Are you frustrated with product research & selection?

Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, making no progress towards building the business of your dreams?

If you’re trying to start either a Retail Arbitrage Amazon business in 2018 or a private label Amazon business then you need to find a good product to sell.

You’re not alone. The #1 thing I see new Amazon sellers getting stuck on is product research & selection.

But when I speak with successful e-commerce entrepreneurs, finding new products to sell tends to be the least stressful part of their business.

Why is there such a HUGE disconnect?

How can new sellers be so overwhelmed with something experienced sellers barely think about?

It’s because new sellers are using outdated strategies.

E-commerce is currently the fastest growing business model in the world. In fact, it’s one of the fastest growing business model ever. 

With rapid growth, comes rapid change. And here’s where new sellers have a big disadvantage…

When I figure out a new strategy in my e-commerce business, here’s what I do (in order) –

  • Implement it across my main e-commerce company
  • Help my high-end clients implement it for themselves
  • Help my other clients implement it
  • Write about it on my blog / make some YouTube videos

New sellers typically learn how to launch & grow their businesses from blogs (like this one), YouTube (like our channel), etc.

That usually works out just fine – except when you’re talking about the fastest growing business model ever.

You see, Amazon & E-Commerce are growing mind-numbingly fast. Strategies that are working today will be stale by Christmas.

By the time I (or other like me) write about the strategies that are working for us, they’re already outdated.

And that’s why you’re so frustrated – you’re using strategies that used to work, but simply don’t any more.

How Can You Break Free?

If you want to break free, you need to use a magnet.

Experienced sellers don’t need to spend hours and hours on product research & selection – we use strategies that attract the best ideas to us.

What are those strategies, you ask? No worries – I’ve got you covered 🙂

Over the past 3-years, we’ve worked with over 5,000 clients to successfully launch new e-commerce brands from scratch. I’ve probably seen every product research & selection strategy known to mankind…

Some of those strategies are solid and timeless, like surveying your target customer for pain points. Most strategies, however, are purely a waste of time (such as scanning Amazon’s Best Seller Lists).

Up until now, the only way to know what works (and what’s a waste of time), has been searching through an endless sea of blog posts, podcasts, and more. And it simply takes way too much time.

Since our team has been prepping to open enrollment to a new round of clients (in about 2-weeks), we’ve been digging into the data and checking what’s working vs. not working for our clients.

What we found, was pretty surprising…

Out of all the hundreds of strategies out there, there’s just 3 main product research & selection tactics working right now. I wrote a detailed breakdown of each strategy, showing you exactly what it is, how it works, and how you can put it to good use.

Click here to download your copy now. (or click the picture below)

What's Working Now - Product Research & Selection for E-Commerce/Amazon Sellers

I’ll also be sitting down later tonight and recording videos to explain each strategy more in-depth.

This e-book will only be available for the next couple weeks, so be sure to grab your copy now (even if you’re saving it for later).

Once we open up enrollment and take on a new round of clients – we’ll be taking this down and keeping this private.

Hope this ebook can help fuel some breakthroughs for you and your business!

P.S. – What’s the worst product research & selection tactic you’ve ever heard of? Share in the comments below.

I’ll pick my favorite comments and give you an all-expenses-paid scholarship to our premium coaching community for e-commerce entrepreneurs (worth $3k).

Just download the ebook & leave a comment for your chance to win.


Will Mitchell

Will Mitchell is a serial entrepreneur and Founder of StartupBros. You can learn more about him at the StartupBros About Page. If you have any questions or comments for him, just send an email or leave a comment!

  • Alexander Duque says:

    Sorry but I can’t say what is the worst product research and selection tactic I’ve ever heard because startup bros is 1st and only company I’ve gotten training from and heard product research and tactics from. However, I do personally think that if you do not follow the program that has been established by the Startup Bros, you will end up using the worst product research and selection tactics. That is because I believe they have an excellent program, are experts in this field, extremely helpful, and down to earth people. Every time I have a question or concern they are always there to give me a solution and guide me through it. Thanks Startup bros.

  • gur e mc2 says:

    I think the worst product research is to restrict yourself to the products based on your personal needs , as what you need/ want might not be desirable by other people . There is no place for any sort of emotions to do any sort of research specially in case of product research .P.S GIVE ME THE PRIZE [email protected]

  • Max says:

    Joined the group last year and learned so much from Will and the community. I can finally say after years of trying multiple ways of making an income that I’ve found the one that is a life changer. Big things are set to happen this year after hitting some major speed bumps. The key, like in everything else, is to never give up and to keep pushing. Every. Single. Day. You guys will be in good hands. Go for it and see for yourselves!

