy more in-depth.

This e-book will only be available for the next couple weeks, so be sure to grab your copy now (even if you’re saving it for later).

Once we open up enrollment and take on a new round of clients – we’ll be taking this down and keeping this private.

Hope this ebook can help fuel some breakthroughs for you and your business!

P.S. – What’s the worst product research & selection tactic you’ve ever heard of? Share in the comments below.

I’ll pick my favorite comments and give you an all-expenses-paid scholarship to our premium coaching community for e-commerce entrepreneurs (worth $3k).

Just download the ebook & leave a comment for your chance to win.

We read and reply to every one!
  • John

    I will have to go with Amazon’s top 100 best sellers list as the worst tactic to research products especially for newcomers. It’s a place where everyone can see all the top products in the list and they more established with multiple reviews for the product. Very difficult especially for newcomers.

    ps. I’ve downloaded your ebook and it sent me the self made U… or was I too late to comment 🙂

    • Thanks for the heads up John, my fault. I fixed it 🙂

      I agree – Best Seller Lists are a great way to figure out what NOT to sell 😛

  • I’ve heard that you should go after products you like. This is very inaccurate because you don’t want to limit yourself when doing research. Plus you want items that are going to give you a good return on your investment.

    • There’s some advantages in selling products you’re familiar with – but you definitely don’t want to box yourself in! Great point @brianfarello:disqus

  • Andrey Deryugin

    Will, funny to see that this topic exactly about me, and my frustrating approach, and diging BSR list. I just have started studying Amazon couple weeks ago. Hope your book will guide me to success!

    • Sounds like you found this at the perfect time then 🙂

  • Allan Clow

    One of the worst product research tactics I’ve heard is to find a product with no competition or to avoid products that have several sellers already. Yes, blue sky is better than red ocean in the world of marketing BUT if there’s no competition that could also very likely mean there is no market!

    • I absolutely agree with this @allanclow:disqus – if you’re afraid of competition, you’ll have a very tough time in business!

  • Helga

    Thanks for the e-book!
    I’m looking forward in learning new ideas and tactics on how to sell within Amazon.
    I’m too new to give an opinion on what is good or bad. I like to read and learn all and see what works best for me ?

    • I like it @disqus_JMBRg4vjfH:disqus – always be learning 🙂

  • Tony Brink

    The worst would be the level of research suggested to perform…

    I was once told to essentially draw up an entire business plan behind one product I wanted to resell. This is taking the “research” portion of the process to unnecessary levels without actually getting anything done. This assignment/suggestion would ultimately burn up several hours of time and teach me to draw up a plan for failure, when one should instead be taking action (and risks with reason). So the worst was the suggestion to completely overdo to the research portion of the research + selection phase.

    Happy Selling

    • Yes, yes, yes…so many times yes @tony_brink:disqus – I see this all the time.

      Sounds like you’re familiar with the Lean Startup Methodology, which is probably THE most important concept for entrepreneurs to understand & live by today. Absolutely essential…

  • Anthony Wilson

    True story I had a guy who searched for products he thought looked cool, He then proceeded to have his dog pick out the one from the pictures he picked out from. His product is actually doing quite well but that is easily one of the worst ways to do it lol

    • Haha that is awesome @disqus_VXp6dwhAKS:disqus – I have not heard that one before 🙂

  • Peter

    I think there are 2 extremes most commonly suggested for beginners:
    1) Just pick some product from top100 list and buy bunch from Alibaba – that helps with overthinking but ultimately you are just getting into race to the bottom with hundreds of other sellers
    2) Plan and research your product to the last detail before getting even 5 samples to test the waters – this in most cases simple ends with either quitting before you even get your product narrowed or spending too much time and resources with due diligence without moving forward.
    There are tons of resources that use those 2 approaches with some simple spins but ultimately not providing any eral value.

    • Great breakdown @disqus_XAgDaxluhQ:disqus. You’re right – most of the advice you see is simply a spin of one of those methods.

  • Brendan M

    The worst (and unbelievably common) product research suggestion is to look for popular/trendy products with huge demand, e.g. products in the main categories of the Amazon Best Sellers List, or with BSRs in the low hundreds. Although there is value in making sure there is demand for your product, these products are generally dominated by major players, and are already so saturated and competitive that a new seller with limited capital and little experience has almost no chance of listing anywhere worthwhile, and will probably flounder in the depths of obscurity before simply giving up.

