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Double Your Productivity Part 3: Tricks and Hacks To Keep Your Goals On Track

A lot of the hang-ups you’re struggling with look like one thing on the surface, but they’re really something else at their roots. It’s a tricky business, staring your demons in the face and all. Don’t worry, though. StartupBros have your back. Your best bet is to address each matter at its very source, which […]

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5 Keys To Risk-Taking

what're you risking?

We’re always taking risks. You’re taking a risk just by reading this. What are you missing out on by giving this article your attention? More importantly and more usefully (there are an infinite amount of things you’re not doing in any one moment because of the decision you made) is to look at what you’re […]

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9 Ways To Create an Information Product With ZERO Expertise


Will and I have been putting the finishing touches on the book for SelfMadeU (I talked about it’s conception in The Birth of a Product) and felt compared to share a section on information product creation with you. The following is from the “Money” section where I give a bunch of methods for procuring that […]

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How To Create Your Passion


Our most dangerous ideas are the ones we “know” so deeply that we forget to question them. We constantly kill ideas that have the potential to be great by worshipping them in their current form. Our blind faith in “following one’s passion” as sound career advice is one such idea. Cal Newport wrote a stunningly […]

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3 Steps to Validate Your Business Idea For FREE…almost

3 Steps to Validate Your Business Idea For FREE...almost

I see a painfully large amount of people waste their lives on stupid business ideas. We all have… A friend gets giddy over some new venture he thought up after reading the daily newspaper for the first time in years. He runs around telling EVERYBODY how GREAT their lives will be after their product has […]

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