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The Overthinker’s Guide for Taking Action: A Complete Guide

“Life is about execution rather than purpose.” – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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Preface: Talking About Action

If you read anything on StartupBros you will go away having the capability to do something that you weren’t able to before. From validating your business idea to perfecting your logo, from releasing your motivation to creating an importing business this week, from freeing yourself from information overload to pinpointing the source of your side business’ stagnationit’s about taking action.

The trouble is, you can’t write guides for the hardest things in life. The reason is simple: the hardest things are so hard because there is no guide.

Will once discussed the importance of taking action. It’s one of those painfully simple ideas that can’t be repeated enough: without taking action you won’t get anywhere. Most posts are about a taking a specific action. This post is different, it’s a complete guide to becoming a man or woman of action. Taking the actions suggested in this post will make it exponentially easier to take action in every other area of your life. You will begin to automatically do what you had to fight to do before.

The tools here have been the most powerful in living a better life that I have come across. Adopting an action-oriented life has made me simultaneously more productive (without using silly productivity “hacks”), more bold, and given me a level of mental wellness I haven’t had since I was a kid. Oh – and it’s been the most powerful part of integrating antifrigility into my life.

On to the post…

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Your life would be better if you took the action you’ve been avoiding.

Showing your interest in that girl. Actually making a habit of getting exercise. Taking the first step towards starting your business.

I hate writing about taking action. I feel like an idiot. We already know we need to take action! Why talk about it!?

Because it helps.

I’ve spent huge portions of my life in frustrated rationalization and pussy-footing my way around the thing that I know would be best for my life.

The only way I was able to escape this smart-seeming idiocy was to prove to myself incontrovertibly that I was better off taking action than thinking something through again. [click to continue…]

Is Your Content Good Enough?

 testing darth vader

Note from a Bro:

Ludvig has been here before. He’s back to talk about a crazy yoga lady, a guy who wasted decades trying to get people to play his dumb game, and the importance of testing things.

StartupBros readers know how much we love testing things. Our logo, our book’s cover, our tagline, our name, and even our Importing Empire coaching program has been tested thoroughly.




I was recently at a party where I got into a conversation with an older woman. She told me about her current situation.

For the last 3+ years she had been working her day job at the same time as she had written 1-2 books, launched a website, a podcast, and started selling her services as a… tantric yoga instructor.

This all sounds ambitious and great, but she was not seeing much success. After speaking to her for a while it became very clear why this was the case.

She was all over the place. She was on more platforms than she could handle. She did not really know what she was doing or what type of [click to continue…]

How You Can Profit From the Unknown: Becoming Antifragile


after this, you'll welcome obstacles

after this, you’ll welcome obstacles

“The general principle of antifragility, it is much better to do things you cannot explain than explain things you cannot do.” – Nassim Taleb

“Being an entrepreneur is an existential, not just a financial thing.” – Nassim Taleb

“They have turned the wolf into a dog and man himself into the man’s best domesticated animal.” – Friedrich Nietzsche 

The ideas in this post have been the most transformative in my life over the last couple years. I avoided writing about them because I didn’t feel I could. Finally, I feel that I’ve internalized, tested, and understand them deeply enough to communicate them with you.

This is a long post, but it could change your life and outlook in massive ways. I can say that without arrogance because these ideas aren’t my own, they’re Taleb’s.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb warned the world about the 2008 financial crisis before it happened. He didn’t predict it, per say, he just evaluated the financial system and saw how fragile it was.

The world is slowly beginning to admit how terrible we are at predicting the future. Stumbling on Happiness showed us that we can’t even predict what will make us happy in the future.

“Your mistake was not in imagining things you could not know—that is, after all, what imagination is for. Rather, your mistake was in unthinkingly treating what you imagined as though it were an accurate representation of the facts.” ― Daniel Gilbert, Stumbling on Happiness

I am going to do my best to share a new lens of the world with you and convince how powerful it can be in your life. This isn’t about wishful thinking or small self-help lifehacks. This is about looking at reality as the mess it is and learning to benefit from the chaos.

I’m not going to attempt to summarize Taleb’s books, it would be blasphemy. Almost all business books I read I feel fine sharing a summary, synthesis, and some quotes. That’s all they deserve. Taleb’s work is different. Reading his work, especially Incerto (containing The Bed of Procrustes, Fooled by Randomness, The Black Swan, and Antifragile) is an experience. This post will provide a powerful perspective shift and tools that you can begin using immediately. It will not replace the books in any way.

I’ve written skimmable articles before, this is not one of them. This stuff is too important to skim. I hope you take the time to read the whole thing. If you can’t read it now then skim it and bookmark it for later.

Here is an overview of what we’re going to be getting into:

  • What Happens When You Become Antifragile: The benefits I’ve found by adopting antifragililty.
  • Understanding Chaos: A look at some of the most important ideas from Fooled by Randomness and The Black Swan.
  • Taking the Antifragile Perspective: A deep-dive into understanding what antifragility is, why it’s important, and how we can begin to use it.
  • How to Become Antifragile: Specific ways to introduce antifragility into your business, health (personal, emotional, mental, physical), social life, society, etc…
  • Heuristics and Aphorisms: Some of the most powerful and useful quotes from Taleb.
  • A Final Note on Antifragility: Refocusing and getting ready to take action.

Our goal is presented by Taleb in the Prologue of Antifragile:

I want to live happily in a world I don’t understand.

We think we need to know what’s going to happen to be ready for it. We think we need to have a perfectly clear vision of what we want our future to be if we want to avoid being homeless. We believe [click to continue…]

The Ultimate Guide To Making Your First $1 Million Online: Using Psychology And Science To Create 7-Figure Sales Funnels

Note from a Bro – This is NOT your typical guest post!

This is something every entrepreneur and marketer NEEDS to read and UNDERSTAND…

Below you’ll learn about the advanced marketing concepts and sales funnel techniques used in every successful marketing campaign out there…  

BONUS – If you make it to the end, you’ll be rewarded with Daniel’s own Email Templates to copy & paste your way to success!

Read it, bookmark it, then read it some more!


We’ve grown up in an age where choice — or at least the illusion thereof — is at a premium.

At this point, technology allows us to pretty much choose exactly what we want and get it (almost) instantaneously.

  • From choosing exactly what song to listen to at any given moment (remember when we had to use the radio and hope our song would come on?)…
  • To choosing to skip commercials or watch movies on demand (Neflix, please take my money)…
  • To selecting the precise flight we want and paying a better price for it…

The funny thing about all this convenience? It makes us feel “in control.”

We really think that we control what we buy, when we buy it, and how much we pay for it.

This makes me laugh. Ha ha ha! Do you hear my evil laugh?


Because this illusion — the facade that you’re choosing what to spend your money on — is in part, a world I’ve helped to create. [click to continue…]

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Smart Drugs: A Nootropics Primer

brain energy

Note from a Bro:

Mansal is the guy I trust with my brain. His piracetam/aniracetam cocktail (along with unprescribed Redbulls) fueled Will and I through our marathon How To Build An Importing Empire webinar. The webinar was wildly successful and we were on our game.

Mansal has provided an actionable guide to nootropics/smart drugs. He’s paired up benefits with cocktails to give us as close to “I want this mental boost and this one and this one” as we can get right now. Enjoy!



When the difference in a cutthroat industry is a slight edge in motivation and memory, nootropics (smart drugs) can be your secret weapon.

Without getting too science-y, this introduction to smart drugs will show you exactly what mix of nootropics to take to get the benefits you are looking for. I’ve kept it simple because,as an entrepreneur, I know [click to continue…]