    Honorable mention would have to go to choosing a product you are passionate about. You don’t want to sell a product you know absolutely nothing about, but as long as you can understand the basics, you know enough to tweak it well and sell it to the customer base. You should be passionate about running a business. The rest will come naturally. You can be the most passionate enthusiast of product XYZ in the world, but if no one else is, they aren’t gonna buy it. That’s my two cents.

    • Great advice here @disqus_5kNFKJrEPM:disqus. Seems like everybody starts there. I always run my clients through the Product Lifecycle to understand how high-margin products become volume-based commodities over time. It’s absolutely critical to find a product at the right spot in that lifecycle (growth!)

  • Felicia

    “Do you have a dog? Ask him.” – I’m not kidding! I attended one of those free-but-buy-one-of-our books-at-the-end seminars (because we’re so damn clever) and they were asking everyone to imagine buying one of every toy at the shop, throw them into a doggy accessible box and see which one he plays with most over the course of a month. “Then you’ll know you’re on to something.” This was meant to be just one sample in a book rich with ideas no one ever thinks of. Was I wrong to get up and walk out at that point . . . or could it be I’ve been ignoring my pet’s sage advice all these years at my own peril? I’ll die if you tell me that was actually good advice!

    • Haha once you explained the idea it didn’t sound as bad! But probably still not great advice, I think you made the right move @lori2013feliciakourtis:disqus 🙂

  • Jan Kar

    I’d love to read this book, but the download link takes me to a 404 error page.

  • Yiru Chen

    Just downloaded the book. Thank you so much! : )
    The worst would be “over thinking”-so you spend days and days researching online “how to sell online?” And you found out Oh! Shxt! This guy says going for drop shipping, and that guy says no. This guy says going after top sellers, and that guy says nope! Who should I trust? And then you dig into every article and youtube video trying to figure out which way is the best way. After days and days, you finally decide who you are going to trust, and follow his/her way, but then when you start researching products, you DOUBT it. “Will this work?””How about other people’s way?”“Should I try another way?” So you stop your product researching and go back to search “What’s the best product to sell online?” Then again and again! You search how, and you research what products to sell, and then you doubt everything, and you go back to the beginning. Repeat. You end up giving up because it seems everything is too difficult. OMGGG That would be the worst!!!!

  • WydeEyedGirls 1

    Once you get set of right products, How do you become more visible to new customers?

  • Darrell Hess

    Awesome! Once again Will you truly share wonderful value to new sellers looking to break into the ecomm marketplace. Looking forward to reading your work and learning what I can to try and get to the next level.

    Regarding your question, the worst product research and selection tactic I’ve heard so far is from this company who will sell you a membership and also sell you products to list and try and sell online through eBay, Amazon etc. Basically signing people up with no limit and guess what, now you have 100s of sellers selling the same product and racing to the bottom price wise penny by penny trying to recoup losses. What a sham. The only winner there is the company selling products for profit to unsuspecting new sellers trying to make it. Glad there are venues such as this one to help guide the way!

    -Darrell Hess

  • Barbara Kelly

    Thanks for offering this ebook Will, looking forward to learning new tricks 😉

    • Sure thing @disqus_eEArTxyyA5:disqus – hope you find it valuable!

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  • Ruben Romo

    Wow great an opportunity knocking !! I actually listened to your webinar not to long ago, and I didnt pull the trigger. I really believe that Ecommerce is the future.

    • It’s growing extremely fast, with no signs of slowing down! Thanks for being on the webinar live 🙂

  • Babalegba Yoppy

    Wonderful eBook. The worst product research is trying to go through the Amazon best sellers and finding products through that means. Some of the sellers there already have tons of review and have been selling for long. It is always difficult to match their selling price let alone compete with them.

  • M Du Preez

    Thanks for offering this valuable info don’t need to, but you still do.
    I’m from South Africa. Will this work for me? Will wait and see hey. BIG
    UPS to you guys!!

