We are F$%#ING PUMPED to share our business know-how with you. We’ve been playing with these kind of tactics for years and have finally decided to bring more bros (ladies are bros too!) in on it. It’s an amazing feeling to know that you have the knowledge to make money without entering a cubicle. For us, it feels even better to share the goods.

Between this blog and our newsletter we will show you more in two months than you would learn in four years of business school -we would know, we went to business schools. We will show every detail you need to begin launching your own business. We’ll show you what works and what doesn’t. For a price tag of FREE you will learn exactly how to create a startup business.

Who is this “we”?

will and me in vegas names
Important Note: Kyle has had a hair cut since this photo was taken

We are the StartUpBros! Will Mitchell and Kyle Eschenroeder, a couple of best friends who want to share what we learn about entrepreneurship (while having fun!) with you.

Will has been making money on the internet since he was fourteen years old. He started out running quick click arbitrage businesses and taking advantage of value holes all over the place. He is now the owner of Clear Presence Media, an online marketing company, as well as RepAssured, a reputation management service. He has served in the corporate world as a Marketing Director for several large companies – and ran away as fast as he could. Will’s deep understanding of marketing and unparalleled business sense is beyond anything you’ve witnessed before. He also enjoys the occasional binge drinking session with Kyle.

Kyle spent most of his teen years in front of six computer monitors trading commodities (similar to the stock market). When he got a break he educated himself on the intricacies of business, made short films, and learned the importance of mashing fun and ‘work’ together. He put himself through the torture that is a standard college education where he taught his professors sound economics and what business has become in the digital age. He decided that his classes were holding him back and so graduated in two and a half years. The experience he had in college has become the groundwork for our upcoming course, SelfMadeU. Kyle, too, enjoys binge drinking with Will.

We hope that you will join us for a beer soon (this is not a joke, we don’t joke, ever… actually that may be all we do – but we’re serious about this one)!

Together we have backpacked through Europe (western and easter), dominated Las Vegas, flew around the Caribbean, and created some ass-kicking (read: money-making) things (read: businesses) in between. We have too much fun together, we’re practically brothers. But we want to take others on this adventure with us! (Spoiler: We’ve already laid plans to take several of you on a cruise with us!)
This is the beginning of something f*$#ing awesome! We are stoked that you have chosen to go on your money-making journey with us. Make no mistake – we’re on this journey together now, and we will not fail. If you have any question or comment or story or anything else you want to share with us, then tell us! Leave a comment below and let’s kick this thing off right!

[If you want to contact either one of us personally then feel freer than free to email: kyle@startupbros.com or will@startupbros.com]


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Will Mitchell

Will Mitchell is a serial entrepreneur and Founder of StartupBros. You can learn more about him at the Startupbros about page. If you have any questions or comments for him, just send an email or leave a comment!

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  1. Hi Will,
    Would you recommend a good guideline for real estate investing. Rentals and flips. Thanks!!

  2. Hey, if you guys are in fact bragging, is because you have something to brag about, I completely trust you, I’ve e-mailed with Will and it was awesome so I can’t wait to get some knowledge thrown my way…..and I am sorry for any possible writing mistakes, english is my second language.

  3. I want to start my own web design business but for me this is a rather vanilla statement because there is big competition in that area. So I am looking for an effective USP but I seem to be forever stuck in my own head.

    I would like to discover clients needs without getting in their way via surveys etc. Is there an efficient way to do this?

    • You’re definitely right for looking for a USP/UVP in such a saturated market – you’ll need it! I’d say the best way to do it is to come up with some different angles and test it. Check out this article for my methods on testing things like that.

      Furthermore, you could consider niche-ing down. A lot of design companies that have been selling for $xxx,xxx are specialized in, say, Unbounce design. There are so many new services and companies popping up that you can jump on and grow with. But, that may not be what you’re looking for.

      Hope this helps!

  4. I would like to learn how to apply the customer development model (see Steve Blank) to a web design business. Email me if you can help.

    • Hey Mark,

      Like you, I’m a big Steve Blank fan! Haven’t seen the customer development model as a specific method, though I know his theories on it quite well. What exactly are you looking to do? Help clients go through that process, or use it internally to build your business?

  5. I agree with Laura. This looks like it could be fun and interesting but I’m not yet convinced. So many people on the interwebz brag (or flat out lie) about their exploits to pump themselves up to sell a product and make the money they claim to have already made.

    • I know EXACTLY who you’re talking about Mike. This evening the first true goods go up – we just wanted to say hello first. We aren’t exploiting exploits 🙂 just experimenting with tactics and showing you what worked. Thank you so much for calling us out though! I really want to hear what you think about the upcoming posts. Please let me know!

  6. There is quite a lot of bragging…but I cannot find real value…

    • Hahaha touche Laura! The good stuff starts today… hold on tight!

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