Are you wondering how to get more Amazon reviews?

Well, most Amazon sellers are, so you are not alone here.

Lucky for you, I created a list of 12 legal and ethical ways to get more product reviews on Amazon in 2020.

Here are ONLY some of the things that we are going to cover:

  • How to use Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program
  • What tactics to use to get reviews for your new products
  • Why it all ends-up on selling high-quality products on Amazon
  • How to treat negative reviews to become better and how to spot fake reviews

We’ve got a lot to cover so we better get started.

How to Get More Amazon Reviews

  1. Get Familiar With Amazon’s Terms of Service (TOS)
  2. Use the Amazon Early Reviewer Program
  3. Use the Amazon Vine Program to Get Reviews on Pre-Released Products
  4. Request Reviews From Happy Customers
  5. Leverage Social Media to Increase Customer Engagement
  6. Track Negative Reviews as a Way to Improve Your Service
  7. Optimize Amazon Product Inserts
  8. Sell Only High-Quality Amazon Products
  9. Avoid Incentivized Reviews at All Costs
  10. Use an Amazon Review Checker to Better Understand Customer Feedback
  11. Work Hard on Your Product Launches
  12. Provide a Unique Customer Experience

Way #1: Get Familiar With Amazon’s Terms of Service (TOS)

In late 2016, the game was changed for leaving reviews on Amazon.

Amazons Terms of Service


Amazon wants to protect the customers that use their site to purchase goods. Gone are the days when you could post falsified reviews for your personal gain.

They’ve worked diligently to ensure that reviews that are posted are reliable and honest.

They updated their Terms of Service in October 2016 to ban asking for positive reviews or offering incentives to post these type of reviews.

This helped cut down on a lot of fake reviews that would sometimes mislead consumers to buy their products just because they had a higher rating.

You can no longer solicit reviews from giveaways, contests, gift cards, providing discounts for positive reviews, and many more things that blur the lines of being ethical.

Not adhering to their terms and conditions could have negative results on the status of your account and your access could be revoked from the site.

Some of the major changes also include:

  • Don’t create, modify, or post content in exchange for compensation of any kind
  • No more cheating for good reviews (posting reviews yourself or getting family members to post misleading reviews)
  • You can’t abuse search engines for ranking purposes or to benefit your listings
  • Not sending marketing emails to your customers

Once you have a good understanding of Amazon’s current terms, it will help you plan a road map to get more accurate reviews for your products legally.

Way #2: Use the Amazon Early Reviewer Program

Around the same time when Amazon removed incentivized reviews, it also released its Early Reviewer Program to help get reviews for new products.

Amazons Early Reviewers Program


This program allows a select number of customers to write reviews for products enrolled in it. This helped products that have few or no reviews to get a few early reviews.

They only ask customers who’ve already bought the item to leave their honest review. It could be a one-star to 5-star rating, as long as it’s authentic to the poster’s experience.

In return, the reviewers receive small credits of $1-3 from Amazon for helping potential buyers have accurate information before they buy that same product.

Some of the key points and requirements to enroll yourself in the Amazon Early Reviewer Program are as follows:

  • The program costs $60 to enroll and must be accessed through your seller account
  • You only pay the fee when you get your first review
  • The product must have less than 5 reviews
  • Reviews can be any star rating and it’s not guaranteed you will get 5-star
  • Price of the product must be over $15

This is a win-win for buyers and shoppers. Over the years it has proven that it’s an effective way to get accurate and quality amazon reviews that benefit every party.

Shoppers get a reward for sharing their opinions, and for sellers, it can lead to an increase in page views on your landing page, search click-through, and Amazon business sales.

Way #3: Use the Amazon Vine Program to Get Reviews on Pre-Released Products

While you can no longer incentivize your buyers to give you reviews, that doesn’t mean that Amazon won’t work with sellers that are willing to pay the price.

Amazon Vine is currently only available to businesses through Vendor Central and it is policed through Amazon.

Amazons Vine Program


The reviewers, who are also called Vine Voices, are sent free products from Amazon and then asked to provide their honest comments regarding the product.

While they are not compensated for their reviews, like in the Early Reviewer Program, they are provided the product free of charge in exchange for their review.

Sellers have no communication with the buyers as to not skew the review in their favor. Amazon encourages customers to leave their honest reviews, whether it’s a 5-star review or below.

Enrolling into the vine program and reviewers selection

In order to enroll yourself in the vine program as a seller, you will first need to pay the fee that can range from $2,500 to $7,500 per product.

The program restricts the number of free products that businesses can submit for review from 10-100, depending on the product category.

