Which one should you choose and what are the main differences between the two Amazon FBA tools?

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Here is what you’ll find inside:

  • Pros and cons
  • Pricing plans
  • Differences
  • Integrations
  • Features
  • Reviews

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Chapter 1: What Are the Differences Between Jungle Scout and Viral Launch?

This is probably the main question you have.

To be successful on Amazon, you have to be able to know your market and who you’re selling to.

By using a product research software, it helps save you time by analyzing the market systematically.

However, first, you need to ask yourself why you are looking to use software in the first place.

Are you a seller with large data requirements and like to do extensive research before putting out a listing? Or, are you a beginner trying to make money as a seller or affiliate?

Knowing your motivation will help play a key role in deciding which product will better suit your needs.


Comparing the monthly searches on Google clearly put Jungle Scout ahead of its competitor.

With 40,500 monthly searches, many people are seeking out this product but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the better one—just the more popular one.

Jungle Scout Web Searches

Image Source: neilpatel.com

When you compare it with Viral Launch, they only received 12,100 monthly searches.

Viral Launch Web Searches

Image Source: neilpatel.com

However, this is not the sole factor that you should consider when deciding between the two products.

Let’s take a look at some of the major differences between the companies.

For Chrome users, Jungle Scout offers a Google Chrome extension that you can purchase as an add on or a bundle.

The extension allows you to access sales estimates, competitive data and profit projections in real-time with one click as you browse an Amazon product page or search results.

With the Chrome Extension, you can:

  • View relevant data (sales estimates)
  • Get listing details without clicking into each product
  • Be informed on price, rank, brand, etc. at a glance
  • Use Jungle Scout Chrome Extension for product research

However, with Viral Launch, they offer the chrome extension as part of their package.

Plus, they provide a more active listing monitoring tool as well as a more in-depth product discovery solution as compared to Jungle Scout.

The other main differences come from the features offered and the price points.

We will examine those further as you continue through the guide.

Chapter 2: Jungle Scout and Viral Launch Features

Each software offers a number of great features. But, which one has more and which product research tool has features that are better suited for you?

Let’s break down each software:

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout has 10 incredible features included in the different packages they offer. They have the Amazon market research tools to help you build and grow your business.

Jungle Scout Features

Image Source: Jungle Scout

They offer help with everything from product data to product launch. Let’s take a closer look at each tool:

1. Product Database

Jungle Scout’s product database contains over 70 million Amazon catalog products to help you find the most profitable product opportunities.

Filter by product categories, estimated product sales, revenue and more to find product ideas that match your specific search criteria.

2. Product Tracker

Remove seasonality risks or unexpected shifts in demand by monitoring your products over time and confidently launch new products with data-based knowledge.

Get real-time product tracking and sales results to make the most informed business decisions.

Jungle Scout Product Tracker

Image Source: Jungle Scout

3. Opportunity Finder

One of several new tools offered by Jungle Scout, the opportunity finder allows you to discover emerging trends and profitable product niches to start selling fast.

Find product opportunities with high demand and low keyword competition.

Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder

Image Source: Jungle Scout

Author’s Note: In 2018, Jungle Scout introduced the Niche Hunter, a great tool to discover product opportunities. It is definitely one of the Amazon research tools you’ve got to add to your stack.

4. Supplier Database

Get instant access to a database of product top sellers and manufacturers with a proven history of making quality products like yours.

Recently added to the supplier database tool is the ability to search by ASIN, manage and compare supplier quotes and even generate purchase orders to keep records of your financial transactions.

5. Keyword Scout

Build better product listings, increase your brand exposure and drive extra sales through high-converting, top-ranking keywords.

Instantly get the insights on keyword search volume and recommended PPC bids to ensure your keyword rank stays high. You can see what is and isn’t working in the real tie.

Jungle Scout Keyword Scout

Image Source: Jungle Scout

If you want to learn more about Amazon keyword research, make sure to read the following guide:

Amazon Keywords: 4 Tips for Perfectly Optimized Product Listings ←

6. Launch

Launch will help you build your promotions and automate your email communications so you can focus on other aspects of the company.

It will also help monitor your online presence through your review count and gives you the opportunity to minimize negative reviews so you can be up to date on responding to those reviews.

7. Academy

Not only does, Jungle Scout provide the software to help you launch and sell your Amazon products, they also provide educational resources and videos to help you sell on Amazon FBA like a pro.

Learn at your own pace, from Jungle Scout founder & CEO Greg Mercer who is also a 7-figure Amazon seller and winner of the Seller Awards for Best Amazon Expert.

8. Sales Analytics

Sales analytics tracks all of your Amazon sales data in real-time so you can zero in on profit-building and cost-saving strategies to help you earn more money with Amazon FBA product.

You can compare sales at different times to know how a product is performing over a period of time.

Jungle Scout Sales Analytics

Image Source: Jungle Scout

9. Inventory Manager

Have all your inventory in one place so you can quickly assess when and how much stock you should reorder.