  • Freddie Beasley says:

    Worst to look at a Product to sell as a quick buck or an act of jumping on a quick phase.
    Pick something that can grow and grow and grow in to a legit business.
    Keeping it simple.

  • Arnaud says:

    About a year ago, there were some guys heavily promoting A*** Selling Machine. They identified several items that fitted their criteria as best sellers and came out with a list for their audience. With their strong marketing/promotion strategy, many people knew about this list, which meant that these items would no longer be good choices.

  • Vince Pecora says:

    The worst product selection tactic is over-education. A bunch of “experts” claim to have the secret sauce to product selection, and trying to synthesize all of their methods into one simple plan is a business killer.

  • Sue says:

    Hmmm, product research is a scary subject for me and after joining a couple of different programs and getting thoroughly confused I ended up putting it aside which has has me treading water and going nowhere fast. Would love the opportunity of a scholarship! Determined to get going and have a successful and satisfying business.

  • Christine says:

    Now this was quite a while ago, but the absolute worst product selection method I was “coached” on was to just look at what heavy hitter sellers were selling hand-over-fist, copy that (blindly) as a basis of what to sell and how (example: randomly Googling a popular product or the term “best selling products” or “popular product trends”), and then pour money into a (seriously terrible, cookie cutter) pre-made website and some sales generation lists of supposedly interested buyers just dying to get your completely ‘randoe’ unsolicited email about products they don’t really want… Now I can laugh so incredibly at that weirdness!

  • Scooter says:

    Lets face it just starting is hard setting web page products advertiseing just getting off your back side so many out there sprooking how much money theve made but not how they can teech so cheers to start up bros for the right guidence,

  • Alex says:

    the worst thing in general is being a follower. Way too many people are very good at being the “best fans” of the StartupBros, “best fans” of Ryan D. Moran, “best fans” of Scott Voelker, and so on, and like sheep they buy whatever tool the gurus are “recommending” them to buy. The worst thing in the more specific topic of product selection mistakes is the “Buy-The-Jungle-Scout-And-Rest-Assured-You’ll-Find-Your-Golden-Nugget” mindset.

  • Kyle L Gunderson says:

    I’m so glad the focus is on product research. If you e never done it you’ll get stuck before you even start.

  • Kyle L Gunderson says:

    The worst I’ve ever heard was to look at the best sellers and copy. “Me too” advice is the worst.

  • John says:

    I am just starting out in this. Seems like everyone has the same generic advice. I have done several searches for good products. Not as easy as it sounds. I have found good products but it is hard to make a profit. I seriously don’t understand how some are making money based on the expenses they have (from the FBA Calculator) and the cost to land a reasonable quantity to launch. Any attempt to customize an item is met by huge minimums on Alibaba. Anyways, I could use some help and hope to win the contest.

    Thank you for the advice you give. It is very helpful.

  • Nkululeko Mkari says:

    The worst product research? Is when you go looking for a chicken because everyone is selling chickens. Thus the market is filled with people selling chickens. Why sell chickens when you can sell chicken cages?

  • Gefen Gefen says:

    I would loveee to learn from you guys.Can’t afford the course right now so I hope to get the chance to win and be one of your successful clients. Thanks!

  • JAY WEBB says:

    the worst is when you have that perfect idea but its at the worst possible moment and your naked in the shower writing it on the foggy mirror or walking the dog at the beach and have no phone or pen so you write it in the sand !!! but when you come back for it …. its been washed away or wiped down off the mirror hahahahah true story both times and I swear it was the same idea just weeks apart…. and I never did remember it again….. YET!!!!!

  • Stephenia B says:

    The worst product research & selection tactic are two: one is to sell what we buy commonly, such as food and cell phones. The second is to sell the product that many sellers are selling with different brand names.

  • Martins Straupmanis says:

    Thanks for ebook!

    Last few days I have been looking many Youtube and blog posts about this.
    Worst strategy so far: Find products, that sells really well and on Amazon, has great feedback and sell ir for 1-2$ cheaper. + order bulk at start, because you really believe in this product. Amazing strategy!

  • Miss Candace says:

    Well Will, After reading all of these comments, it seems everything I’ve been doing are the worst types of product research….

  • jay says:

    Will I have an important question. I would like to know if you have stopped with the eBay importing business, and if so, why?

  • Terry Newman says:

    I have my own factory and I can make just about anything, as long as it is made from wood. But the volumes of wood products I see sold on Amazon are usually small for most sellers, and yet there is often one product in the same category selling heaps. I assume they are paying for traffic, but if you do that the margins are slim and still no guarantees. The other problem is price-to-weight ratio. There are only a few things that seem to cut the mustard. I have used Jungle Scout as a research tool and will go with those results for now. Not sure if the right thing to do or not, but got to start somewhere.