You can only be invited to join the Vine program as a reviewer and Amazon selects a small percentage to give sellers unbiased feedback through their vine reviews.

They make this selection based on reviewer ranking, which is determined by the overall helpfulness of all their reviews, factoring in the number and quality they have written.

More information about how ratings work can be found on Amazon’s website.

Way #4: Request Reviews From Happy Customers

One of the best ways you can get more reviews for your products is to ask verified purchase customers to leave an honest review as an Amazon customer.

It’s important to first know the difference between seller feedback and product reviews.

Seller Feedback is when buyers leave their response about the quality of their entire experience. Did the package arrive later than described? Is it in bad condition?

Product Reviews are displayed on your page and they are reviews that should be tailored to the product. Was it what you were expecting? What are the pros/cons of the product?

Amazon Reviews


When buyers have successfully filled out their seller feedback, you will be able to view this information within your account.

Proactively reach out to all customers who have left positive seller feedback and kindly ask them to leave a product review to help build up your reputation for your product.

This approach is one of the best because you know you are contacting customers who had a pleasant experience and they can provide reviews to help other buyers.

Sometimes buyers will mistake the seller feedback as a product review and put their comments in the wrong submission box.

It’s important to keep in contact with your customers and explain the difference to ultimately help your products rank higher and so you can sell more inventory.

Way #5: Leverage Social Media to Increase Customer Engagement

More people are using social media now and their buying habits are largely influenced by what they see and what people are saying on those platforms.

Facebook Product Review Pages


It’s important to keep in mind everything we mentioned in Way #1 about the changes to Amazon’s Terms of Service and not to solicit reviews by offering something in return.

Instead, create pages for your products and join multiple types of groups. This is an easy way to connect with thousands of new customers.

On your product page, you will want to ensure you are being active and posting regularly. Engage your customers and create a feeling of community to get good reviews.

If you have a page on Facebook dedicated to your company, you can also post a status asking for reviews.

Most likely if they’ve liked the page, they have purchased one of your products before or have had a positive experience with your brand.

It’s vital to not limit yourself to Facebook only. Be sure your product is being advertised on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Yelp in order to get a variety of reviews.

Way #6: Track Negative Reviews as a Way to Improve Your Service

If you are launching a new product, a one-star review could drastically impact your overall rating since you don’t have a solid base of reviews to keep the rating strong.

However, it’s not always a bad thing when you get a negative review.

Learn How To Respond To Negative Reviews


There is always room for improvement and if the customer is taking the time to detail their experience it’s important to address their concerns so it doesn’t become a recurring problem.

Directly respond to negative reviews

You’ll want to respond to negative reviews as soon as possible. The longer it sits there unaddressed, the more people will see it and be discouraged from making a purchase.

When you respond promptly, that shows respect to the customer that their thoughts are being heard. It’s visible to others to show that you’re attempting to right any wrongs.

Ask the customer to remove or edit the review

Sometimes reviews can be typed up that don’t honestly represent the product. These negative reviews could damage your sales and your reputation.

If you personally reach out to the customer and address any concerns they have, they might be inclined to edit their review for a higher rating and kinder words.

Way #7: Optimize Amazon Product Inserts

Amazon Product Insert Example

Seller Nexus

A package insert is a great way to remind customers that they should leave a review. They are a good type of marketing material that can help in multiple different ways.

Have them at your business to use as advertisements, stick them with your product packaging or promote your other products on your Amazon store. There are many ways this could help drive people to leave a review.

A simple business card-sized paper could help create a brand for you and your products.

Neutrally Ask For A Review On Amazon

Remember, you can’t ask for your buyers to leave you a positive review in order to get a discount code. The note would have to be neutral and remind them the option is there.

Including the direct link or instructions of where to go to leave a review where their feedback is going to be heard can leave a positive, lasting impression on your customers.

Provide Amazing Customer Service To Avoid Negative Reviews

Ensure you are doing everything you can to provide the most stellar customer service. Restate your value statements on your product inserts to show that you are a trusting company.

Showcasing the promised benefits reminds people why they bought the product in the first place. This will make them more inclined to leave a good review, or discourage any thought of a negative one.

Way #8: Sell Only High-Quality Amazon Products

Sell High Quality Products


This one might be a no-brainer, but it’s important to make sure you can provide only high-quality products for shipment.

Still looking for products to sell? Find some ideas in our guide of 20 trending private label products (that actually sell).

If someone receives a damaged item or after a few uses it’s ruined, that is not a good reflection of your brand. Those customers will be more likely to post a negative review.

When you can deliver on the buyer’s expectations, it builds a good relationship. Regular buyers are more likely to leave a review if they like or enjoy the product.

