We decided to invite Erick Rodriguez founder of Virtuous Graphics and total product photography badass to introduce you to the concept of DIY Amazon product photography.

In this article, we cover:

If you’re looking to sell on Amazon or create an online store, pictures are crucial. You’re not selling to robots in your product listings.

You’re selling to humans and they need to feel confident to buy your products, only great pictures put customers minds at ease.

So, i’m excited to discuss these things to you. So let’s gets started!

Digital Cameras

Camera and Lenses for DIY Amazon Product Photography
These cameras are the staple in today’s photography. If you already own one, you’re probably wondering if you need to upgrade or replace it. Or probably, you’re not sure about its features yet.

If so, let’s talk about them, starting with the 2 basic types.

Point and Shoot Camera

Point and Shoot Camera for DIY Amazon Product PhotographyThe first type of digital camera is the point and shoot. It has one lens; thus, it’s less expensive compared to the other type. Nonetheless, these cameras are good for DIY product photography. It creates amazing pictures with impressive focus to detail.

DSLR Camera

DSLR Camera for DIY Amazon Product PhotographyDigital SLRs are the second type of digital cameras. To get a close-up shot of your product, this should be your weapon of choice.  You can customize it with a variety of lenses to allow you to take better quality shots up-close or from a distance. For steady framing, a tripod can be attached from its base.

Pointers for Taking Good Quality Photos

Turn off the flash when taking amazon product photosWhether a point and click or an SLR, turn off the flash as much as possible. The flash usually results in harsh-looking pictures; not to mention, controlling elements like reflection and shadow can become more challenging.
Adjust the color setting when taking Amazon product photographyAim for the right color combination. Adjusting your camera’s colors accordingly is crucial to achieving the perfect photo of your products to sell online.
Learn to control your cameras ISO settings for Amazon Product PhotographyLearn how to control your camera’s ISO settings and get the feel for the elements like light sensitivity and exposure.

Settings and Tools to Consider in Your Amazon Product Photography:

  • If you’re into video or audio recording, think about the background noise, which could interfere with the sound quality.
  • Don’t forget your media cards and get a card reader for them.
  • You could use a tripod for stealth photography.
  • If you need to shoot multiple items at the same angle, you could use a rotating tray called Lazy Susan.


Depth of Field

Focus is a crucial aspect in DIY product photography.  If your camera has an auto focus feature, you need not worry about this; most modern cameras have this though.

But if you want to enhance focus, you might want to think about this focus-related element, which is known as Depth of Field (DOF).
Depth of Field Comparisson with Amazon Product Photography

Both pictures above show the same object. But notice the one of the left; it shows a larger focus of the surrounding area of the subject compared to the photo on the right.

So what does having a larger DoF contribute to better-quality photos?

Having a larger depth of field allows potential buyers to have a more accurate, clearer view of the item on display. On the other hand, if you set it at shallow depth of field, the photo gives off an emotional, sort of romantic feel.

Focus Camera Settings for Amazon Product Photography

  • To control this, locate your camera’s exposure controls. If you want a shallow DoF, adjust the settings to Aperture Mode, setting it to low numbers like 1.8 or 3.5.
  • Shallow depth of focus is also known as selective focus. The subject that’s inside the square on the screen will be the only thing that’s going to be focused sharply and in detail.
  • If you want to achieve a larger depth of field, set the Aperture Mode on your camera at 11 to 16.



  • Low aperture settings = shallow DoF
  • High aperture settings = larger or broad DoF

When selling your merchandise, it is important that you build human connection with your potential buyers. You need to be relatable and appeal to your target audience and capture their imagination. For this reason, you might want to bring a cohesive style throughout your shots.
— Things to Consider During Your Amazon Product Photography

Lighting and Tent Equipment

Lighting is the most crucial element in your product photography. Incidentally it may also be one of the intimidating concepts.

Light box and Set up for Amazon Product PhotographyTo achieve the perfect lighting, you need to set up a light on the right and left sides; having lights on the top or back area is optional. When choosing your lighting, you could use small, easy-to-setup, and flexible-for-any-use equipment.
Light tent to eliminate shadows in Amazon Product PhotographyYou’ll also need to consider getting a light tent designed with translucent sides for a virtually shadow-less setting. This tent should also be established against a solid background as this helps diffuse any light coming from other sources.

DIY Product Photography Equipment to Consider Includes:

Daylight Bulb for Amazon Product Photography
directional hood for Amazon Product Photography
Light reflector for Amazon Product Photography
Tripod for Amazon Product Photography

If you’re looking to save more money. Try DIY product photography using your smartphone and a bathtub!

Take Photos from All Angles

To add dimension to your product photography, cover all angles as much as possible. In the same way, think about how your product can be used in all possible purposes.

Adjusting the Imagery

Do you have computer programs like Picasa or Photoshop? These tools can make it easier for you to adjust the images. Take the time to make the necessary edits on your photos.

Clippingmagic is featured below!

online tools to brighten background for Amazon Product Photography

Set up your camera in a way that allows you to shoot from the top down. The light should be from various directions. Having a light table for this purpose can be advantageous. For you background, set up a white (or black) paper.
— Tip on Taking Photos of Small Objects

Final Word

The idea of DIY product photography is to present your merchandise to your target audience. Doesn’t matter if your doing retail arbitrage , selling on shopify, or anywhere else.

Keep it simple and relay your message in the cleanest way possible.

Discover the angles, explore the close-ups, and work with the background. Take advantage of the natural lighting; use diffused lighting when needed.

Remember, as much as possible, turn off the flash.

Shoot multiple images, use a live model or mannequin, and then pin the product to demonstrate fit and shape.

Lastly, make your Amazon product photography relatable and appealing to your audience. Keep it human.

If you want help with your product photography reach out to us and would be more than happy to help you grow your business!

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Erick Rodriguez

Erick is founder of Virtuous Graphics, a product photography studio that specializes in working with Amazon sellers; helping them increase their sales through better conversion rates on their images.

  • Marc says:

    Thanks for the article Erik. Photos are definitely a critical part of an Amazon listing. I used one of the small tents but found that I liked the results better if I took the photos outdoors in natural lighting on a cloudy day with no harsh sun or shadows. I would send my photos to a guy on Fiverr for background removal because he did better than I could do in Photoshop.

  • Nigel says:

    Cheers for this Erick,

    Having great photos is incredibly important in ecommerce. But it’s also a big pain point for people getting started, because it’s not cheap! I’m sure a lot of people will use this guide and save some $$$ by doing it themselves. When you get a few sales under your belt, you can think about bringing in the professionals!

    Thanks again!

  • Very intuitive article Erick
    With your product photography tips, enhancing a Brand Content improves the CTR and drive sales to the product. Enhanced brand Content is quite the trend amongst most Amazon US sellers. Optimizing the 7 photos, which is ideal enough for any product page, with visually appealing images and a good background results in higher rank during Amazon product search.

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    Thanks for including our product image.

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