Source Products at Canton Fair 

w/ Elite 8-Figure Sellers

April 21st-27th (2020) @ Ritz-Carlton, Guangzhou


You’re now one of very few Amazon Sellers eligible for an Amazon Business Booster so powerful it will change your life & business forever...

This is the Sourcing Summit - an all-inclusive mastermind event that delivers an unmatched experience for e-commerce sellers looking to rapidly grow their business…

You’ll spend 9-days living, eating, and working with many elite 7-figure & 8-figure sellers. Our staff takes care of everything from meals to transportation, so the mentors & speakers can devote 100% of their time & focus to YOU…

Sourcing Summit is the most exclusive, well-known, and longest-running sourcing mastermind in existence. Are you ready to add your name to a list of attendees that includes some of the world’s most well-known and successful sellers around today?

What is sourcing summit?

3_Technical Team

5-Star All-Inclusive Mastermind & Sourcing Trip for Amazon Sellers

Sourcing Summit is a hybrid mastermind event & sourcing trip. You'll be pampered while working hard on your business with mentors helping the entire way. We spend 5-Days on Coaching & Masterminds, and 4-Days on Sourcing & Deep Work...


Get Hands-On Coaching & 1-On-1 Mentorship for 9-Days

You'll spend 9-days straight living & working with mentors actively running multi-million dollar businesses. You'll spend countless hours with each mentor over meals, drinks, and your laptop talking about whatever strategy or issue you want...

1_Startup Business

Launch the Next Hot Product Before Everybody Else Does

You'll have access to upcoming hot products months before anyone else. You'll have a relationship with the highest-quality suppliers who aren't even on Alibaba. You'll be able to leapfrog your competition and instantly become a market leader...

2_Business Growth

Instantly Increase Your Margins & Create New Revenue Streams

You'll find many different ways to improve your margins and create new revenue. 


lifelong friends

3 Network Parties Included

You'll be networking with top Amazon & Shopify sellers at 3 different networking parties spread out across our 9-day trip...

mentoring meals icons

Daily Mentoring Meals

Every meal is an opportunity for hours of 1-on-1 coaching with mentors & attendees who all charge hundreds per hour...

1_Teamwork Communication

Life-long Friendships & Partners

We've done this trip 8 times, and have it down to a science. You'll receive detailed guides & videos

1_Business Lecture

High Level Speakers & Guests

We're bringing in speakers that are experts in importing, private label, sourcing, startups and 8 figure Amazon sellers.


Hands-On Product Testing

We're going to help you validate a product on Amazon and give you deep insights to testing new products. 

2_Global Community

In-Person Sample Purchases

We're visiting factories and you can look at products with your own hands and perform quality inspections. 

2_Time Setting

Sourcing Apps & Tools

You'll receive PDF Worksheets (with pre-filled examples) and an iOS/Android App to maximize the ROI from your time at the fair...


Live Chat Group During Event

You'll always be in touch with an extremely intimate and interactive group of mentors, speakers, and attendees during/after the event

2_Payment Card

Almost Everything Paid For

All of the travel costs to and from the Canton Fair, to and from factories, group events and daily dinner is all paid for. Just pay for your flight!

1_Information Desk

Private Concierge Service

You'll have help leading up to your departure with things like flights, passport/visas, packing lists, and whatever else you need :)


You'll get instant access to our private 'Sourcing That Scales' Canton Fair Training Program.
It's a 6-module course that shows you -


How to be ready for this event before you arrive (and set yourself up for the highest ROI possible)


How to source your ideal product from suppliers (7 strategies you can use to find them)


How to position yourself correctly to suppliers, what questions to ask, and how to negotiate the best deals


How to use the Differentiation Hierarchy to create untapped opportunities & dominate your competition


How to quickly determine if you're talking to factories or middlemen (and how to build relationships with your ideal suppliers)


How to use our Product Prioritization System to streamline your experience and maximize your ROI from time spent at the fair


How to use VRIN Scoring, spec sheets, and iOS apps to streamline supplier communications


How to get samples or place full orders with your suppliers (and how you can get samples for free)


Quick tricks to position yourself right, create deeper relationships, and secure the best deals with suppliers

After every Sourcing Summit event, we update & upgrade the pre-event training course. After 7 successful trips to China, we have this down to a science. You're going to arrive at Sourcing Summit equipped with more knowledge than most sellers have after multiple sourcing trips!