With the Inventory Manager, you will be ensuring you don’t order stock too early and you don’t order more than you need for your e-commerce business.

Lack of inventory means loss of sales, having a place to keep track of all the moving parts is crucial.

Jungle Scout Inventory Manager

Image Source: Jungle Scout

10. Alerts

Alerts is another new feature offered by Jungle Scout.

Set customized alerts to track product review changes or monitor new product opportunities. You can also set review alerts to react to problems quickly and maintain your listing quality score.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch offers 9 product assets that it labels as solutions on its website.

These 9 features can be your solution to source, launch and dominate the different marketplace options.

Viral Launch Solutions

Image Source: Viral Launch

1. Kinetic PPC

Kinetic PPC is the newest software solution offered by Viral Launch. This tool allows you to automate your Amazon PPC.

Stay in control by automatically or manually approving actions and always know what’s happening by using premade rule templates or creating customized rules.

Kinetic PPC also gives you access to more data on campaigns, keywords and search terms compared to organic sales, to help you calculate your business’s overall health.

Stay informed to improve your sales results and drive profitability.

2. Product Discovery

You can search for products by categories, monthly sales, review count or even sales patterns and then based on your filters, Viral Launch will update the products it’s showing to fit your criteria.

Product Discovery is one of the best features offered as it cuts down research time and provides accurate results in real-time to be a pro seller.

Product Discovery Review

Image Source: Viral Launch

3. Market Intelligence

The market intelligence tool provides the latest and most precise estimates of sales due to having access to comprehensive Amazon data. You can see detailed statistics of your products and monitor things such as review count, market trends, and analysis to take advantage of profitable opportunities.

4. Keyword Research

Viral Launch features an Amazon search tool that will do your bidding for targeted keywords. This feature will help you pull traffic to your product listing and rank higher on search engines, which will drive up your profit margin.

Keyword Research Advantages

Image Source: Viral Launch

5. Competitor Intelligence

With Competitor Intelligence, you can view the correlation between Best Seller Rank and keyword rank.

This can give you insight into how heavily the product’s sales depend on that specific keyword’s ranking.

Analyze and track keyword rank, sponsored ad rank, sales, price, reviews, search volumes, notification options and more.

6. Listing Analyzer

Listing Analyzer performs a SWOT analysis on the product listing and compares the position of your product with the competition.

The tool then suggests immediately implementable measures to start improving your sales.

7. Keyword Manager

Keyword Manager is a comprehensive analytics dashboard that shows you a lot of keyword data for your products.

You can add, edit, remove and track numerous keywords to make sure that you are staying up to date with current market trends.

Keyword Manager Pros

Image Source: Viral Launch

8. Listing Builder

The listing builder is one of three tools that integrate seamlessly with each other inside the Pro Plan to give you the data and insights needed to create the perfect listing.

Easily create an SEO optimized listing by clearly identifying unused keywords and tracking the used ones to maximize your keyword ranking on Amazon search results.

9. Split Testing

Split test your Amazon listing to increase sales and profit with Viral Launch’s Listing Dojo.

Test up to 7 variations of listing’s prices, titles, images, and descriptions and receive reports on each test to find the most profiting combination.

Author’s Note: Remember to compare the features you are wanting with the package price that is within your budget. Each package includes a different product suite so this is very important to double-check!

Let’s move on to the next chapter, where we’ll compare the pricing plans of the two Amazon FBA tools.

Chapter 3: Jungle Scout and Viral Launch Pricing Plans

The next biggest factor when choosing software is the pricing. If a specific software has the features you need but is outside of your budget, that is no help to you.

Both companies offer monthly or annual plans but let’s break down each plan and what it includes:

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout offers a savings of 50% when you choose one of their annual pricing plans.

They also let you try the software for 14 days, risk-free, with a money-back guarantee.

With Jungle Scout, you have two product options, the chrome extension or the web app. You can either choose to buy them separately or in a reduced bundle.

Jungle Scout Pricing

Image Source: JungleScout

Jungle Scout App

This package includes:

  • Unlimited Product Database Access
  • Product Tracker Access
  • Daily/Monthly Sales Estimates
  • Customizable Data Filters
  • User Tutorials and Learning Modules
  • Product Performance Tracking
  • Find Competitors Suppliers
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Reverse ASIN searches

Jungle Scout App and Extension

With the bundle, you get all the same tools as above but also includes:

  • Chrome extension to research products directly on Amazon
  • Opportunity Score that shows you the products profitability and competitive potential

Viral Launch

Viral Launch prices vary depending on if you select the monthly or yearly option.

With the yearly option, you get 2 months free which reduces the price to save you a little bit of money.

It’s important to note that included in all plans you get 24/7 support, data collection and automation, and the option to integrate with other tools you currently use.

Included in all Viral Launch Plans

Image Source: Viral Launch

Let’s look into each of the plans that Viral Launch offers in a little more detail:


This might be the best option for you if you are just starting out. It’s $59 a month and gives you access to what you need to get started.