    • Lots of successful sellers in South Africa – but it will only work for you if you make it work, of course 🙂

  • Adonus

    One of the worst strategies is to use alibaba to find a potential private label product – often times you would end up dealing with a middleman and not get the best pricing or terms. Plus there is still the question of you need someone to inspect whatever you buy from an alibaba supplier

    • I agree you should not use Alibaba as a product discovery tool, but I would not worry too much about dealing with trade companies (often referred to as middlemen).

  • Michelle Alana Cordero

    Incredible! Can’t wait to read it! Thank you guys for always sharing such great practical and REAL info with us!

    • You know it @michellealanacordero:disqus – that’s what we’re here for! Enjoy 🙂

      • Michelle Alana Cordero

        To be honest, I have been going back and forth battling with myself over the past week, deciding if I should ask for a refund. I signed up to the program in late May, and did some RA but then traveled to Spain (for work) where I will be until early August. I have been getting anxious thinking that I haven’t done much and am beating myself over it. But this article and just getting back into the modules has reset my mindset. Also, I went back to my first post in the Facebook group, where I committed myself to doing this and also wrote out my reason for doing this: get rid of my massive student debt! Just wanted to thank you for your constant sharing of info and encouragement. I NEED to make this happen; PERIOD. Even if I’m a little overwhelmed, one day at a time is what I keep telling myself 🙂

  • Kelli Ducloux

    When I first started 5 months ago, I was like everyone else “I don’t know what to sell! How do I find a product to sell!!” Then I listened to an awesome interview with Will Tjernlund. What I took away from that was this: You don’t have to find THE product; you have to find A product. I took this to mean that you actually should NOT be looking for the “homerun” product that’s going to make you a millionaire. Instead, I should find a product that is going to make me an extra $500 a month. THEN… wash and repeat! If I can find 10 that will do that (at minimum), then I have just replaced my teacher’s salary!!
    9-5 GAME OVER!!!
    So….The “worst product research & selection tactic you’ve ever heard of” is: find ONE (and only 1) “good” product.
    • Edit• Reply•Share ›

  • Kelli Ducloux

    When I first started 5 months ago, I was like everyone else “I don’t know what to sell! How do I find a product to sell!!” Then I listened to an awesome interview with Will Tjernlund. What I took away from that was this: You don’t have to find THE product; you have to find A product. I took this to mean that you actually should NOT be looking for the “homerun” product that’s going to make you a millionaire. Instead, I should find a product that is going to make me an extra $500 a month. THEN… wash and repeat! If I can find 10 that will do that (at minimum), then I have just replaced my teacher’s salary!!
    9-5 GAME OVER!!!
    So….The “worst product research & selection tactic you’ve ever heard of” is: find ONE (and only 1) good product.

  • Sergio

    Thanks very much for your work guys!

  • Probably the worst product research tactic is to go in with blinders. A good researcher will keep a SWOT analysis in mind at all times and with different “slices” of the industry. This is especially important in the SaaS space where it can be easy to draw comparisons with too narrow of criteria. For example, in the integration SaaS industry, a new integration technology needs to determine their target market. Then, you can draw comparisons with other products inside and outside of your target market. If your target market is the medium sized, established business owner, it would be good to first find out what kinds of technologies your target market is using. It may be Microsoft Dynamic, Sugar CRM, Salesforce, to name a few. Next step is to find other integration SaaS services that work extensively with those technologies, like Riva or Magic Xpi and those that have a simplified/user friendly, yet limited featureset, like Zapier. This types of comparisons will help lead you to gaps in your particular niche.

    Ultimately, the worst thing to do is stop researching. Always keep an eye out for new competitors and put it on your list. It is often helpful to identify data points of difference that you can create a metric from. Ex: API endpoint utilization/saturation; target market/demographics; revenue, etc. etc. These metrics can help you to identify similarities and opportunities within your reach.

  • Gavin

    Now, the download link dones’t work

  • Joe Laferriere

    I was reading the success stories at http://ecommerceempire dot com/ which are very impressive. With this program it sounds like you need huge cash flow to be able to purchase in bulk from China. Can you give some kind of idea how much cash is needed to get up and running?

  • Chris S

    Attended two seminars already. This is where I stall. Looking for good info in this.