Since you're traveling with 7-figure sellers, you'll be living like one too - just at a deep discount! We've been using the Ritz-Carlton as the Headquarters for our Sourcing Summit for years - and we've secured the best prices possible.

You'll be pampered to the point of amazement - with the Ritz-Carlton staff always thinking 2-steps ahead of your needs & wants. They'll even swoop in while you're not looking and shine your shoes (no joke)!

THIS is how the big-boys do the Sourcing Summit :)

Ritz carlton hotel
ritz carlton hotel room
ritz carlton hotel bar


This is an all-inclusive 5-star experience. You just need to get to Guangzhou (easy) -
everything else has been taken care of by our team! This includes...

  • 5-Star Accommodations
  • Activities & Excursions
  • Use of Our Staff & Team

  • Meals (Local + Western)
  • Help w/ Fair Pass + Visa
  • Incredible Networking
  • Local Transportation
  • Canton Fair Worksheets
  • Unlimited Hands-On Help

    If you're already selling a product or two on Amazon, then you already know the process to start making money.

    Once you're up and selling, the challenge becomes growing your revenue. And this is where many sellers fall apart.

    There's two things you should do to grow your sales:

    • Add more products to existing product lines
    • Add new product lines

    Both of these strategies, at their core, are simply adding more products to your product portfolio.

    By adding more products to your catalog, you're showing Amazon that you're a real seller - with a brand and customer loyalty - rather than some fly-by-night arbitrage seller. Amazon's ranking algorithm will start ranking you higher, since you simply must be a serious seller (and Amazon will show your products as recommendations more often, too).

    Once you figure out how to launch a product on Amazon, you simply need to do that again, and again, and again...

    Ask any seller who has gone through the hell of launching 20+ products, and you'll find someone who doubled, tripled, or quadrupled their revenue doing it. 

    It's the quickest, easiest, and safest route to consistently doubling your revenue every single quarter.

    But if adding new products to your catalog is the quickest way to scale up your success - why isn't everybody doing it?

    The question many sellers end up asking themselves is...

    How the hell do the big-boys find the time to do product research?

    Let's think about the process for researching & selecting products to sell...

    1_Creative Thinking

    Brainstorm & Research

    15-minutes per product

    find and contact suppliers

    Find & Contact Suppliers

    Several days due to time zones

    2_Problem Solving

    Negotiate & Order Samples

    Several weeks due to shipping

    Time Required (per product) - 10-20 days

    Big-boys don't got time for that...

    Here's the truth - big, multi-million dollar sellers no longer have the time to do traditional product research...

    Sourcing products online works (and works well) - it's simply too slow for experienced sellers. Once you've reached a certain point, your time is worth more than that.

    The big-boys have a secret weapon up their sleeves...


    When the world's most successful sellers source new products - they don't do hours of product research. They go straight to the source - the Canton Fair. 

    Canton Fair is the largest trade show EVER. I'm talking blow-your-mind massive. It's where the world's best sellers come to meet the world's best suppliers - and get straight down to business.

    Last year's fair hosted 60,233 display booths inside a 4-million square foot complex in an event that spanned over 3-weeks.

    There's lots of advantages to going straight to the Canton Fair itself...

    • You're ONLY going to see the hottest products from the best suppliers. Any supplier that isn't world-class simply won't be there.
    • Suppliers will see you as a SERIOUS buyer, and immediately treat you with the utmost respect. After all - you're at the Canton Fair! You must be a big deal :)

    You'll also gain a true advantage over your competition...

    • While competitors spend weeks on Alibaba, you'll go through the entire product research & selection process hundreds of times per day. They simply won't be able to keep up with you.
    • You'll finally be ahead of the curve - sourcing the NEXT hot product (rather than piggybacking today's).

    Simply put - the Canton Fair is the best event for serious Amazon & E-Commerce Sellers. The entire process of sourcing products - from discovery, to negotiations, to evaluating samples - all happens within minutes.

    No more time-zones. No more emails back-and-forth. No more waiting for samples. No more crappy suppliers.

    THIS is how the big-boys source products. And you're invited to join us and source your products along with us.


    hands on help

    Hands-On Help for Your Business

    You'll have unlimited access to the
    mentors and our selling secrets!
    In addition to daily masterminds over meals,
    you'll get hands-on help to build your business!