  • Shilpi Virtual Assistant says:

    Worst product research when giving ear to what we see everything from internet and follow and finds zero profit. Little intelligence is needed in the product we choose and sell.

  • I will need your take on this cause, this was interesting to me. Instead of what most others discussed regarding following the best sellers on Amazon is actually researching the “non-sexy” products is what they will call it in other words products that do not get a lot of bling or attention if you will on Amazon. Those are the ones to Target and will be great to monetize and get your money’s worth when you target smaller or the “non-sexy” items versus the ones that are having higher sales and reviews??

    I was a bit taken back on that abd don’t know that makes sense so therefore I’m leaving it up to you whether or not if this was the worst way to produce sales on Amazon. I didn’t try it for myself personally, I just thought it was very interesting. What’s your take?? ??

    • Jon Romanow says:

      Hi Ruth – I think both strategies can work actually. If you want to make a lot of sales, look at the products that have high growth on Amazon. The tradeoff is you will likely need to make lower profit per unit, but you will get high volume. Yes, there are many categories that are saturated and flooded with competition. But thas why you should not compete on price, but a feature that helps you product stick out.
      As for the non-sexy categories, there are quite a few actually. I think the key is to pick a target user group and research that targets behavior, how they show, how they buy, hobbies, interests, etc. For instance, once group could be mechanics or electricians. Not saying those are non-sexy, but their are probably opportunities that have less competition. With that comes more time to research, but likely more return in the long run.
      Hope this helps, but just my take. Good luck.

  • Melissa Nelson says:

    I believe, to be inspired by a clear expert in an industry (such as yourself), to be offered a clear road map of proven strategy to success and yet, to never pursue the possibilities to be the singular worst product research and selection tactic. It has been my great desire to delve into the world of e-commerce and now, dozens of websites, webinars and youtube videos..etc later, I strongly believe I’ve found my answer in startupbros! Thank you for the tremendous quantity of quality material you distribute. One way or another, I will be embarking upon this journey; a scholarship in the premium coaching community would by far be the quickest avenue to make this possible. 😉

  • Sa Muneer says:

    thanks for the guide

  • Allen Pearson says:

    Great webinar. Will when you find a product that you want to launch do you go through branding it first such as logo, website, etc…. which takes a ton of time or do you just send it straight to Amazon as soon as you order it from China as is without logo?

  • Scott Slappey says:

    The worst product research and selection tactic would be the one you use and don’t put into action. What’s worse than inaction? At least you can learn from failure.

  • Judy Robertson says:

    ebay completed listings and then research those that have sold or not sold and research alibaba or aliexpress

  • Andrew Long says:

    Hey Will I’ve not ceased to be amazed ever since I discovered all the wonderful stuff you guys put up on this site, I really do appreciate. I had never been a fan of webinars till I gave one of your links a friend shared a try and believe me you guys were all the inspiration I needed to startup the supply service I’m currently into. Thing is, I’m from Frankfurt Germany but I live in Taipei China so all I did was send out words to both individuals and companies letting them know I was into bulk supplies and that I could supply whatever they wanted to wherever they wanted me to, and after delivering the first time my mail was flooded with referrals. Thanks so much Will for playing this major role in my success story. I’m ever grateful and ready to do business so if you know anyone that needs bulk supplies direct them to message me through my mail [email protected]. Keep up the good work and do enjoy the rest of your day everyone

  • Shahid Lal says:

    Worst product is a trying to find the “perfect product” – which does’nt exit. However, there are products that mayu get close to it. Just going to alibaba and grabbing a product you think will do well may not and vice-versa. So look at the data (after product research) and let that be the guide to purchasing your first product. MARKET THE PRODUCT WELL, ORDER SAMPLES AND SELL.

  • Sari says:

    My comment might be out of place.. but I hope to get an answer through the comments.
    I live in Norway, must to say that I am NOT norwegian.. since I moved here I have in hte seaching for tips to open an online business, but at the end of my search I hit the wall of TAXES!!
    Taxes here are high up to the sky.. I do can import things into the country. the smaller the better, since they are cheap, as long as I don’t cross the maximum of 200 norwegian krones (23.8 USD) I don’t pay any extra tax. but if I cross this amount then Im in trouble.. I saw it with my partner who bought a hair trearment from “UK” made in China, which he paid around 1500 NOK (179,05 USD) and the product was holded buy the customs, he got a letter claimin to pay the amount of 600 NOK in taxes for the overpriced product 71,6 USD. How can I avoid to pay this or pay as less as possible then I can get a proffit .. At the end of all I always give up on this idea of having a online business.

  • Jeffrey Jones says:

    Worst product research & selection tactic –> Listening to your cousin in high school

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