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32 Ways To Make Your Blog Post Go Viral

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These tactics have worked great for us over the years and continue to deliver results!

[Welcome to Neil Patel readers! This post is one of the earliest on the blog and weΒ stillΒ reference it regularly when promoting posts. They continue to help us grow our traffic at a rate that is still surprising to us. Enjoy!]

Still on the up’n’up!


It’s tough to make a blog post go viral. There’s no secret sauce to make every post a hit. However, there are plenty of things you can do to increase your chances.

A great blog can be a huge asset to you – it feels great to make and can bring attention to what you’re doing. The problem is that if nobody sees your post it’s not useful to anybody besides you. There are tons of suggestions around the internet to drive traffic to your blog and most of them work to some extent. Most aren’t so effective. There’s really only one way to create a popular blog: creating great content that can change people’s lives for the better. It’s about putting yourself out there and making a connection. Corbett Barr says it best, “Write Epic Shit.” Content is indeed king but without a spark even the best content will lie dormant forever without anybody seeing it.

You live in an Epic Universe – make more Epic Stuff!

Before you post:

  1. Keyword optimize your post. Put your main topics into Google Keyword Tool and title the post based on the most popular search terms.
  2. Add pictures next to key items, it makes them carry more weight. Derek Halpbern of SocialTriggers has a GREAT post about using pictures in your posts.
  3. Re-read your post to check for errors.Β 

After you post use these to get in as many brains as possible:

  1. Submit to Digg
  2. Submit to Reddit
  3. Submit to StumbleUpon
  4. Post on Forums in niche
  5. Submit to Yahoo Buzz
  6. Submit to Delicious
  7. Post to Twitter
  8. Post to Facebook
  9. Post to Myspace. Myspace is dead, long live Myspace.
  10. Post to Google +
  11. Post to YouTube (if applicable)
  12. Submit to Technorati
  13. Post to Pinterest (if applicable)
  14. Post to LinkedIn
  15. Provide SEO keywords for images
  16. Directory submissions
  17. RSS directory submits
  18. Forum comments
  19. Relevant blog comments
  20. Social bookmarking
  21. Refer to posts on Yahoo! Answers
  22. Refer to posts on LinkedIn
  23. Refer to posts on Quora
  24. Press releases
  25. Link to our own past AND future blog posts
  26. Add to your email signature
  27. Add to your signature in forums
  28. Add to your next newsletter
  29. Request other bloggers to mention your post
Submit Your Post

Put it everywhere! … and make it good enough for them to care.

You don’t need to do all of these things every time but the more places your post goes the more eyes you’ll find. You will quickly see what is really working

Play with these ideas and let us know what you think. Do you have any other ways you like to get your content out into the world? Post below and let us know what works for you!

We read and reply to every one!
  • So I tried to look up “Mixx” – – Seems this is a bit outdated.

  • Great tips. I truly agree with them. First step would always be focusing on the content and making sure its the best piece f writing it can be both for search engines and people. Then sharing your content via social media sites. But the thing is getting others to share it. If the content is good it should share on its own. But there’s nothing wrong with giving it a boost via social share exchange sites. πŸ˜‰ Great tips none the less. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks man! Just checked out your blog and I’m already learning stuff!

      • I’m glad to hear that you learned something new, as did I(Yahoo Buzz). This is why we are here, or should be I think. To teach, help each other and grow. But I think people need to make a habit of doing things in your list. Not everything needs to be done right away, just go along with the flow.

        • Hello, i just started my own blog and i really need more tips. The site engages audience from Nigeria mostly because it is meant t encourage a certain indigenous language. Any extra tip?

    • This post, coupled with your post Make Your Blog Post Go Viral – In 60 Minutes or Less, would be a killer combination!

    • I’ve asked people to share or like on Facebook, but no one did. I’m not looking to go completely viral, but a few shares and likes would have been nice from my friends.

      • Friends are useless when it comes to that… you will always be disappointed by friends/family if you want them to sell your stuff for you.

  • Whoa. I had NO idea how many sites I maybe oughtta post to. Going to look up/start accounts right friggin NOW.

    I have to agree about the bolded text in your 2nd para: “There’s really only one way to create a popular blog: creating great content that can change people’s lives for the better. ”

    I flipped my first blog for $87.5K plus residual commish… built it from the ground up with posts, email, and YouTube. Only THREE platforms, but I was genuinely creating great (read: HELPFUL) content…

    …and it got SHARED. That’s how I got tens of thousands of views on YouTube for a relatively boring subject, stock and options investing.

    SO here’s what makes me tremble with excitement, Kyle. Imagine what will happen if everyone reading this blog follows directions, creates “epic sh!t”, repurposes their truly useful posts and strews them about all 29 avenues you listed above?

    You are truly a writer of epic sh!t my friend, keep it up.