    3_Team Meeting

    Source Products with Experts

    Attend the World's Largest Trade Fair with the mentors helping you to source and network! View the hottest products and meet the best suppliers!

    1_Business Winner

    Experience China in Style

    Experience China the right way - Staying in nothing less than 5-star resorts, with veteran sellers helping you to experience China and grow your business!

    1_Office Building

    Visit Factories & Meet Suppliers

    You'll tour world-class factories and learn how to source the hottest products from the best suppliers.

    training workshops

    Training Workshops Before & After

    We'll work together both before AND after the Sourcing Summit event to ensure you get the results you need from your Canton Fair experience.

    network with the big boys

    Network with the Big Boys

    Meet the 'Movers & Shakers' of the Importing, E-Commerce, and Amazon industries! Expect tons of unannounced guest speakers & mentors!



    The Canton Fair is a truly massive event, and many first-timers end up overwhelmed. Many sellers call their first trip their 'practice trip' - since they spend all their time trying to wrap their head around the sheer size.

    If you join us on the Sourcing Summit, you will not need to worry...

    All attendees on this trip will receive instant access to our private 'Sourcing That Scales' Canton Fair Training Program. It's a 6-module course that includes -

    • How to source products at the Canton Fair (including printable scripts & worksheets to carry with you)
    • How to communicate & negotiate with Chinese suppliers in-person
    • Product development & differentiation at the Canton Fair
    • Comparing to find your best supplier & how to build relationships (including factory visits)
    • Navigating & Mastering the Canton Fair Complex (the building itself)
    • Live action walkthrough of our team communicating & negotiating with suppliers at the fair (...awesome)

    You'll receive instant access to this private training program once your application is accepted.


    You'll arrive at Guangzhou International Airport and whisked away to the Ritz-Carlton to check-in & freshen up.

    We'll kick things off with a 5-star Welcome & Ice-Breaker Party at the Ritz-Carlton's world-famous 'Churchill Bar'.

    dr ben photo at the ritz
    startupbros canton fair trip photo

    We'll (try to) get to bed early. The next morning we'll get started showing you how to think like a 7-figure seller.

    Day 2: Introduction & Factory Tour

    Most people make the mistake of heading straight to the Canton Fair itself to start sourcing products. They end up completely overwhelmed, wandering aimlessly through over 60,000 display booths...

    But luckily, you're sourcing products with the big-boys now. And we won't let that happen to you :)

    We'll spend Day 2 together in mastermind sessions, giving you behind-the-scenes access to our businesses and helping you to adopt the mindset of a 7-figure seller.

    After we've burnt ourselves out on masterminds, we'll head to a world-class factory for a private tour. We'll show you the difference between high-quality, world-class suppliers - and everybody else...

    Visiting factories at the canton fair
    Meeting suppliers at the factory

    DAYS 3 - 4:

    We'll spend the entire day together in educational mastermind sessions, showing you EXACTLY how we source products at the Canton Fair. This is also our first War Room Strategy Session, where you'll be able to participate in an interactive strategy session with many different 7-figure sellers (this is how we grow).

    You'll learn everything you need to know to extract maximum value out of your Canton Fair experience. You'll even receive the same worksheets/scripts we'll be using at the fair when speaking with suppliers.

    Masterminding with high earning amazon sellers
    Meeting with clothing manufacturers

    Our goal with this mastermind is to make sure you're truly thinking like a 7-figure seller. We'll show you EVERYTHING - from how we brainstorm products, how we determine how profitable each product is, to negotiating with suppliers & working out private label customization. You'll have 100% behind-the-scenes access to each of your mentors and the systems/strategies we use in our businesses every day.

    By the end of Day 3, you'll have not only achieved the mindset of a 7-figure seller - but you'll also have a 'plan of attack' to extract maximum value from the Canton Fair...

    We'll wind down the night at the Ritz-Carlton bar/restaurant, and hit the fair bright & early the next day...

    Day 5-8: Source Products with the Pros

    And now - the moment we've all been waiting for. It's time to take what you've learned to the Canton Fair itself!

    You'll have the opportunity to meet with thousands of suppliers & see their product samples live. You'll be able to forge relationships instantly (no more 5-days of emails), and you can even work out custom deals/arrangements with each and every supplier you meet.