Product discovery to find different products and Market Intelligence to try and analyze the different data that’s collected.

This plan also offers Competitor Intelligence where you can use reverse ASIN tool for up to 3 products.

The uses are limited but you should have more than enough to get started.


At $99 per month, this is best suited to brands that are looking for growth on Amazon.

You will have everything that was mentioned previously for Beginner as well as listing evaluation tool, listing creation and keyword research.

You can also track up to 2000 keywords at any one time with this plan.

Brand Builder

This plan will cost you $149 a month.

You will have all the tools that have been previously mentioned but also your listing analyzer usage is increased to 100 and you can track up to 5000 keywords.


This plan is much more expensive at $249 /month—,but this is because you are given access to their sponsored ad management tool—this is a good alternative to another bit of software we use.

Your allowance with the “Competitor Intelligence” tool is also increased to 250 products.

Viral Launch Pricing

Image Source: Viral-Launch

With either program, it’s important to always refer back to your motivation of wanting to use a product research software.

Each person might prefer different tools which will affect what plan you choose for your business.

Do you have your goals in mind? Let’s now take a deeper look at some of the pros and cons that will play a factor in choosing the right product for you.

Chapter 4: Pros and Cons

As with any software, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of each software.

Jungle Scout Pros

When comparing the pricing to their competitors, they have a lower price point (if you don’t need the Chrome extension) and they offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.

For features, they offer a more robust PPC Keyword research tool to increase traffic to your product listings, improve PPC campaigns, and grow your business.

Jungle Scout also offers you a relevant opportunity score for your product search through historical sales data that shows your sales trends to give you in-depth insight.

This will help you find new opportunities and potential product ideas for your next best seller item.

Some of the other advantages of Jungle Scout:

  • Sync with product tracker – automatically add products in groups
  • Export to .CSV – create a spreadsheet with your search results
  • Profit Calculator – get all of your product-related fees
Jungle Scout Pros

Image Source: Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout Cons

While there are many great things about Jungle Scout there are limitations as well. For example, in the extension plan, some features are limited by a search or product number.

The software is also a bit confusing to navigate for new users. It’s not always clear and there are a limited number of tutorial videos for beginners on the platform.

This biggest disadvantage is the fact that the Chrome Extension is sold and billed separately.

The other disadvantage of Jungle Scout is that it seems to be intended for more research than launches.

Viral Launch Pros

The biggest advantage for Viral Launch comes from Jungle Scout’s disadvantage. Unlike its competitor, Viral Launch includes a Chrome extension in the pricing.

Not only do they have a pricing advantage for users who need or want the Chrome extension but they also offer a 14-day free trial.

Other than that, Viral Launches advantages come from it being designed as a research and launch software with great a product discovery tool.

Viral Launch also extends up to 10 Amazon marketplaces.

Viral Launch’s feature of Product Discovery is one of their best assets. This is used to find the ideal product to sell.

You can now do smart business on real-time data with feasible strategies from their extensive analytical information on products and sellers.

Some of the other pros include:

  • No forced sales tactics, allowing you to pick out the features you prefer
  • As an Amazon seller, you can contact any manufacturer
  • Informative webinars available
Viral Launch Webinars

Image Source: Viral Launch YouTube Channel

Viral Launch Cons

Depending on your budget, it can be a disadvantage of not getting any keyword research tools in the lower-tier plan.

Speaking of price, that may be a drawback for you as Viral Launch prices are significantly higher than Jungle Scout.

Also, when you do a product or keyword search on this platform, it presents so much data that some beginners find it overwhelming.

Some of the other cons include:

  • No conversion on paid optimized content
  • Market Intelligence fails to give results sometimes

Chapter 5: Integrations

If the ease of integration is a big selling point for you then this is your chapter.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout offers seamless integration with its web extension but you will pay extra for it.

The integration of Jungle Scout’s Chrome plugin extension allows you a direct connection to Amazon, helps validate product ideas and provides one-click product research.

Jungle Scout one click product research

Image Source: Jungle Scout

Viral Launch

Viral Launch also allows easy integration with a Chrome browser extension that is included in every package.

Their wide range of features is also perfectly integrated to save you from having to copy and paste data.

With all features working together for a convenient, all-in-one solution, it allows you to easily achieve your most important business goals.

Viral Launch Seamless Integration

Image Source: Viral-Launch

It’s important to use a combination of research tools and strategies to succeed in the market.

Let’s close this with some final thoughts.

Chapter 6: Final Thoughts

Is Jungle Scout or Viral Launch better for your Amazon business? There is no right answer.

You simply have to find the one that works best for you and invest in that.

I hope that this guide will help you toward that goal.

By knowing the features, differences and fees that apply on each platform, you’ll be able to choose the one that suits you.

Now I turn it over to you.

What are the factors that you take under consideration for your Amazon FBA business? Is it the features or maybe the fees of the platform?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below!

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