On the night of my 16th Birthday, I was fed up…

Everyone I knew told me to stop dreaming about business. I was told to shut up and do what I was told – and THAT was how to become successful.

I sat down that night to formulate MY PLAN for MY LIFE…

This 1-sheet of paper would become my map for the next decade of my professional life. After penning this paper, I dropped out of high-school and immediately blazed my own trail to success.

Below you will see that exact piece of paper (although now a little beat up)…

I thought it would take me a lifetime to achieve these ambitious goals. Everybody told me I would fail.

Yet it took me less than 10-years to achieve nearly every oneĀ šŸ˜ƒ

(this piece of paper is transcribed in text below)

Will’s 16th Birthday Goals

What Do I Want to Do/Be?

Want to achieve?

  • Billionaire
  • Highly Respected Entrepreneur
  • Master of Starting Companies
  • Master of Money
  • Master of Business
  • Master of Investing
  • Rapid Success (Mastery)

Written Explanation

I am and always have been passionate about business. I respect people in the business world more than anybody and believe wealth is a measure of the value you bring to market.

I would love nothing more to live a liquid lifestyle and be highly respected and influential in the startup world; not only for the freedom and joy a lifestyle unrestricted by time or money brings, but also for the feeling of truly being among my peers.

Things I Want

  • Many houses and condos around the world
  • Private Jet
  • Ultra Luxury Cars – Maybach, Rolls-Royce, Random Roadsters
  • Helicopter
  • Large Collection of Fine Clothing
  • Large workspaces, commercial buildings
  • Many investments
  • Yacht?

Written Explanation

I want to have a property in all of the major cities I enjoy around the world so I can have the freedom of being able to live anywhere I want, whenever I want. I would be able to rent the properties out for the months I would not be there. This would give me a very diverse set of environments to network and thrive in.

Financial Goals

  • $1-Billion Net Worth
  • Many Companies
  • Completely Liquid Lifestyle
  • Large Stake in Many Other Companies
  • $5,000 $10,000 per DAY
  • A ton of farmland & water
  • Rental Properties Everywhere
  • Commodity Production Companies

Written Explanation

I want to be making many thousands of dollars a day in passive income. With this amount of cash flow, I would easily be able to invest in many different things and begin exponentially growing my income. I would also be able to help many companies grow, as well as afford my material + existential wants/whims.

How Can I Become The Person Who Achieves These Goals?

To be the kind of person that achieves these goals would require me to be an extremely driven, goal oriented person. I would have to be extremely creative and smart with my work.

I will have to spend many hours a day working on building cash flow, training employees, and learning new things.

What Happens If You DON’T Achieve These Goals?

If I don’t achieve these goals, I will end up working at my father’s company indefinitely. I will have an extremely limited lifestyle in which I have no control over the theme of my own life. I will chronically unhappy and become everything I despise.

You do NOT need ANY external forces to make you successful. YOU are the only thing holding yourself back, and YOU are the only thing that can make your escape.

It’s never been easier to create the exact life you want to live. You just need to stand up and do it…