    With all you've learned over the past few days, you'll find more product opportunities in 1-hour than you've seen in your entire career! The Canton Fair is truly awe-inspiring...

    We'll be sourcing products right alongside you, so if you run into any issues while sourcing products at the fair - we'll be there to help :)

    canton fair product floor
    canton fair clothing area

    If you decide to make any deals at the fair itself, we'll help you through the entire process - from setting up private factory tours, to negotiating sample orders (or even bulk purchases) - we'll be there to help you...

    After each day of sourcing, we'll head back to the Ritz-Carlton for research & mastermind sessions. You'll have additional 1-on-1 help each and every day we're at the Canton Fair - ensuring you see a huge ROI from your trip.


    Since you'll be joining us on our private sourcing trip, you'll also have the opportunity to network with hundreds of high-level sellers throughout the event.

    While the mentors you'll be hanging out with are impressive, some of the attendees of the Sourcing Summit are even bigger! Every conversation you have is another opportunity for insights that take others years to discover.

    This event is BUSINESS-FOCUSED. Our goal is to make sure you see an immediate ROI from your experience (just like us). But since we'll be working so hard - we'll also be playing hard, too :)

    You'll experience some of the most exclusive bars & restaurants in Guangzhou during our time together. We'll have time to wind down & relax every night, topping it off with a 5-star closing party at the Ritz-Carlton.

    Elevator selfie at the ritz carlton
    hanging out at the lab loft downtown guangzhou

    The Canton Fair obviously attracts all the world's top Amazon Sellers, but it also attracts the movers & shakers of the E-Commerce Industry. It's where the big boys go to stay current on where the industry is heading.

    We frequently throw parties for these high-level sellers (our past events have even attracted Amazon Executives), so you'll also have the opportunity to network & forge life-long connections there as well.


    Will Mitchell

    Will Mitchell

    Founder | StartupBros

    Board | Simply Organic Beauty

    Specialty: Marketing, Brand Development, Customer Experience

    Dr Ben Fredrick

    Dr. Ben

    Co-Founder | EcomDocs

    Community Leader | StartupBros

    Specialty: Everything Amazon, Systems, Product Development

    Dr Peter

    Dr. Peter

    Co-Founder | EcomDocs

    7-Figure Amazon Seller

    Specialty: Product Sourcing, Supply Chain, Finance

    ashley mooney

    Ashley Mooney

    President | Simply Organic Beauty

    Specialty: Marketing, Brand Development, Customer Experience

    Josh Fairbairn

    Josh Fairbairn

    Founder | MorphoMFG

    Specialty: Manufacturing, Product Dev, Crowdfunding, Quality Control

    Nathan Resnick

    Nathan Resnick

    Founder | Sourcify

    Specialty: Sourcing, Supplier Relations, Negotiations, Quality

    ash monga

    Ash Monga

    Founder | IMEX Sourcing

    Specialty: Sourcing, Supplier Relations, Negotiations, Quality

    Jeff Daprizio

    Jeff Daprizo

    Founder | FBA4U

    Specialty: China, Supplier Relations, Logistics, Quality Control

    Chris Davey

    Chris davey

    Founder | FBA4U

    Specialty: China, Supplier Relations, Networking, Partnerships


    Mark Ramos

    mark ramos

    Founder | China Exporting

    Specialty: Product Sourcing, China, Factory Networking

    Dot Frederick

    dot frederick

    Event Coordinator | EcomDocs

    Specialty: Travel Logistics, Amazon, Dropshipping

    Eve Zhang

    eve zhang

    Logistics | China Exporting

    Specialty: China, Product Sourcing, Shipping & Logistics


    Since you're traveling with 7-figure sellers, you'll be living like one too - just at a deep discount! We've been using the Ritz-Carlton as the Headquarters for our Sourcing Summit for years - and we've secured the best prices possible.

    You'll be pampered to the point of amazement - with the Ritz-Carlton staff always thinking 2-steps ahead of your needs & wants. They'll even swoop in while you're not looking and shine your shoes (no joke)!

    THIS is how the big-boys do the Sourcing Summit :)

    Ritz carlton hotel
    ritz carlton hotel room
    ritz carlton hotel bar


    This is an all-inclusive 5-star experience. You just need to get to Guangzhou (easy) -
    everything else has been taken care of by our team! This includes...

