I get nearly 1,000 emails per week from new entrepreneurs asking for advice in starting their new business. In this video, I’ll answer one of the most common questions I get.

This week’s question comes from Luke…
Hey Will,

I need some advice and I don’t really have anyone to get it from.

My names Luke, a 1st year business student at STFX University in Canada. I love it here; university is fun and I’ve met so many people already… However, I don’t think I should be here.

I am an aspiring entrepreneur, inspired by the idea of creating and owning something I can call my own. I have a unique idea and I know I could succeed, but I’m just so impatient; I don’t think I should wait four years to start something. I have told my parents I have been thinking of leaving university, and as expected they seem disappointed, shocked, and quite the opposite of understanding.

They are pushing me stay, but I think that realizing that university isn’t for me is a very mature stance.
*If I were to drop out, I feel like going back for a community college diploma could be a nice background in case all else fails, and to shut up the parents.*

So I write to you for simply this; what should I do? Do you have any advice? Am I being rational? Realistic? Anything you have to say about this situation is greatly appreciated.

All the best,
Watch the video to see my answer 🙂

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  • Kelsie says:

    Luke, I am in a similar position to you! I am a third year political science student, also at STFX, also considering dropping out. I would love to get in-contact with you. If you see this, shoot me an email