  • Felix F. Vargas

    I have been on your webenar and have corresponded with you guys and would love to win and take advantage of your program I have just never been able to afford it being unemployed

  • Kyle Cox

    The worst tactic that I have heard it to purchase existing inventory from other Amazon sellers. Sometimes when a product is not selling well, sellers will attempt to cut their losses by ditching under performing inventory on unsuspecting buyers. The issue with this is that these products tend to be in extremely high competition markets or are products that are reaching the end of their life cycle.

    I suppose that there are situations where buying inventory from a seller can be good. But for the most part, I tend to wonder why they are trying to get rid of the product. If it were a profitable product, they wouldn’t be selling it off. If they are have not had success selling this product (assuming they have a good listing, advertising, etc.) what makes me think that I will have success?

  • maya

    Brake free sounds like fairy-tail to me. I wish it wasn’t.
    After 3 years of taking almost any course/ coaching program out there, developing and marketing few products, speaking with experts, going to events and meet up all over the country.. spending all my saving + 3 huge loans I still don’t know how I’m going to give back.

    I’m working hard, reading conecting doing anything I can, and still breaking free seems like very far away from me..
    I’m willing to keep doing I just don’t know how I’ll do it yet with all the debt I’ve got and anything working for the near future..

    I wish I will get your scholarship and your help and finally will be closer to see the “braking free” in my future..
    Thanks for your value and great content (:

    • Tay

      I’m in the exact same boat you’re in, my wife almost divorced me over this. I need help fast and now.

  • Ruth

    Hi Will 🙂 I’ve literally only been exposed to business/entrepreneurial thinking for a couple of weeks now (my background is in mental health), but have already been quite struck by the concept that in trying to reach everyone you end up reaching no one. My understanding is that a crucial aspect of product selection is to go deep with a niche. I’m currently in the process of idea development and finding it a real challenge, so would absolutely relish the opportunity to join your coaching community!


    • Mrdave Dahl

      Well said Dave.. oh and nice name ..

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  • Rentrom

    My former boss imported a few products that we all thought had great potential… but none of them sold. I am looking to open my own business now, and don’t want to make the same mistake. Problem is, I don’t know where to start looking.

  • Ken Alston

    I think the worst is simply telling someone to build a business from a hobby. A hobby typically makes you hobby income, you need a more thought through product selection strategy and predictable business model.

  • Nick Giordano

    I will answer this question from a slightly different stance and reply that the worst thing that an aspiring ecommerce entrepreneur can do is to get stuck in the endless cycle of product research and selection. There are of course tactics that are better than others to perform this research (I look forward to reading the ebook to gain insight into some of these) but in the end, success will never be achieved without taking action. We’ve all heard the statistics – nine out of ten ideas will not work. Lucky for us it only takes one. The catch is that finding the one that will usually requires failing your way forward. I have recently undergone a paradigm shift in which I am excited by failure. The refusal to accept failure as the end result and rather viewing it as a necessary step on the road to success is the most important characteristic of a successful entrepreneur. In the famous words of Teddy Roosevelt, “In any situation, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The next best thing you can do is the wrong thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing at all.” I have performed enough research and am ready to do something, even if it is the wrong thing.

  • kim merrifield

    hey guys –
    first, thanx for the ebook !! second, i have 2 products on amazon (new seller) & it seems they only sell well if i am
    doing a promotion . . .?? every sale makes me happy, but the idea is to make some $$$. !!! so i could use your help
    to figure out what i’m doing wrong – i need the secret key &/or a kick start ?? i don’t think they are “bad” products
    but . . . .

  • Peach HomeBuyers

    I agree for the most part about not going into a highly competitive category or niche but if you can bring something new, innovative or something that has a twist on it, to the marketplace, I think you will find gold there. And while everyone else is running away from it, you run towards it. Like real estate, when the market is down you run towards it not away from it. Right now I’m in highly competitive category but I’m making my own foothole in this highly competitive niche, bringing something different. On Amazon, I’m on the cusp of a permanent first page rank for highly competitive keywords(I think I’m a few reviews away) and I’m the only non prime product this far up the rankings(which is about to change). Started a shopify store and I’m pushing forward. Now it’s time to scale up.

    And I’m still here on StartupBros to get whatever edge I can!

