I made $5000 while my Game Theory 101 professor was talking about some theory of how Imaginary Person 1 should act if Imaginary Person 2 did that other thing. That was the moment I realized college was a scam.

I had felt it before in the soul-sucking presentations of corporate recruiters trying to bring us students into their system and the desperation of students scrambling to take down inappropriate pictures from their Facebook pages. I was promised that college was the place where I would ‘learn how to learn’. The thing is, I was surrounded by kids who’s parents were paying for classes that were being skipped due to late drinking nights. College was a lot of fun but there wasn’t nearly enough learning going on. In a lot of cases parents or kids are going into debt to get a piece of paper that isn’t worth much at all.

Most people realize college wasn’t worth it after they graduate. “I never used my degree for anything but you should get one anyway,” is echoed by every parent in the world. We are so convinced we need a degree to be worth anything in this world. The thing is, though, that we just don’t.


This can cripple you for life

You probably want to know where that $5000 came from. I had been day trading for a while and was having a particularly great day – more specifically, a great hour. I had taught myself to understand the futures (commodities) markets by reading books, websites, mentors, and practice.

That was my ‘aha!’ moment. It was physical proof of what I’d known all along: I didn’t need anything other than myself to make the life I wanted.

Will (the other half of StartupBros) saw the same thing. He did even less college than me. He is in the top ten internet marketers out there and it’s because he spent his time on the internet learning. Not even just about making money but fulfilling curiosities. There are classes online for coding, entrepreneurship, graphic design, programming artificial intelligence, and pretty much anything else you want to learn. The other day he mentioned that he made $1200 in a week on a “quick arbitrage opportunity”. That’s not the kind of stuff learned in the Ivory Tower.

It just doesn’t make sense anymore to waste time and money on an overpriced four-year vacation. I’ve been yelling passionately about this for years now and the main stream news has finally started mentioning it as well. It’s a hard thing to challenge because the importance of a college degree is ingrained so deeply in each and every one of us.

The mission of StartupBros is to show you how Will and I are making money online. We are going to show you every step we take to create and launch products. In a month’s time you will have witnessed a complete product launch. The true purpose of this is deeper than money though – it’s the freedom of living the life you want. It makes me sick to my stomach every time I see another friend struggling to pay down debts. One girl I know is more than $60,000.00 in debt and can’t get a job more than 8 months after graduation. That’s not even a severe case. It’s disgusting. There is a sick amount of money being spent every year to herd kids like cattle into college classrooms promising them bright futures and beautiful campuses. Well, at least one of these is not a lie. College campuses are the closest you will ever come to living in a country club.

You don’t need their paper to tell you you’re worth anything. You don’t need their brick walls and bored professors to teach you anything. The only thing you need is to believe that you can make it without them. It’s time to rise up and say, “Fuck you!” to anybody who says you’re not worth anything without their approval.

Don’t let them define your worth!

But how? This world is changing so fast and it’s huge and our whole lives we’ve been raised to depend on the system. Every grade in school was prepping us for the next. College was supposed to prep us for the ‘real world’ but it’s not. Half of all college graduates can’t even get jobs. They have failed us and it’s the biggest opportunity we’ve ever had.

(Read: What I wish I knew when I was 20)

Now we have the chance to live a true life. We are not cogs meant to be fit into a cubicle and repeat the same monotonous task over and over again. We are creative human beings with the potential to live our lives in any way we choose.

You must be self-made. There are no rewards left over for those who follow directions and wait for approval. There is nothing to be gained from begging a corporation to install you at a cubicle. “Job security” is now something that you can only give yourself.

To win in an environment like this is tough. But it’s only tough because the way our minds have been programmed. All we need to do is reprogram them. When I woke up from the daze of the educational system I was thrown into a tailspin. I had to train my mind to work in a truly creative way. I had to train myself to become an entrepreneur.

We are now in an age where this isn’t an option – it’s a necessity.

I’ve yelled to enough friends about this and helped enough people decide to quite their jobs and live the life they want to live that I had to put it into a course. More people need to understand how wide the possibilities of their life actually is.