    • 5-Star Accommodations
    • Activities & Excursions
    • Use of Our Staff & Team
  • Meals (Local + Western)
  • Help w/ Fair Pass + Visa
  • Incredible Networking
  • Local Transportation
  • Canton Fair Worksheets
  • Unlimited Hands-On Help

    30 21 Seats Available for April 2020 Trip




    Save $4,000*




    Then $4,997 Due by Trip

    *Prices above listed with Member's VIP Discount

    credit card payments




    Why should I attend? What's in it for me?

    Sourcing Summit was designed to deliver explosive business growth to Amazon & E-Commerce Sellers. It's an interactive mastermind combined with an all-inclusive sourcing trip.

    In addition to these, you'll also get hands-on help from the mentors whenever needed. This is meant to be a full 1-on-1 mentoring experience as well as a trip to China, so the mentors will (at times) literally take the controls and build your business for you!

    Who is this trip for? Do I need a business?

    If you've already taken the first steps towards creating your importing business and selling physical products online, this trip will be perfect for you. You'll learn all aspects of importing products from China - how to find suppliers, negotiate pricing, get samples, create custom packaging, ship your product, and finally selling it online.


    You don't need to have a successful importing business to join us - but if you do, expect to see your business explode in growth!

    What will I learn during this event?

    You'll learn everything we know about importing products and selling them online! We'll show you how we source products personally, and show you how to negotiate the best possible prices.

    Many of the mentors and speakers are very successful importers, and will be openly discussing their strategies and secrets. We'll have two daily group masterminds, and plenty of 1-on-1 time - so the sky is the limit!

    What will I learn during the factory visits?

    Visiting a factory in China is an incredible experience! You'll get a rare inside-look at how Chinese factories operate, including the complex cultural requirements you'll need to know to successfully meet and negotiate with suppliers.  

    You'll learn how to get the best pricing, how to get lower MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities), how to create awesome custom packaging, and much more!


    Is airfare to & from China included?

    No - Because the group is coming from so many different places & countries, the airfare to & from China/Hong Kong is NOT included. We'll happily help you arrange and coordinate your travel plans if you'd like extend or shorten your trip - just get in touch with us!

    Do I need a passport & visa to travel with you?

    Every traveler MUST have a valid Passport! 

    Every traveler will also require a Chinese Visa. As long as you have a valid Passport, we'll help you take care of obtaining the correct visa!

    What are the dates of the trip?

    The Sourcing Summit will take place April 21st-27th. You'll want to arrive April 21st between 12pm to 6pm, and depart on April 27th.

    What kind of food will we be eating?

    Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all provided for you. Breakfast buffet with various Eastern & Western foods is available daily. Lunch & Dinner will be catered (a mixture of local foods and fine dining) so the group can have a mastermind session over every meal.

    Can I stay after the event officially ends?

    Many attendees decide to stay beyond the official end date of the event. You'll be able to visit suppliers/factories and attend Phase 3 of the fair.  

    If you decide to stay beyond the official end date, let us know! We can help you extend your stay at the Ritz-Carlton at a great rate, or book a room somewhere else.

    Will we have or need translators?

    While we will have multiple Cantonese speakers with us on the trip (both mentors & attendees), you'll find that you don't need translators much at the Canton Fair. Since these are world-class suppliers, they typically have at least one English speaking agent at their display booth.

    If you find that you do want a translator for any reason, we'll either pair you up with a Cantonese speaker, or help you get your own private translator (which are readily available outside the fair).


    What's the full cost of the trip?

    The full cost of the trip is listed above. There are no additional fees or upsells. We'll cover nearly everything - including hotel, meals, group transportation, event/tour fees, and more. We won't cover personal expenses like midnight snacks, product purchases, or private transport.

    Can I split my payment into installments?

    As a member you can reserve your spot today for $1,497. Your remaining balance will be due before the departure date of our trip.

    Can I bring my spouse or business partner?

    Absolutely! If you're staying in the same room with your spouse or business partner, we can provide you with a partner coupon code to secure another seat at an additional discount.

    How do I sign up for this trip?

    Simply click here to reserve your spot on the trip! 

    Once we receive your reservation, you'll receive an email with all the information needed to prepare for your upcoming trip with us (including Visa Info)

    I have additional questions - how can I reach you?

    You can email our team at [email protected] or you call us at 866-642-6669. You can also chat with us by clicking the chat box in the bottom-right corner of your screen.


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