    Keep Stepping,


  • MMmm. ONE more platform to maybe add to the above list, round it out to thirty:


    Amazon is searchy, searchy gettin lots of traffic. If we are creating absolutely awesome content, time to turn those blog posts into books and sell ’em. With links to our other stuff. Just sayin.

    Keep Stepping,


    • Kurt! Thanks a ton! For helping push me and for making epically helpful stuff! Totally agree on the Amazon front – check this out πŸ™‚

      We’ve been working with Zach Price who just launched to get some of that ebook goodness going on. Got lots more plans to get out there. It’s important to be where people already are and, like you said, AMAZON’s got that kind of all-caps gathering of people!

      Have you been putting anything up there?

      • Yessir, wrote a Kindle book called, “Get Paid TODAY!” and learning to hack the search to get more visible.

        Because my book offers useful, useable content it’s a great lead generator. Instead of payING for leads (which is sooooo last decade πŸ˜‰ … partnering with Amazon has made it so that I get PAID per lead.

        Amazon finds the folks that want what my book teaches… Structuring a small biz to be profitable quickly instead of the traditional two years or more… and by acting in their own self-interest to show them my book, gets ’em into MY funnel.

        I’ve done okay with book sales, sure. But the consulting and speaking gigs that have come from the book way outshine the revenues that the book itself generates.

        Getting back into promoting my blog Kyle, will be back to this page again fer sher to get all the best avenues for posting.

        Keep Stepping,


    • You can post your articles on to earn more viewership

  • johnathan cranford

    This is the best blog post ever written hands down. no contest.

    • That’s quite the achievement – thanks! πŸ™‚

  • SumbleUpon works great for me! Trying Digg it! Thanks for this post.

  • Mike Martinez

    I’m impressed. The was an awesome to do list. Covered every base. Great job.

  • Awesome post, Kyle! I have some work to do!!!

    • Mary M

      I agree Cody. Great post Kyle. I’m hoping to recreate my blog for 2014, making it the best ever.

  • StumbleUpon is a surprisingly great lead generator, I concur. I have had a lot of success with LinkedIn, primarily because I have a business blog (, and it has been getting tons of attention. Great comprehensive list Kyle!

  • Good article, I’ll be trying them soon on mine, Thanks for the advice!

  • apoorv

    A post worth reading

  • Great advice re the list of submissions, thanks a lot. This should help boost my site


  • Kurt Tasche

    This is a great list of things to do to make your blog go viral. I never thought about linking to future posts. This is something I will definitely try out.

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  • Very Informative and neatly written.

  • Cassandra Louise Kline

    Hey there. I came to this site because I want to learn how to make a post go viral. I am looking to find someone. This is probably a lost cause and stupid in most peoples eyes but I need to find this person. I have never met or seen anyone like them. I didn’t get their name and I believe the power of the internet can and will work. I just need helping starting the search.

    • Cassandra! Tell us more…

      • Cassandra Louise Kline

        I’m from Ohio. And on Fourth of July a few years ago I went to Cedar Point, an amusement park on Sandusky, Ohio. I’m waiting in line for the millennium force (a roller coaster) and there she is. A blonde standing in line in front of me. She was with a group of girls. She had a duke university shirt on, I think the sleeves were cut off. I spoke a few words to her but then after the ride lost her in the crowd. I went home that night searching the internet for woman athletics at duke university lol. I know it was probably just a shirt but I was hoping maybe I could find her there. I apologize if this is a waste of your time but I’ve seen crazier things happen on Facebook lol I wish I could see her again. I don’t know where to start.

        • That’s a great story! Have you checked out Craigslist Missed Connections section?

          • Cassandra Louise Kline

            Yes I tried that but I don’t think she would even remember me lol. I made a post almost like a wanted poster a friend helped me with and I’m just gunna share and share and ask others to share. Fingers crossed lol πŸ™‚

  • Hi Kyle,

    First time here…nice blog. In regards to this post, I agree with you that only really good content can honestly have a chance of going viral, so I’d add more on how that can be done. Other than that, those are all useful places to share and help terrific content to viral.

  • josh

    There is also a super handy popup plugin for WordPress that can seriously help some of your post to go viral.. it is called “Go Viral” I think is what it was called “Go Viral Popup Plugin” I think it is by Riviton or something like that, but I have seen this on ViralDoza,, and many others. If you use WordPress and want your stuff to go viral, that plugin will work wonders…

  • This is cool and wonderful!
    About 6 points up there are still missing in what I gave done so far for my blog
    at least I will start with one immediately now

  • Thankyou sooo much!! Was so limited on places to post and now I have a whole list!!! πŸ™‚ Wonderful and soo helpful!

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  • Great article and very useful tips.

  • Tried Reddit. Posted a story/blog piece and got tons of looks. So posted another, and another. After about 5 I got banned for spamming, Apparently they frown on posting content from your own domain. Any suggestions to get around this or should I just post once in a while and hope it slips through?