After years of research and informal coaching I’m finally putting it all into a format that anyone can follow. The course starts with a program that will give you the personal power you need to be able to live the life you should be. It is full of all the exercises I did to create emotional stability, confidence in my ideas, discipline to execute them, and energy to persevere. I show ways to get any job you want without a degree. I even give instructions to start about ten different types of businesses online. It’s been a massive undertaking and the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done. I’ve been sharing segments with close friends and they have been thanking me for changing their lives. I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner! One of my friends asked, “How did you make such a useful product?” Thanks, I guess?

Some of the specifics I go into:

  • How to make money without a degree.
  • How to get your dream job without a degree.
  • How to create a ridiculous social life outside of college.
  • Why you should skip college.
  • How you can program your mind to have killer ideas.
  • Why ‘the real world’ is more fun than college.
  • How you can begin your own consulting company is less than a week.
  • How you can publish your own book in less than a month and instantly become an expert.
  • How to see through society’s lies.
  • How to teach yourself almost anything.
  • Why you are the smartest person in the Universe.

It was tough, and for a minute I thought I bit off more than I could chew, but I’m putting the final touches on it and I can’t wait to show you.

Dude, we’re entering a new era and it’s time to capitalize! No more playing small. Will and I are fucking stoked to do this thing with you. I don’t give a shit if you’re not interested in buying SelfMadeU. That’s not the point. You’re here to learn, so am I. Will and I are going to fail for you so hard that you won’t be able to help but learn something. Then we will succeed so hard you won’t be able to hold yourself back any longer – you’ll have to make something awesome!

You are your future. We are here to help in any way possible.

Until next time:

Do something fucking great!


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Kyle Eschenroeder

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Let me know what you think - the good, the bad, the ugly - in the comments below.

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  • Avatar for Jake Petrykowski Jake Petrykowski says:

    Love this! How is a Professor making 50k per year going to teach someone how to make a MIL per year? Helloooo?

    • Avatar for Kyle Eschenroeder Kyle Eschenroeder says:

      It’s true man! haha the Ivory Tower gets away with too much sometimes. I think it can be a fun exercise but too many people are tricked into thinking College=Money (I guess that equation works for those running the institutions). They got to stop pretending we need THEIR knowledge to do anything in the world – it’s OUR world now!

    • Avatar for Will Mitchell Will Mitchell says:

      Those who can, do…
      Those who can’t, teach…

  • Avatar for Kelly Kelly says:

    While I may agree with some of what you have said here, college is not all about theory. Practical real-world examples are used all the time in schools. Teaching 20-40 GenY young people how to understand any particular subject will take a multi-directional approach from professors. Everyone learns differently and at different paces too.
    The employment market is very different today than just 10 years ago. Many companies value the qualities you describe in a self-taught employee, yet many others are still think a college degree does mean something on your resume. We may be moving towards a BIG change in mindset, but we’re not there quite yet.

    • Avatar for Kyle Eschenroeder Kyle Eschenroeder says:

      Kelly there are certainly people and companies who believe that you need a college degree to be worth anything. The point is this – you don’t need them anymore. More people are caring less about degrees. I would argue that ANY boss would take a marketer with 4 years of experience over somebody with a degree and zero years. The opportunity cost of going to college is 4 years experience plus 4 years pay minus cost of going to college.

      A degree is obvious not worthless (yet), but there are much better ways to become a valuable person.

  • Avatar for Trev Trev says:

    Great post!

    I went to college for 2 years and learned a decent amount about business theory. However, I just recently started an internship with a startup tech company and I have learned more in the last 2 weeks than the last 2 years of so called “education.” I dig your guys attitude on succes and I hope to hear more from you in the future.


    • Avatar for Will Mitchell Will Mitchell says:

      Thanks Trev! Yea, both Kyle and I went through a pretty similar experience with college – one of our top inspirations for creating StartupBros. Glad to hear you found a better way.

      Hope to see you more in the future!

    • Avatar for Kyle Eschenroeder Kyle Eschenroeder says:

      Hell yes Trev! Can’t wait to hear about what you’ve been learning!

  • Avatar for Kevin Kevin says:

    My moment: making a years tuition in a day playing online poker, then having to cram for a few hours for a class that was required to graduate but worthless otherwise. Was skeptical about this blog when it started, but I love what you guys are putting out now!