  • Ciaran

    Interesting read as always, which will help many of us out.
    I suppose the worst tactic is to avoid this website 😉
    As others have said, trying to penetrate a heavily saturated market in the amazon bestsellers is never a great idea.
    I often use google trends at product selection stage to see if the key word popularity is dropping, stable or increasing.
    For example latest crazes will see a spike in interest at its peak popularity – ideally if you wanted to jump on the craze bandwagon you would want to be ahead of the spike. I would personally rather stay away from crazes and find something fairly steady, what is cool today won’t be cool tomorrow.
    Also, keep a reminder of why you are doing this, I want to make a better life for myself and those around me, I want to get out of debt. Losing your motive for why you are creating a business will quickly see you lose focus and get in the trap.
    Another good practice is to MAKE yourself do something each day. Our lives are increasingly busy these days but breaking big tasks into several smaller, achievable tasks will help you move forward. Even if it is just 15 minutes a day, then you will be closer to achieving your goals. Better to do 15 mins a day and move forward than be overwhelmed as to where to start when you have some free time.

  • Pascal Dalton

    I’ve just started this journey and am extremely excited to build my OWN business. Every day I have to remind myself that “Done is better than perfect!”. Keep moving forward.

  • Zak

    In the infancy of the journey so far so good thank you for the great advice

  • Ryan Rogers

    Thanks for the eBook. I have been an eBay power seller for several years and have found my profit margins continually shrinking as eBay increases fees and continues to increasingly cater to the larger retailers who are making their money by moving massive quantities of product at the absolute lowest price points. I am looking to transition to a more social media driven approach focusing on amazon and Webstore sales channels. I found your primer both informative and encouraging. The only thing I felt was a little unrealiatic was the estimated time to complete each research method/objective. Proper Due Diligence takes significant time.
    Thanks Again, and I look forward to learning more
    Ryan Rogers

  • Eddie

    I’ll take a different angle here. Yes doing ENDLESS research is a bad advice. There’s a sea of information out there about FBA and everyone suggests a different tactic to do product research, some say this some say that. Obviously there’s a ton of bad product research advice out there.

    But did you know that on the other side there’s an advice that ain’t much better than the first one.

    The opposite one suggests : “Just get started”. Yeah fine cool. Doing a few minutes of research and just getting started selling anything isn’t a much better advice in my opinion. Sure it works for some, sometimes out of shear luck, but most of the time this doesn’t work either and gets you to just WASTE precious time, brain power & money on the wrong products. Why? Because you bought the other extreme hyped advice suggesting just go get stared. That’s fine if you have unlimited amount of funds to spend and hack if the first product is a disaster you have money to try how many tries are needed. I think both advices are wrong as I’ve witnessed friends fail both ways.

    Would be curious to hear the StartUp Bros take. Cheers.

  • Tay

    Drop shipping from one site to the next such as from eBay to Amazon or vice versa. My wife is about to divorce me.

  • Michelle Lewis

    Thank you for your new book. Product research has definitely being very frustrating for me! Looking forward to reading it!!

  • Sonia

    Thanks for the book. I am really looking forward to reading it. I am new to this arena and product research has me spinning like a wheel and going nowhere fast! I could really use direction in this area. Again, thanks!

  • Ndubisi Kenechukwu

    Hello Will. I will definitely love to win your scholarship. The worst product research and selection tactic I have ever heard of is searching through forums and message boards. Most of the people who go there look for free information, and so if you base your decision for inventory on that, you’ll have a garage full of unsold items and a deep crater in your pocket to go with it.

  • Hey Will,
    I’ve made a lot of notes from your post and Ebook.
    The marketing that you and Kyle use is brilliant! –If your readers knew their audience half as well as you know yours – they’d sell more.

    Once you know your audience’s biggest pain point – turn a solution into your lead magnet for email signups.
    “Spying” on competition can be done ethically (i.e. where are their customers coming from, what are their interests) and even collaboratively. Sometimes the best ways to get your customers is to join your competitors’ network, begin a relationship, offer value first and then ask for a way to connect with their network.

    Smart advice to ask your current suppliers about popular and new products. You learn and build relationships.
    Also, good advice to pick products you are passionate about – this makes profiling your target audience much easier.

