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How Elite Entrepreneurs Do More With Less Time – 3 Science-Backed Brain Hacks You Can Start Using Today

As an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to optimize all your investments so you’re getting the best possible ROI.

You probably track your marketing ROI, your profits and losses, but what about optimizing the most important thing you’ve got working for you…your brain? [click to continue…]

How to Quit Your Job in 120 Days or Less

[Note: This is a guest post by our friend Ryan Stewart over at, you’re going to love it!]

Do you fantasize about quitting your job?

Read on, I can help you out.

About a year ago a good friend of mine called me up. He said:

Ryan, I hate my job, I’m miserable, I’m going to quit. You’re only 27 years old yet you have more freedom in your career than anyone I know. Teach me!”

I told him 2 things:

  1. Don’t quit your job. You don’t have to. If you quit your job, you’re going to be faced to make decisions out of necessity. It’s an ugly path and I don’t want to see you go down it.
  2. All I did was pick a web based skill and get really good at it. When you’re really good at what you do, people don’t give a shit where you work from.

Then I told him if you’re willing to make the effort to learn, you can do what I do too. In fact, I can tell you the exact path to take right here on the phone, it’s that easy.

My friend took my advice.

In just 120 days he was able to quit his job on his own terms. He now works from a coffee shop, is able to spend more time with his kids and has limitless upward mobility in his career.

This blog post shares the exact path I laid out for him on the phone that day.

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Who Should You Listen To?: 13 Steps to Choosing the Best Coaches, Advisors, and Authors

lincoln team of rivals

The advisors a President surrounds himself with determines the quality of decisions he makes. The same is true of CEOs. The same has always been true of anyone in power.

Kings and generals have always depended on expert advisors to help them make decisions.

For all of history, this was a skill that only mattered for a select few. Now it’s important for each of us.

As software and machines continue to leverage our effort and multiply our productivity we all find ourselves relying on experts. Experts can come as coaches, advisors, and consultants. They also come as authors of books, blog posts, and news articles. Or YouTube stars or podcasters… [click to continue…]

How Small Business Can Motivate Employees to Boost Productivity

penguin motivator

[Note: This is a guest post by Mark Feldman, the CTO of It’s written for employers, but the motivational forces Mark talks about here are useful to any individual as well. Enjoy! – Kyle]

Your employees are your most valuable assets and managing them is critical to your business, albeit challenging. This is especially true for small businesses where employee productivity is a serious concern. However, you cannot blame the employees alone for lower productivity. Employers too play a significant role in motivating their workforce to become more productive at work. After all employee satisfaction plays key role in boosting productivity and can finally impact the company’s bottom line.

Often small business owners think that they lack the money or other resources required to meet their employees’ needs. But this is far from being true. Most employee motivation strategies require little or no financial investment. They are mostly a matter of simple management adjusting practices. Besides, there are strategies that need financial investment and they are usually returned by enhancing employee productivity.

What Makes Employee Motivation Challenging?

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LeBron James’ Top 2 Success Strategies (And How You Can Use Them)


[Note: This is a guest post from Robert James Collier and it’s just in time for the playoffs!]

LeBron James is the biggest basketball star on the planet.

He’s arguably the biggest star in sports, period.

Regardless of how the NBA Finals turn out, here’s what diehard Sportscenter viewers (and indifferent observers) know to be true: LeBron James is not only the best basketball player in the world today, he’s in the running for the best basketball player ever.

The greats of every industry know that temporary loss doesn’t mean permanent defeat.

Top performers know that in order to win at the highest level, you need to overcome serious failures and adopt world-class mental frameworks to succeed after difficult losses.

What if I told you LeBron James followed a repeatable process for world-class performance to go from good to all-time great, and he uncovered a deeply-hidden psychological ‘flip’ that turned him into a world champion?

Hmm… sounds kinda interesting” you might respond.

Now, what if I told you that I’ve broken down these hidden secrets of success by dissecting real-world examples from LeBron James’ life to give you a no bullshit, mind-blowingly practical manual for achieving the highest levels of success in any industry AND, like a leading a horse to water, I’ve showed exactly how YOU can use them too…

Oh, so nowww you’re thoroughly interested! :)

Look, in the stories below, I offer 2 remarkable lessons that you can take from LeBron’s story to apply to your own life to use as strategies to unlock the well of greatness stored inside of you.

WARNING: These are very powerful, specific, actionable techniques which can be adopted and used to your advantage IMMEDIATELY. These techniques have been used and polished by the likes of Steve Jobs, Napoleon Bonaparte, Pablo Picasso and other greats. These tactics are very real and I’m going to show you HOW you can use them to get what you want. Pay close attention.

Bonus Download: Want to know the 10 talents that drive entrepreneurial success and how you can use them to tilt the odds significantly in your favor?

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As an unrestricted free agent after playing [click to continue…]