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Breakdown of the Top 3 Best & Worst Super Bowl Commercials

If you’re an entrepreneur, you probably get more excited about the commercials during the Super Bowl than you do about the big game itself. Airing a Super Bowl commercial the riskiest (and potentially most rewarding) single-use advertising channel out there. With 30-seconds of airtime coming in at a cool $5-million (and production costs that can […]

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5 Dirty Hacks for Amazon Sellers to Dominate the Marketplace

5 Amazon Ranking Hacks

Our last blog post about how Amazon’s algorithm ranks products was a huge hit, but everybody kept asking us one question… Are there any quick hacks you can use to rank a new Amazon product FAST? I’m happy to report that YES – there are several 🙂 (Note: If you want ALL the strategies/techniques…Download Our Complete Guide […]

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Expert Blog Launch Sequence: How To Start Your Blog The Right Way

lincoln axe sharpening

The biggest mistake people make when they want to start a blog is that they start a blog. Well, they start a blog without a plan. Abraham Lincoln knew the power of preparation:   Lincoln wasn’t just a politician with a metaphor, he was being literal. Before he became famous for politics he was known as one […]

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How to Rank Your Products on Amazon – The Ultimate Guide

How to Rank Your Products on Amazon

If you want success on Amazon, you need to understand how Amazon’s Search Algorithm works – right? Sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised… Most sellers have no idea how Amazon ranks and delivers search results; let alone how (easily) exploitable it can be! Download and save this post “How To Rank Your Products On Amazon – […]

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How To Guarantee Yourself A Freelance Income (And Make It Grow)


“Are you mad?!”  That’s the first question my mother asked when I quit my retail job. Because, somehow throwing away a $1000 a month ‘stable’ income was the craziest thing I’d ever done in my life. Not the time I threw myself off a cliff into a pool full of Jellyfish, apparently. But, I was […]

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How to Make $1k per Month Importing Products from China

A Millionaires Guide (2)

So here it is: Everything we have ever learned about importing. Our step-by-step hacks on how to make $1,000 a month importing from China. Yes it can be scary, difficult, frustrating, down right painful, but if you follow our guide and stick to it, you will reap all the rewards and then some that the […]

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How to Easily Increase Your Landing Page Conversions Using Visual Weight


Look at your landing page right now. What’s the biggest, boldest and brightest thing you see? If this isn’t something that directly supports your call to action, you’re doing it wrong. Want to learn the simple concept behind creating a landing page that kicks serious conversion ass? Then listen up. Visual Weight Impacts the Time […]

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Is Your Content Good Enough?


  Note from a Bro: Ludvig has been here before. He’s back to talk about a crazy yoga lady, a guy who wasted decades trying to get people to play his dumb game, and the importance of testing things. StartupBros readers know how much we love testing things. Our logo, our book’s cover, our tagline, our […]

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