    Thinking of ways to engage with your E-commerce audience is difficult but it has HUGE value:
    What a better way to learn what new products to look for.
    If your audience connects with you – they’ll buy from you versus a competitor.
    Better SEO and getting content seen for your blogs, videos, FB posts and emails.

    Thanks for sharing some of your E-commerce wisdom with us!

  • edichiara2001

    In my humble opinion the money is not in selling what we as entrepreneurs think or are passionate about but instead figuring out what everybody else is passionate about and sell it to them….now what is that? in some cases it took geniuses to see it ( Jobs creating ipod etc ) but in other cases is just research and luck !

  • Dexter T

    I think the worst product selection tactic I’ve heard of is costing products you don’t believe in. In some cases, outside of following the market, you are the best critic (positively & negatively). Your lack of belief in a selected product will ultimately cause a loss in momentum and desire when going to sell.

    P.S. – I need to read the book!

  • Michaël Sochaczewski

    The worst way to do product research is to think you’ll just find a great product, launch it and quit your 9 to 5 job! If you don’t get serious about what you want and set the right foundations even before doing product research the best tactic and strategy won’t save you…

    The next worst way to do product research is to not adapt to your startup budget. You can go for very competitive products that are just getting popular or will sell well for some time. But do you have the $$$ to compete? To run your marketing against the big boys? It takes big efforts to get up and running in some categories. Then you need to take into account the landed cost of your product. If your purchase price is $1 or $2 you won’t need as much cash upfront compared to a more expensive product. So if you start selling well and need to reorder you’ll need a lot more cash than just the initial order. I think oftentimes we forget to see beyond the first order and first product and launch costs. To maintain a certain sales level you’ll need lots of cash flow. So being realistic and running the numbers over and over may open your eyes to not go for certain products but rather start smaller and slower but grow consistently…

    Another bad way to do product research is to get too much involved in a product idea you have and not seeing the obvious signs that it’s too competitive (ie you’ll need a huge investment to compete) or that there ain’t enough demand! My mistake with my first product relates to the first one. Followed the advise, looked at Top100 product with only a small budget to get started with and then wasn’t able to compete with all the established sellers and newcomers. So don’t get in love with your ideas, look at the obvious signs and let the numbers talk….

    Thanks for the ebook 🙂

  • Alexander Duque

    Sorry but I can’t say what is the worst product research and selection tactic I’ve ever heard because startup bros is 1st and only company I’ve gotten training from and heard product research and tactics from. However, I do personally think that if you do not follow the program that has been established by the Startup Bros, you will end up using the worst product research and selection tactics. That is because I believe they have an excellent program, are experts in this field, extremely helpful, and down to earth people. Every time I have a question or concern they are always there to give me a solution and guide me through it. Thanks Startup bros.

  • gur e mc2
  • Max

    Joined the group last year and learned so much from Will and the community. I can finally say after years of trying multiple ways of making an income that I’ve found the one that is a life changer. Big things are set to happen this year after hitting some major speed bumps. The key, like in everything else, is to never give up and to keep pushing. Every. Single. Day. You guys will be in good hands. Go for it and see for yourselves!

  • Freddie Beasley

    Worst to look at a Product to sell as a quick buck or an act of jumping on a quick phase.
    Pick something that can grow and grow and grow in to a legit business.
    Keeping it simple.

  • About a year ago, there were some guys heavily promoting A*** Selling Machine. They identified several items that fitted their criteria as best sellers and came out with a list for their audience. With their strong marketing/promotion strategy, many people knew about this list, which meant that these items would no longer be good choices.

  • Vince Pecora

    The worst product selection tactic is over-education. A bunch of “experts” claim to have the secret sauce to product selection, and trying to synthesize all of their methods into one simple plan is a business killer.

    • Tee Tee


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  • Sue

    Hmmm, product research is a scary subject for me and after joining a couple of different programs and getting thoroughly confused I ended up putting it aside which has has me treading water and going nowhere fast. Would love the opportunity of a scholarship! Determined to get going and have a successful and satisfying business.