It’s even better if they get the level of service they were expecting because they are more likely to leave a positive review.

If you are selling a limited supply of high-quality products, you could see your reviews jump up if people are especially impressed by the delivered product.

Don’t focus on the number of items you are selling. Instead, worry about the quality of each one to make certain the buyer will have good thoughts about your business.

Way #9: Avoid Incentivized Reviews at All Costs

Amazons Review Policy


We’ve said it multiple times now, but we must reiterate not to incentivize your buyers in order for them to give you a 5-star review.

You will be violating Amazon’s terms of service and could get your amazon account suspended or even worse deactivated.

This applies to any marketing materials you have or promotional flyers too.

If you are advertising that you will provide a discount to a random 5-star review person, that is not allowed. Offering a free product for a positive review is also not allowed.

If you are in doubt and not sure if you are crossing the line, it might be best to go with a different idea or phrasing to ensure that you don’t get in trouble with Amazon.

When you gain high reviews naturally, this will help with your rankings and where your products are displayed on Amazon’s search results.

The more positive reviews you get, the more others are inclined to give the same type of review. Eventually, this adds up to a solid reputation you have to potential new buyers.

Way #10: Use an Amazon Review Checker to Better Understand Customer Feedback

Something is inevitably going to happen that leads you to get a three, two, or one-star review. Things happen and expectations sometimes aren’t met.

This provides you the opportunity to step in and try to resolve the issue. When you can address the issue head-on quickly, it shows buyers you actually care about their frustrations and concerns.

There are many Amazon Review Checkers out there that you can utilize for yourself. Perform a google search to find some of the most common ones.

These programs are tools that you can use to analyze your reviews to help find recurring feedback comments that can help you better serve your customers.

FeedbackExpress Amazon Review Checker


FeedbackExpress is an Amazon Review Checker that we would recommend that helps you automate your good and bad reviews.

You can set up reminder emails to be sent to your recent buyers, prompting them to fill out a review. Automate following up with people that have left positive seller feedback.

They also have a feature where they immediately notify you, either via email or text, when you receive a review under three stars.

Save your reputation and invest in an Amazon Review Checker that stays up to date with Amazon’s constant changes.

Way #11: Work Hard on Your Product Launches

Before the launch of your product, send an email sequence to your customer list, affirming your product’s value and creating a buzz about its arrival.

This will help convert some of the leads you have collected during production into early adopters. Use your email list to send personal messages to each potential customer leading up to your product launch.

Utilize social media as well to build the hype around your product and establish a voice for your brand while connecting with your target audience.

Samsung Product Launch Tweet


Consider incorporating videos with your next product launch. While it takes a little more effort than text posts, videos usually have more impact on the viewer and better showcase your product.

Here are some other ideas to make your product launch stand out:

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Plan An Event Around Your Product Launch
  • Hold A Contest
  • Accept Pre-Orders

Another area to focus on to create a strong product launch is gathering testimonials prior to the product entering the market. Several of the ways previously discussed in this guide can help you get reviews before the product launches.

For other ideas, check out our guide of 20 of the most effective ways to promote your products.

Way #12: Provide a Unique Customer Experience

From pop up shops to augmented reality, retailers are finding unique ways to draw customers into their stores or connect with them on a deeper level.

Ecommerce and next day delivery have taken a toll on brick and mortar retail locations but they are fighting back using these unique customer experiences.

Unique Customer Experience Example Ink Hunter


InkHunter, for example, is using augmented reality to allow its users to “try on” a tattoo in real-time before deciding to make the full commitment of a real one.

This gives their users a unique experience that wasn’t available before which leads to happy customers.

If you can make the experience something they want to share, even better.

Launch your brand or product with a viral trend by getting customers to talk about what they are experiencing on social media.

That positive conversation, combined with happy customers, will turn into positive reviews.

Final Thoughts

As I hope it is evident, there are no silver bullets when it comes to getting more Amazon reviews.

In the past, many Amazon sellers used to get Amazon product reviews through shady tactics that didn’t comply with Amazon’s TOS.

These days are long gone; if you want to get positive reviews today, you have to be for real and you have to truly care about your customers.

In my experience, getting good reviews consistently is a never-ending battle, even for experienced Amazon FBA sellers.

Also, besides the obvious benefits of getting positive reviews, the number of reviews as well as the seller feedback and the overall rating, affect Amazon rankings (Amazon SEO).

This means that you have more than one reason to care about customer reviews.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

What are the tactics that you’ve used to get good reviews on Amazon? And how do you fight back bad reviews?

Let me know by leaving a comment below! I’ll try to respond as quickly as possible.

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