    • Yeah, you get in trouble if you post too much. You can post from your domain and it’s fine, it’s best to SAY that it’s from your domain though. We used team work for a while… can’t get into the specific of that though πŸ˜‰

    • carlie

      Same thing happened to me!
      I wasn’t aware that you aren’t supposed to submit links. There is a section that says insert your link and the tittle so I went with it right? Well, I got these nasty moderators on Reddit writing sarcastic messages on how they don’t care on why you post your links etc.. weird!

      I think I am done trying reddit . There are a million other sites out there– who needs the negativity and nasty “welcome”.
      Oh kyle no wonder it was team work. Yeah good like if you are solo and just learning the system.
      Are there other warnings we should be aware of? LOL

  • Great social sites Kyle ! In fact if we continuously posting out site’s link to these sites and our blog content is impressive enough to catch the attraction of the people than there is every chance that our content will have so many shares through these social sites and ultimately it can become viral.. Thanks Kyle for your valuable tips..

    Ovais Mirza

  • I got a lot of great insight from this.

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  • Great advise! A good pal and I just started our blog, White Sand Gypsy, in hopes of inspiring people to travel around the worlds amazing beaches! 71% of this big huge amazing world be live in is water, meaning there are SO MANY possibilities when it comes to beaches to explore! Check us out if this is something that might interest you!

  • Awesome post. Thank you for sharing such an amazing post . I am glad.

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  • Nice Article.
    Thanks for posting.Book marked!

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  • I have been using most of the websites you have mentioned,
    Stumble, Pinterest and Reddit seem to have worked for me very well.

  • dekhzara

    thanks for share useful information with us . Thanks admin πŸ™‚

  • Your list, while good, is not much different from a million similar lists posted all over the Internet. I would have liked to have seen some alternative ways of promoting blog posts, not the same ol’ same ol’.

    • It’s more of a checklist–sometimes you need to just remember to apply the basics instead of finding something that’s different just to be different.

  • liked the straightforward, practical approach, Great post !!!

  • Mia

    Another you might want post is and have linked back to your site.

  • That’s a nice post. I agree having a great content is the foremost thing to make a blog popular, followed by appropriate SEO. I’d like to remind you though that some of the sharing options you mentioned are now in place now, like yahoo buzz & technorati.

  • Very simple and practical information. Thanks for the great post.

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  • Cheerful


  • Hey thanks for sharing. I like it

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  • bk

    Indeed, content is king while the little spark can make all the different. There are sure a lot of sites listed here that can help to create the possible sparks.

  • Well, Bering an intermediate Blogger now, I can easily call these points as Bingo ways to promote quality content. I repeat “Quality Content” , that is the only way to go viral. i have seen many writing short low class post and then, start submitting to Reddit, StumbleUpon, Pinterest , etc. and then they expect the their post go viral, but it will not happen, unless the quality is of high quality. BTW, a Superb Post Kyle.

    • I agreed with @atinder because sometimes we have done lot of efforts but not getting huge traffic. Its all depends on unique and fresh content with catchy headline.(emotionally attached with user).

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  • Thanks for the feedback pretty new at this but greatly appreciated.:))

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  • I got intrigued with Yahoo buzz, but Google says it stopped operating in 2011?

  • Hey Kyle,
    Thanks for such a great post. Reddit and forums are definitely a place to make your content go viral.. I really liked the post and bookmarked your site.. πŸ™‚


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  • Lorena

    Hey Kyle,

    Excellent post and tips! However, I have a questions I am sure you have answered before. Should I spin my article before submitting the platforms mentioned above or?
    Also, how do you post a link in a forums? Most of them do not allow links back to your site.

    Thank in advance for the answer, definitely saving this article and checking out some more πŸ™‚

  • I started my own Movie Reviews Web site a couple months ago. I was wondering if you can give me some good advice on where to Start making my site more popular. Check it out,

    • The best way to is to start submitting reviews to sites that are already popular, have your site as a secondary, and begin collecting email addresses πŸ™‚

  • Thanks for sharing an informative article with us. Once few of my content gone viral for weeks and I am sure that the quality of the content takes the first place. You clearly mentioned the methods to get the viral traffic to the site that will certainly work.

  • hi, Kyle!
    Thank you for helpful information .Good tips. I’ll include it in my Viral Marketing Method.

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  • Liar

  • Abhishek Patil

    nice article kyle ..i have got a lot of insights from it ..thank you …i can go viral now ..thanks again

  • I have viral blog i am new i that. How to find good keyword for posting viral blog post, Where to find updated content to gather information

  • pramit

    Useful list, Kyle. I would say start with finding ‘seeders’ among your network.

  • Does doing a blog comment and posting on forum makes a post go viral? No. It’s the depth and quality of your content. The title is so misleading. It should be 32 ways to promote your blog post. These 32 ways will hardly make your post go viral.

  • Nice article Kyle. But the above mentioned things I already do. But I don’t get more traffic on my blog. Any suggestion?

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