  • Christine

    Now this was quite a while ago, but the absolute worst product selection method I was “coached” on was to just look at what heavy hitter sellers were selling hand-over-fist, copy that (blindly) as a basis of what to sell and how (example: randomly Googling a popular product or the term “best selling products” or “popular product trends”), and then pour money into a (seriously terrible, cookie cutter) pre-made website and some sales generation lists of supposedly interested buyers just dying to get your completely ‘randoe’ unsolicited email about products they don’t really want… Now I can laugh so incredibly at that weirdness!

  • Scooter

    Lets face it just starting is hard setting web page products advertiseing just getting off your back side so many out there sprooking how much money theve made but not how they can teech so cheers to start up bros for the right guidence,

  • Alex

    the worst thing in general is being a follower. Way too many people are very good at being the “best fans” of the StartupBros, “best fans” of Ryan D. Moran, “best fans” of Scott Voelker, and so on, and like sheep they buy whatever tool the gurus are “recommending” them to buy. The worst thing in the more specific topic of product selection mistakes is the “Buy-The-Jungle-Scout-And-Rest-Assured-You’ll-Find-Your-Golden-Nugget” mindset.

  • Kyle L Gunderson

    I’m so glad the focus is on product research. If you e never done it you’ll get stuck before you even start.

  • Kyle L Gunderson

    The worst I’ve ever heard was to look at the best sellers and copy. “Me too” advice is the worst.

  • John

    I am just starting out in this. Seems like everyone has the same generic advice. I have done several searches for good products. Not as easy as it sounds. I have found good products but it is hard to make a profit. I seriously don’t understand how some are making money based on the expenses they have (from the FBA Calculator) and the cost to land a reasonable quantity to launch. Any attempt to customize an item is met by huge minimums on Alibaba. Anyways, I could use some help and hope to win the contest.

    Thank you for the advice you give. It is very helpful.

  • Nkululeko Mkari

    The worst product research? Is when you go looking for a chicken because everyone is selling chickens. Thus the market is filled with people selling chickens. Why sell chickens when you can sell chicken cages?

  • Gefen Gefen

    I would loveee to learn from you guys.Can’t afford the course right now so I hope to get the chance to win and be one of your successful clients. Thanks!


    the worst is when you have that perfect idea but its at the worst possible moment and your naked in the shower writing it on the foggy mirror or walking the dog at the beach and have no phone or pen so you write it in the sand !!! but when you come back for it …. its been washed away or wiped down off the mirror hahahahah true story both times and I swear it was the same idea just weeks apart…. and I never did remember it again….. YET!!!!!

  • Stephenia B

    The worst product research & selection tactic are two: one is to sell what we buy commonly, such as food and cell phones. The second is to sell the product that many sellers are selling with different brand names.

  • Martins Straupmanis

    Thanks for ebook!

    Last few days I have been looking many Youtube and blog posts about this.
    Worst strategy so far: Find products, that sells really well and on Amazon, has great feedback and sell ir for 1-2$ cheaper. + order bulk at start, because you really believe in this product. Amazing strategy!

  • Miss Candace

    Well Will, After reading all of these comments, it seems everything I’ve been doing are the worst types of product research….

  • jay

    Will I have an important question. I would like to know if you have stopped with the eBay importing business, and if so, why?

  • Terry Newman

    I have my own factory and I can make just about anything, as long as it is made from wood. But the volumes of wood products I see sold on Amazon are usually small for most sellers, and yet there is often one product in the same category selling heaps. I assume they are paying for traffic, but if you do that the margins are slim and still no guarantees. The other problem is price-to-weight ratio. There are only a few things that seem to cut the mustard. I have used Jungle Scout as a research tool and will go with those results for now. Not sure if the right thing to do or not, but got to start somewhere.

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  • Shilpi Virtual Assistant

    Worst product research when giving ear to what we see everything from internet and follow and finds zero profit. Little intelligence is needed in the product we choose and sell.

  • I will need your take on this cause, this was interesting to me. Instead of what most others discussed regarding following the best sellers on Amazon is actually researching the “non-sexy” products is what they will call it in other words products that do not get a lot of bling or attention if you will on Amazon. Those are the ones to Target and will be great to monetize and get your money’s worth when you target smaller or the “non-sexy” items versus the ones that are having higher sales and reviews??

    I was a bit taken back on that abd don’t know that makes sense so therefore I’m leaving it up to you whether or not if this was the worst way to produce sales on Amazon. I didn’t try it for myself personally, I just thought it was very interesting. What’s your take?? ??