    • Avatar for Will Mitchell Will Mitchell says:

      Hi Kevin,

      Haha, you are a lucky man to have had the chance to have such an epiphany. I was making quite a bit in college too, and then stopping my extremely valuable online work to run to my GEOLOGY and WEATHER classes. Required for a Finance/Econ major of course. You can only make so much money in college before you start to wonder why you’re wasting your time there.

      Jealous to hear about your poker skills too, hope you can give me some pointers at StartupBros Vegas someday 🙂

      Thanks a lot for your kind words as well!

    • Avatar for Kyle Eschenroeder Kyle Eschenroeder says:

      Glad you’re liking it! See you in Vegas!!

  • Avatar for Nathalie Nathalie says:

    Not everyone can be self starters who makes it big. Most people got to college to learn and trade and then go out and do that trade. It’s a fairly simple idea. It’s the people who received a degree in an random field and expect to be able to get a job working anywhere just because they graduated. All a degree shows your employer is you can actually finish something. I don’t think you need a fancy college degree to make something of yourself- in fact- I know you don’t. But most 18-24 year old know NOTHING about the real world. College is a chance to grow the FUCK up and learn how to be a productive member of society. Your employer doesn’t want to teach you simple things like- how to work on an assignment and not show up drunk and 30 mins late to a meeting. That is what you learn in college…. Just saying..


    A very productive member of society

    • Avatar for Kyle Eschenroeder Kyle Eschenroeder says:

      Hey Nathalie!

      I don’t think college is a terrible thing for everyone. I just get worried when I see my peers go deep into debt to get a degree that doesn’t guarantee them a job. College has a lot to teach (I know I learned a ton in my experience there) but I don’t think it has more to teach than actually going into the real world and working for 4 years. Or exploring the world in some other way. The cost of schooling could often be spent in ways that I think could be more educational/beneficial.

      I also think trade schools are great options for a lot of people. The closer to an apprenticeship the better, I think.

      Of course engineers, doctors, lawyers all NEED to get degrees to even begin down the course they want to go.

      But to learn about the real world? Don’t you think it would be better to just go into the real world? College graduates now go into the world and aren’t being welcomed with open arms. Their tests (usually) didn’t prep them to think of creative solutions and to demonstrate their value to someone else. I think if they spent 4 years (or at least a gap year) working or learning on their own they would gain perspective on what the real world actually is and what they want to do in it.

      For me it comes down to this: college is NOT an evil thing. Debt at 23 is. Following a path that somebody put before you without considering alternatives is, too.

      What do you think? I really want to continue this conversation… I want to try to see the whole thing!

    • Avatar for Will Mitchell Will Mitchell says:

      The real crime of the education system is that it holds back the top performers rather than encouraging them. Anybody smart enough to question the school system is punished by it and the society that built it. The result is that the 18-24 year old kids with potential either say fuck everyone and do their own thing, or they go back to the comfort of acceptance that awaits them in conformity. Unfortunately, most high performers crave acceptance due to feeling different, so they end up in the latter. They are the real loss.

      Of course the school system also promotes the complete delegation of responsibility, complete acceptance of authority, and ultimately puts an increasingly large amount of people on the path to alcohol and drug dependency. This is also a loss, but I think the fact that it discourages brilliance is a larger one…

  • Avatar for Ryan Ryan says:

    How’s the progress going for SelfMadeU?!?!

    I need an update. You guys are AWESOME!

  • Avatar for Maryam Akram Maryam Akram says:

    Inspiring Kyle! I’ve always uni/college wasn’t really necessary but the world (friend/parents/family) convince you otherwise and you get trapped on the production line. Well, that’s the way I think of it. After 5 years of medical school and working as a doctor for 4 years I’ve finally untangled and untrapped myself and I’m looking forward to creating new opportunities for myself. I’ve freed my mind and soon I’m going to drop the job, the shitty shift work and what is nothing short of slavery. Way to freedom.

    Love your work on here.

  • Avatar for Precious igwe Precious igwe says:

    Wow! What an inspiring, enlightening and informative piece. I picked several salient points. But I also thought, why the swear words?