    • Jon Romanow

      Hi Ruth – I think both strategies can work actually. If you want to make a lot of sales, look at the products that have high growth on Amazon. The tradeoff is you will likely need to make lower profit per unit, but you will get high volume. Yes, there are many categories that are saturated and flooded with competition. But thas why you should not compete on price, but a feature that helps you product stick out.
      As for the non-sexy categories, there are quite a few actually. I think the key is to pick a target user group and research that targets behavior, how they show, how they buy, hobbies, interests, etc. For instance, once group could be mechanics or electricians. Not saying those are non-sexy, but their are probably opportunities that have less competition. With that comes more time to research, but likely more return in the long run.
      Hope this helps, but just my take. Good luck.

  • indonesian yield
  • Melissa Nelson

    I believe, to be inspired by a clear expert in an industry (such as yourself), to be offered a clear road map of proven strategy to success and yet, to never pursue the possibilities to be the singular worst product research and selection tactic. It has been my great desire to delve into the world of e-commerce and now, dozens of websites, webinars and youtube videos..etc later, I strongly believe I’ve found my answer in startupbros! Thank you for the tremendous quantity of quality material you distribute. One way or another, I will be embarking upon this journey; a scholarship in the premium coaching community would by far be the quickest avenue to make this possible. 😉

  • Sa Muneer

    thanks for the guide

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  • Allen Pearson

    Great webinar. Will when you find a product that you want to launch do you go through branding it first such as logo, website, etc…. which takes a ton of time or do you just send it straight to Amazon as soon as you order it from China as is without logo?

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  • Scott Slappey

    The worst product research & selection tactic would be the one you use and then don’t put into action. What’s worse than inaction? At least you learn from failure.

  • Scott Slappey

    The worst product research and selection tactic would be the one you use and don’t put into action. What’s worse than inaction? At least you can learn from failure.

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  • Judy Robertson

    ebay completed listings and then research those that have sold or not sold and research alibaba or aliexpress

  • Andrew Long

    Hey Will I’ve not ceased to be amazed ever since I discovered all the wonderful stuff you guys put up on this site, I really do appreciate. I had never been a fan of webinars till I gave one of your links a friend shared a try and believe me you guys were all the inspiration I needed to startup the supply service I’m currently into. Thing is, I’m from Frankfurt Germany but I live in Taipei China so all I did was send out words to both individuals and companies letting them know I was into bulk supplies and that I could supply whatever they wanted to wherever they wanted me to, and after delivering the first time my mail was flooded with referrals. Thanks so much Will for playing this major role in my success story. I’m ever grateful and ready to do business so if you know anyone that needs bulk supplies direct them to message me through my mail [email protected]. Keep up the good work and do enjoy the rest of your day everyone

  • Shahid Lal

    Worst product is a trying to find the “perfect product” – which does’nt exit. However, there are products that mayu get close to it. Just going to alibaba and grabbing a product you think will do well may not and vice-versa. So look at the data (after product research) and let that be the guide to purchasing your first product. MARKET THE PRODUCT WELL, ORDER SAMPLES AND SELL.

  • “looking for” “amazon ranking”

  • Sari

    My comment might be out of place.. but I hope to get an answer through the comments.
    I live in Norway, must to say that I am NOT norwegian.. since I moved here I have in hte seaching for tips to open an online business, but at the end of my search I hit the wall of TAXES!!
    Taxes here are high up to the sky.. I do can import things into the country. the smaller the better, since they are cheap, as long as I don’t cross the maximum of 200 norwegian krones (23.8 USD) I don’t pay any extra tax. but if I cross this amount then Im in trouble.. I saw it with my partner who bought a hair trearment from “UK” made in China, which he paid around 1500 NOK (179,05 USD) and the product was holded buy the customs, he got a letter claimin to pay the amount of 600 NOK in taxes for the overpriced product 71,6 USD. How can I avoid to pay this or pay as less as possible then I can get a proffit .. At the end of all I always give up on this idea of having a online business.

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  • khan

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  • khan

    we looking amazon seller. you need to rank your product on first page?
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  • Jeffrey Jones

    Worst product research & selection tactic –> Listening to your cousin in high school

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